End Of The World, Say What?

Being that it’s the last day of our lives, I figured I should write some meaningful post on what this life has meant to me—what I hope to accomplish on my last day here (hello 5 pounds of mac and cheese), and so on. Except then that morbid thought crossed my mind of “well what if the world doesn’t end…and what if I freakishly die by eating all 5 pounds of mac and cheese…and then because I wrote this post about the last day of my life all national headlines would read “ACCOMPLISHED BLOG WRITER DOCUMENTS LAST DAY ON HER LAST DAY. LITTLE DID SHE KNOW”. See, I feel like I can say things like “accomplished blog writer” and national headlines in the same sentence now. This whole last day on earth stuff is really quite freeing.
Anyhow, because I don’t want to jinx myself…we aren’t going to go down that road today.
Same reason why my dog will never receive my inheritance (read: clothes).
I am way too much of a pansy to draw up a will or other life ending documents.
Act like you don’t all think these same thoughts people.
This is all really just a sick and twisted introduction to a post that I published last year on this blog.
I think there were maybe like 700 of you around at that time, so I am going to assume that nearly all of you have never read this.
Being that Christmas is quickly approaching, it’s good to be reminded of what really matters most as we get caught up in frantic last minute shopping, spiked egg nog, and rolling our eyes at yet another Christmas function that we have to attend.
Friday I will be heading back to the same Christmas party that I mention in the post below.
It is absolutely the most humbling, tear jerking, love filled activity that I want to be a part of right before the holiday. And sure, I may bawl for days on end because of the kids excitement over a pair of new shoes, but it is worth it. It is so so so worth it.
Meeting people at their needs. Connecting to hurt. Not running the other way because you are scared of what you may see or hear. It’s a new thing I’ve started trying the last couple of years and I must say, it is something that I never want to stop.

ps. Just for the record--I really don't think the world is ending. I will however be spending my evening dancing around in a cute little one shoulder red dress at a friends wedding acting as though it is. I will maybe also go get a tattoo, break into an ice skating rink at 11 pm, and withdrawal my entire savings account and throw it around like confetti. Just in case.

Back to the post in point--
(first published December 2011)

My heart is SO full at the moment.
The last two days I have had the joy of experiencing what the real meaning of Christmas is all about.
Wednesday, I got to meet with my little guy that I "mentor"
{definition of mentor: pelt each other in the heads with dodgeballs, play Old Maid, and eat candy together}
Anyhow-with it being Christmas and all, I thought it would be a good idea to show that kid some love and bring him a few gifts.
After several "OH MY GOSH...YOU DID NOT NEED TO" moments, he decided what he wanted to do with one of the gifts I got him {candy canes}.
We marched throughout his whole school and handed out little candy canes to every teacher and volunteer we could find.
With every candy cane he gave, he offered a huge smile and belted out
 "Merry Christmas"
My heart melted.
Here is this child who does not receive much, but when he receives, chooses to give it away...
What a beautiful lesson to be learned.
Then there was Thursday.
I am so beyond blessed to work for the company that I do.
We give so much to the community and volunteer whenever possible.
For the past several years, our work has thrown a Christmas party for a local organization that houses "at risk" children. For many of the children there, this is the only Christmas that they get.
You guys have no idea the impact this had on me.
I sit here in tears thinking about those little ones.
The genuine joy and appreciation they had for the 1 {maybe 2} gifts they got, was incredibly moving.
Have you ever had moments of intense joy and intense pain all at once?
That's how it was.
I came home last evening and tried putting into words to my husband what I witnessed,
and instead of words, I had tears. Tears that I did not think I could ever stop.

Little spirits are so precious.
It is so hard for me to fathom why some children have to live the life they are living.
I literally do not understand.
And it tears up my insides to think about.
I so often truly forget how insanely blessed I am.
It was in those moments these past few days, I remembered what the true meaning of Christmas is all about. It so easy to get caught up in the stresses of everything that is going on around us.
The gifts we have to buy {for the people who really do not need them},
the time we put into making the presents look so pretty,
the meals we have to cook for our loved ones,
the decor we have to get up to make our homes look pretty, etc.
It is in the moments of giving.
The moments of joy.
The moments of seeing a middle school student cry to santa that he does not care what he receives,
but that he just wants his family to have a good Christmas...
Those are the memories that I will remember forever.
May your heart be full this Christmas.

Love you all.



  1. What touching words! I love that you are seeing the true meaning behind Christmas. Most people won't. I love all of the Christmas decor pictures. Christmas fills my heart with joy. It's so nice to be able to give to others and see their faces light up.
    Have a Merry Christmas!
    XO Brooke
    Stop by sometime :)

  2. Love that post. It is so touching! Also...I'm with you on the mac and cheese front!

  3. You are doing an awesome job at being a human being.. i think the headline would read "Accomplished Blogger and Human Being" ... and I love how everyone puts a disclaimer at the end saying they don't really believe the world is ending ;)

  4. This is such a wonderful post!

    Also, lets start eating that Mac n cheese ;)

  5. Love this post Erin! You are so so so right, and way to often we all forget what the real meaning of Christmas is. Thanks for reminding me, I definitely needed to hear this! :]

  6. I loved this post, and you nailed it for sure!

    I hope you have a great Christmas and many, many people get the message from this post on what Christmas is truly about.

  7. beautiful post. love all the pictures. I also love that Gungor song that you posted.

  8. Beautiful post and a great reminder of the true meaning of Christmas!

  9. What a beautiful post! By the way, I must say your pictures look amazing! Very Christmas-y :D

    www.kermit-and-piggy.blogspot.com *

  10. Thank you for sharing this. So true. Merry Christmas :)

  11. I looooooove that Gungor song. I feel like it encompasses everything in my life.. mostly the tons of brokenness, sin and crap, and that song just makes me cling to hope, that He is making beautiful things, out of all of this mess. Turning ashes to beauty. What a perfect song for this post. ;) I love the part you wrote about not running away.. it's so easy to do, right.?.. but the blessing & heart change of not running away far out weighs the comfort of running. We went to a Chinese orphanage last weekend as a house church, for children with cerebral palsy, kids the government have refused from other orphanages, kids the doctors here said to just let die. And they were amazing. So beautiful. Sooooo joyful! So full of life and smiles. I see those hearts and I praise God. Praise Him for such beauty & the way they melt the hearts of those who are looking... And the way their hearts are tender and full of life. Stories like this, like a little boy passing out candy canes, could so easily be passed, especially a week after school shootings, but these are the stories we should be listening to, because these are the stories that heal. That bring hope. That speak life. So good. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Beautifully festive!

    Mery Christmas!


  13. Thanks for sharing, Erin! That little boy you mentor is lucky to have you :) he sounds like a great kid! This post truly encompasses what Christmas is about!

  14. Erin, this was the first post of yours I ever read- and I knew right then we'd be friends! Love you and your heart for others!!


  15. You brought tears to my eyes. This post was lovely, Erin.

  16. Erin, I love your blog, and I love this post. So beautiful. The song is perfect.

  17. This was beautiful. Thanks for sharing your heart (even if it was last years heart), and reminding us all that Christmas is really about so much more than what it's made out to be. Merry Christmas to you Erin!

  18. This is such an incredibly heartfelt post and the message of "meeting people's needs" is so poignant - perhaps now more than ever. I try to instill a moral imperative to "give" in my own children and Christmas for me always a time to celebrate acts of goodness. I'm helping out with a party for kiddos who were displaced in Hurricane Sandy on Sunday - and I can't wait. I'm looking forward to connecting w my husband while giving and seeing Little ones joy. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm so so glad that I stopped by. xx - Monica

  19. What a beautiful and well written post. Children really do make the season so bright and (despite all the commercialism) really seem to know the real meaning of Christmas:)

  20. Love the post...I'll be honest that I didn't read much of it (it's late and I just wanted to look at the pretty pictures!), but I read the part about the little person you mentor...How sweet that he wanted to share his gift with so many others! We could ALL take a lesson from that! Love it!
    Merry Christmas!!

  21. That last bit about the boy only wanting his family to have a good christmas is sooo adorable & so touching. And very honest. I love children, and i love this post. thank you for re-posting this so I, a new reader, could read it. :)

    Warm Wishes!


  22. Erin!

    I took your ornaments in a vase idea and used it in two vases at my place. I LOVE it. Looks so cool. I used silver and red ornaments and a long conish shaped vase. :)


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