Blogging Perspective

It's one of those days where I sit down to write and I feel empty.
Please tell me you all have these days. 
I am so desperate to think of a fascinating "topic" that I just talked on the phone with my dad for roughly 30 minutes trying to gather all "blog worthy" ideas. He had two ideas:
--Write about how I ditch out on family reunions (apparently somebody is holding a grudge for me missing the family gathering that happened this past weekend...nice subtle hint there father).
--Share a Christmas wish-list. A wish-list sounds nice and all but those require effort (pictures, links, more pictures, more links..no thank you). 

So here I am.

I know this is totally unrelated to what I am about to say but there are some seriously strong whiffs of lavender being sent my way right now. This is rather absurd because there is not one ounce of lavender near me. Regardless, I am about to dance in circles with my arms in the air praising the mysterious lavender God who is blessing my lavender loving heart right now.

I just said the word "lavender" 4 times in one short paragraph. 

End side note. 

On these empty days I question what I think to be true of blogging. 
Is it better to write consistently, or only write when you feel like you have something of quality to share?
Unfortunately my mind comes back with this response "Write consistently and just make sure it is quality".
No pressure or anything there mind. 

On a blogging perspective related note.....this whole thing has blown my mind recently.
Blogging that is. 
I think blogging can be one of the most selfish hobbies one can get involved with.
I mean think about it people---our hobby is focused around writing about our lives thinking that every other person out there should take great interest in what we are up to, what opinions we have, how we style our outfits, etc. But then things happen...like really amazing things, and my brain gets a whole new thought about blogging.

It started with what you all did for Isaac
And then I found myself over on Erica's blog reading about the 25 Days of Christmas Challenge she is hosting (25 days..25 random acts of kindness...It makes my heart beat a little faster).
Today I watched Katie share a story that has been on her heart for months. She finally got the courage to talk about a high school friends daughter who is also suffering from cancer right now (please, please go read about little Maggie. what in the world is happening with kids and cancer right now? it is like this devastating plague that I want to take by the neck and choke to death..putting it lightly).

Anyhow, all of this to say that my perspective on blogging has really widened this past week or so.
We are more than a cute pair of heels, sock bun, and bubble necklace. 
although I do play the whole bubble necklace role well 

We are real people with real hearts, real desires, real hopes, and real dreams....we aspire to be more, do more...The best news to all of this is that we can.
We can be more, we can do more, we can love harder, connect deeper. 
And that is like the best news my brain has heard/thought about blogging in awhile.


So back to where I was going with all of this (I really have no idea where that was..)
I just feel like my mind is trying to wrap itself around a new perspective right now. 
So if I seem a little "off" or "distant" or "hey--you have 152 emails sitting in your inbox that you need to respond to, get on it!!!" just know that I am soaking these whole new thoughts up.
Most likely right next to the Christmas tree with a big mug hot chocolate in my hands. 

Quantity vs Quality.
What are your thoughts when it comes to blogging?

ps. the whole not answering emails thing was really just me trying to find a justifiable excuse as to why I have been slacking so bad recently in that department. If I am being honest it's called procrastination and this one word called overwhelmed. so yes...if you are expecting an email from me right now, just know that I am expecting to get an answer to  you...someday ;) 

pps. i would rather be in person with all of you people reading this right now. like sipping on cocktails while eating mac and cheese. lets talk about how much cooler that would be....

ppps. it'd be cool. 

but not at cool as this girl....



  1. I could go for a margarita and a bowl of mac and cheese right now. Wanna drive to Michigan? Thanks for always being genuine...even if it's not what the blogging world thinks you're "supposed to do."

  2. Quantity vs. Quality is a constant struggle for me. I just went about 6 weeks without a post partly because I left off on one that I thought was full of great, introspective quality and I was afraid that anything I followed it up with would fall short.

    I know there's a balance out there somewhere. I, too, love a good sock bun. But I love a really heart-felt post every now and then as well.

  3. Quantity vs. Quality... something I struggle with too. Which is better? I don't know. It depends on the blogger. But for me, something that really truly matters in blogging is being real. Being genuine. Being raw.

    That is what you are. Genuine, real, no sugar coating.

    You. Are. Awesome. =)

  4. i think i'm on both sides. most of the time i only write when i feel i really have something to write for. but some other time, i just write all kind of randomness that pass my mind because i could explode if i don't write.

    love that you brought this up :)

  5. this has been my exact thought lately! two weeks ago i was on a blogging high - and for the last week i have had no interest in blogging. it's so crazy how it ebbs and flows!

  6. You make not knowing what to talk about seem easy with a post like this! You had no idea what to write but you still manage to capture your readers and draw us in. Seems to me that even if your post is lacking what you'd consider "quality" we all still eat it up! So don't give up the quantity :) That's why I love coming here.

  7. Love this post! I also love heels, bubble necklaces and sock buns even though I know it's all just a trend though (I mean not heels...) Anywho, I think I'm going to go get a glass of wine and mac and cheese - yum! LOL

  8. Well you know me. My vote goes to quality *over* quantity. For myself, I feel like a fake when I post a blog just for the sake of posting. When I write something that isn't read-worthy, I am achingly aware of it.

    I'm so glad you're addressing this! I think it's something bloggers need to think about on a regular basis. :)

    Oh - and nearly all of your content is excellent. Seriously, don't ever stop.

  9. I think you can check both "quantity" and "quality" off on your list for today's post :) Thanks, as always, for sharing your honest thoughts. If you ever find yourself in Michigan, I'd for sure take you up on that offer to chat over cocktails and mac & cheese!

  10. I struggle often with Quality vs Quantity. I've noticed that if I don't post every day, or if I post just for the sake of posting, it ends up feeling like a waste of time because my page views and reader interaction (comments, Tweets, etc.) only seem to SKYROCKET when I publish something of significance/share what's on my heart...but I don't want an emotional rollercoaster sideshow of a blog, you know what I mean? Also, as much as I'd love to be a major source of inspiration for my readers, sometimes I feel dried up of all creativity, and sometimes I just need a place to vent!(see today's post lol)! The beauty of blogging for yourself is sometimes overshadowed when you start writing for an audience who depends on you daily, doesn't it? xo

  11. I think we all struggle with quantity v. quality, I know I do. It's on those days that I remind myself that quantity means nothing. It's only quantity because I hit publish. It's the quality that matters. There are posts that I think 'no one will comment on this crap' and yet it will get decent comments. One post I wrote about this very issue pulled a heart string on a favorite blogger of mine who I completely admire. It was reassuring to me that this is something we all struggle with, veteran or not.

  12. I'm pretty sure my blog is just.... a whole lotta fluff. So all of the quality people probably hate me. :-\ But then I think "ya know what, I'm blogging for me because I like the friendships I have through blogging and all the different perspectives and people you interact with". And I feel better. So if my blog is all just full of fluff, then that's A-OK because I love fluff!

  13. I write a craft blog, so my thought behind my posts is probably a little different. They are incredibly time consuming - getting supplies, make the craft while taking a bajillion pictures, edit those bajillion pictures down to a reasonable and thoughtful amount, and then write my post. I simply cannot (with two small kids) constantly be posting. I sometimes feel like I should be posting more, but I figure if the posts I write out are quality posts it matters much more than the quantity! :)

  14. I am also a lover of lavender. And here lately I am forcing myself to take the quality approach. We shall see how it goes.

  15. You're so kind!
    What a great way to put it all into perspective. Big things are happening and, us bloggers are taking it there.


  16. Let's eat mac and cheese...Right now! lol, I think the holidays kind of have a lot of us feeling withdrawn and distant. We are spending this time planning, enjoying, and refocusing...Sitting around drinking coccoa by our own trees and just THINKING. And we're drained. We are focusing on what's important and our little (or big) blogs just don't seem quite as important anymore.

    We'll be back! You'll be back. In the meantime, don't worry about it! :)

  17. Since I started my blog, I've had a lot of the same thoughts as you. As a reader, a healthy balance of quality/quantity is what I appreciate. We can all make a difference in peoples lives, even if it's just making them smile and laugh as they read a silly post. Be the change you want to be, and do whatever you need to do to get there. You have the ability to reach out to a lot of people, which is so exciting. I can also understand how that comes with pressure. I think you're doing a great thing here, no matter what you're writing about :)

    Allison @ Lawfully Lost

  18. I'm excited for you. If you're feeling this you're on the move to something bigger and greater with your blog! (I wish I just said that to you with a cocktail in hand)

  19. Haha oh my gosh. Your post had my thinking and feeling. I was sitting here saying to myself "yea Erin - I'm with you!"

    And then your subtle hilarious lead in to my ad.

    Im happy that we've met. Ish. Met ish.

  20. Blogging - one of the most confusing but amazing way of sharing your aspects with the world of amazing people out there. At this stage I am doing quantity it seems but lacking quality! But I will get there, I know it! :)
    And you rock Erin! :)

  21. I love your blog! I think posts like this are the best ones! I have a very pathetic blog. No pictures, just writing. Once a month maybe. I don't even know why I started it, but every now and then I like typing some thoughts.

    I am with you. I wish cancer would get cancer and die!!!
    We lost our young son to cancer. I know everyone is going to think I am crazy. However, I know there is a cure and I call it Population control. Sad...But true! Think of how much money they would lose if people didn't get cancer.

    Don't mean to be such a downer, but think about it. With that being said...I love heels and I love bubble necklaces!

  22. Quantity/Quality. I really don't think it matters. As long as you are writing from the heart and being true to yourself, that's what is important.
    I could so go for a cocktail right now. I'm coming over! :)

  23. I love you even when you ramble and have nothing to blog about, they make for the best blogs and the best laughs

  24. I am a quality over quantity girl, myself. Every time. And you do totally rock the bubble necklace!

  25. Love this post! I'm totally all about quality over quantity!

  26. It really seems like some people are great at making fluff posts captivating. There are some that I think, "You're a talented writer, so I'm confused as to you five of the seven days of the week you post eighty photos of coffee and the sandwiches that you ate." I think it's a balance. Like you said on Twitter, I agree that consistency is what helps cultivate quality. I just love when I read a blog and know their heart was in it. That maybe there was a bit of trepidation at hitting publish because being transparent is hard.

    Erin, you do a great job of engaging your readers. This has been great to think about!

  27. I think everyone has to weigh for themselves when then are crossing the line between quality and quantity. I post 5 days a week. I usually do a heart post, a devotional post, a current issues post, something light, and a recipe. I think people don't want to be bogged down with heavy all the time. But quality doesn't have to be heavy either. I know when I hit publish if I like it or not.

  28. You could of wrote about lavander for the whole post and it would be a great blog post- you're that good.

    A while ago you DID answer my email about all my questions about blogging (thank you!!) and I didnt respond- I suck.
    After reading this I think I just realized that I personally am more of a quality over quanity and want to use my blog as a place I can go to write about whats on my mind, or show my kids off or share my new business (literally). And not stress myself with "does this sound forced? funny? boring?"

    I guess I could've just replied to your email but I wanted you to read it today ;-) hehe

    "Sometimes you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself of who you are and where you want to be"


  29. Glad you posted this. I have been in a blog funk and have nothing to write about so I have wondered if I should just post to be posting or wait until something good comes along. I think I end up going with quality because in times like this I start so many posts but end up not publishing them because they are just blah and usually can tell when I am reading a post where they just posted for the sake of posting and I think why did they bother posting?

  30. I'm all for quality. While I wish some of my favorite bloggers would write more consistently, I'm glad for what they DO write because while it may be weeks - or maybe even months- between posts, I know that what they put up will be good. If it pops up on my Google reader, you know I'm going to save it for last on my reading list so I can really sit down and focus on what they have to say. Some people can blog every single day and have AWESOME content. (How they can do this, I have no idea.) But if someone started out great, and then blogged everyday and their posts weren't always great, they would begin to fall off the top of my list of favorites.

    And I also love how the blogging community can help each other and the people around us.

  31. I actually just touched on this over on my blog because after almost 3 years I just hit 100 followers. I have never been concerned with numbers because my blog is a place for me to journal and share, and I don't really have any intentions of turning it into a business.

    I decided to try and post 3 times a week, minimum. I don't know how people like you and others manage to post something every.single.day. Seems like a lot of work and time that could be used getting out there and experiencing things, which in turn leads to things to blog about :) Problem solved.

    Mind = BLOWN.

    I do enjoy seeing you and other daily posters pop up in my reader, but I would be happy if you were out there living life too :)

  32. I love mac and cheese and wine! Sounds like a plan to me!

    As far as quality vs. quantity: I think there needs to be a good mix of lighthearted and serious posts. On one hand, if a blog is all long stories with a few family pics, it's more of a diary and I get kind of bored. Not gonna lie. On the other, when a blog is all link ups and outfit posts, I stop following because it's just repetitive and I get nothing out of visiting that blog, except maybe a shopping addiction.

  33. You have a fabulous blog, girl and a huge heart. You are definitely on to something good here. I wish I could do more for little Isaac and Maggie and all of those precious little ones who are being affected by cancer. Thank you for opening up everyone's eyes to these matters. I read all of Isaac's story and journal entries yesterday because of you and I am so smitten with him...wish there was more I could do :/ Anyway, keep up the good work girl :)

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. I've been on the quality over quantity boat for awhile... but then realized that posting less often actually discouraged me from writing altogether. Because the truth is - people stop reading.

    So now, I am going to choose to write consistently. Not for me, but for others. :)

    ps. glad i found your blog!

  36. I think you rock, no matter if you post once a day or once a week. I think the blogging world understands that these blogs are a part of our lives and not our whole life. We do have jobs, families, etc that take priority over blogging :) Keep doing what you're doing!! (plus, this makes me feel better about not blogging every single day! heehehe)

  37. Well there, as someone who was struggling to generate quality content, this has certainly turned into an engaging, through-provoking post! =]

    I value both quality and quantity, but sheesh, that's tough! My theory is, if I don't make myself chuckle at least once while writing a post, or do not have an "ah-ha" moment while typing, I refrain from hitting publish. If I don't like what I'm writing, who in the heck is gonna like reading it?

    Or, if I have the opportunity to do something fun (like grab dinner with a friend, take a weekend trip or I simply just need extra sleep), publishing takes a back-burner. Readers will always be there, but unique opportunities may not.

  38. I'm glad someone else has this issue. I just posted about it. I've always tried quality over quantity, but it has drawbacks... I think I'm switching teams on that one.

  39. Great post, so true! I love your blog and I am now following you!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  40. I know just how you feel. It's nice to read it from another blogger's perspective. Lovely post girl.

  41. I've definitely been there, sitting in front of your computer just thinking of what to write. It happens. I try to write down ideas in the everyday, usually by sending myself a text. I also think posts of "everyday like" with pictures are really cool.Great post, thanks for sharing!

  42. Good post! I've had some perspective this week as well. My best friend back home has twin 4 yr olds. One of them was diagnosed with brain cancer in June. Needless to say most likely this is their last Christmas together. How as a parent can you plan and know this will be my last Christmas or last anything with your child. I'd love for you to check out my Canccer Sucks post.


  43. Haha we all know you will get to us eventually when we email you. It's one of those facts of life, and we all still love you ;) I post 4-5 times a week. I'd rather post 5, but sometimes...you just need an extra day off.

  44. I have exactely the same problem at the moment, after I have been so busy during my first semester and no time to write, i am now thinking about which direction I want to go -.-
    But Quantity vs. Quality is for me definitely Quality!! I'd rather read a long text about sth interesting than a short outfit post...^^


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