I'd Rather Be On The Dance Floor

I've come to a conclusion recently and I think it's a rather good one.
If I'm going to be living, I might as well be having fun.
That's it. That's my conclusion. So it should come as of no surprise that when I attended my friends wedding this past weekend (solo mind you, thanks to that awesome flu my husband STILL has....) that it was going to be one of the better nights of my life. Weddings just equal better nights of your life. Weddings with open bars especially. Anyhow--at the beginning of the night it started out calm. See..here I am. Calm as a clam. Posing with my lackluster of a date (and yes I still allowed them to serve his meal. Two meals at a wedding?! Winning.)
 Here are some of my calm looking friends. Say "hi calm looking friends of Erin!!!"
I included that shot of the chandeliers with my group of friends because who wouldn't want to be friends with a whole group of sparkly gorgeous chandeliers?
Oh. You may be wondering what that picture is all about. This would be where I marked Shawn's spot. With two nuts. Act like that's not funny.

Continuing on...
After eating the most amazefest Chicken Marsala on the face of the planet I got bored.
Why? The music turned on.  
Boring people. That's who.
So within 3 seconds of party rock anthem, I made my way to the dance floor with every other 4 year old girl in a big ole puffy dress. You want to know how to make every person in attendance think you are a freak of nature? You go out on the dance floor with their 4 year old puffy dressed daughters and bust a move. Annnnnd then you dance to Gangnam Style. Alone. In the middle of the dance floor.
Anyhow, here are the fun pictures. Just something about the three G's that get me every time. Glow sticks, Grillz, and girlfriends.
I'm not sure where exactly I was headed with this post other than just to tell you that the only way to live is on the dance floor. Preferrably with a whole strand of glow sticks dangling from your neck.
The end.
PS. I had great intentions of telling you about...
tonight but guess what? I think they are worthy of more than a write-up at the end of this blog post when it's 11:30 at night and I don't even know what I am typing about. Soooooo...expect to learn more about these beauties in the next day or two. Maybe go get a head start now so you can be all like "I already knew that about her" when I tell you about them. Being a know it all can be rather fun sometimes. Not that I would know but I can only imagine.

Dancing > Learning.

Don't forget it youth of America.



  1. i won't even lie, the comment about the nuts literally made me crack up. i will openly admit it. :-p
    and you looked seriously STUNNING. gah. can i have that red dress please!?
    xoxo, lauren

  2. Love that red dress!! Glad you had a fun night!

  3. Looks like you had a great time at the wedding! Love your red dress, so pretty! Also, love that you did the gangnam style on the dance floor by yourself! HAHA!

  4. Girl, you are gorgeous!
    Now I want to go dancing...:)

  5. Dancing > most things. Good conclusion. I like it.


  6. You are so hilarious...you make me laugh in every post you write or smile. lol at the 2 nuts thing.


  7. Dancing> Learning, indeed! Loving your hair in these pics!

  8. I told you before, but I'll tell you again - you looked absolutely FAB at the wedding - and who wouldn't rather be dancing??

  9. cheers for living (and dancing)!

  10. dancing is the best. dancing makes me smile, smile real big, especially after a couple glasses of wine. i seem to have better dance moves after those glasses. or at least i think so.

  11. Dancing = Living Life to the Fullest! Love it!

  12. to me dancing is life, for sure. I just posted yesterday about my signature dance move, the praying mantis. it's kinda a big deal. but yes living on the dance floor is the only way to live, couldn't agree more!

  13. I like your conclusion! I think it's excellent and we should all have more fun! Weddings are definitely the funnest!

  14. Yes. I just want to dance. Have you heard the Dane Cook skit about girls dancing?! Hilarious!

  15. You looked gorgeous! I just love your dress. Sounds like you're the kind of guest I want to come to my parties.

  16. wanna know what's better than racing to dancefloor with all the 4 year olds in puffy dresses?

    ...racing to the dance floor with the bride's SUPER asian father and shaking your groove thang (and watching him try to mimic your moves, each getting more i-can't-believe-he's-dancing-like-that the more i dance)

    ....and having everyone watching you. oh the things that a bit of wine will make you do ;)

  17. Miss you Erin! LOVE these pics and your DRESS!!!!


  18. LOL- This post made me smile :). That is awesome that you have the confidence to go out on the dance floor and dance alone like that. I would be too nervous!! Wish I was more outgoing! Thanks for sharing your funnyness :)

  19. I'm having a hard time understanding why people other than you and the 4 year olds did not immediately rush to the dance floor when Party Rock came on! That's such a great dance song!

  20. I will be honest... I'm one of those people who'd much rather observe the dancefloor action contently from the table, HA. BUT, looks like you had a blast! ;)

  21. You have me laughing by the end of every single post. That is why I keeping coming back.

    Dance on!

    Here's to a wonderful New Year :)

  22. I laughed so hard at the nuts picture when you posted it on instagram!! too funny!! and totally agree I'd rather be out on the dance floor too!!

  23. The 2 nuts thing? HILARIOUS. Love it. And I have a hard time sitting still when the Party Rock song is on. Actually, my son loves that song.

  24. lol...you are such a crack up! Would love to hang with you! (once I get my private plane, I will come meet you) ;)

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