A "Things That Fascinate Me" Post

The end of a blogging week….Oh, how I am glad it is here.
I think we can collectively agree that it is okay to say “hey..I really don’t feel like blogging today..kinda like I felt yesterday..and exactly how I will feel tomorrow too..” right?
I am not sure if it’s the fact that I haven’t started Christmas shopping yet and my brain is playing this game it likes to call “DON’T THINK ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE EXCEPT HOW YOU NEED TO GET YOUR ARSE IN THE MALL AND SHOP” (except instead of acting, I just keep thinking that same stupid thought). It could also be because E! aired a G&B marathon which finally allowed me to watch the arrival of my Godson, Duke. 
Goochie goochie goo, I love you Duke.
On that same token, did anybody else notice how Bill was wincing and hiding behind Giuliana during the birth? It reminded me of how I will be when my baby momma gives birth. Sad but true. 
Not as sad though as to what those babies are doing to their momma’s you know what.
God bless you mommas. And your you know what.

Back to my lack of motivation. I know the true culprit. Three words for you: Pampered Chef Purchases. Y’all..I now own a freaking microwave potato chip maker. 
The best part of it all is that it makes legit potato chips. In a microwave. This whole thing has been rather fascinating to me. Fascinating not necessarily as to how good they are, but the fact that I am 100% okay with getting all of my daily nutrition from a microwave. 

Anyhow, all of this just to say excuse the lack of “AHHHH I JUST LOVE BLOGGING AND ALL OF IT’S GOODNESS” attitude, but it’s the chips fault. Always food isn’t it ladies??

When this happens, my blogging instincts tell me “just share some things you are loving at the moment!” and no, this does not mean a sponsored post people.
I genuinely like to share things even when I am not getting paid to do so. I also genuinely like sharing things when I do get paid to do so. Probably more so when I get paid because well, getting paid is fun.
Wait. I have to say something about this.
Is it weird to any of you that people get upset about bloggers making money off of their blogs?
Please slap me in the face if I ever start talking trash about you showing up to your job and expecting a paycheck from the hours you put in.
Blogging takes time people. It also makes my eye twitch.
Time and eye twitches. I better be getting compensated for that.
Continuing on now.

First up is my home girl Nicole. Nicole is the fabulous virtual assistant behind this blog
(that I under use like crazy at the moment..the girl is a genius).
Aside from doing my dirty work, designing blogs, writing her own blog, mothering the cutest little boy in the land of all boys, she is also now designing artwork for YOU to hang on your walls.
Not just any artwork though. Digitally designed shaz. Foxes, owls, quotes, oh my.
So cute.
Props to you Nicole for putting your mad talent into play.

Next thing I’m currently loving is this band. Uncle Daddy.
I am a sucker for anything male that sings. And Taylor Swift. I love me some T Swift.
Anyhow, this band actually belongs to a blogger. As in a blogger married one of the band members. This obviously makes her the baddest blogger on the block. Go meet Carly now.
They just released their first album on iTunes so you can get it now.
My personal favorite is Black and Yellow.
Go listen your hearts away.
You will love.

And last but certainly not least, Christmas.
The festive drinks, fuzzy socks, the lights on the trees, little baby Jesus.
It just all makes my insides squirm and scream.
It also makes my eyes look extremely creepy but that's besides the point.

So there we have it.
Three things I just had to tell you about right at this given moment.
I am off to go set my alarm for 5:45 am.
Something I like to call breakfast with the co-workers.
You know what. I just found out one thing I dislike about Christmas.
Breakfast that begins at 7 am.
Spare me.



  1. Three words: Little baby Jesus. Yes. Also, I want your boots. That is all.


  2. I friggin LOVE my microwave chip maker from Pampered Chef!! And my food chopper, and my slicer, and my garlic press .... yeah sort of obsessed ...

  3. I neeeeed that potato chip maker. Oh my god. Except our microwave is torn up right now. :(

  4. You are just the cutest thing! Anyone that feels it is weird to make money off of your blog either a)wishes they could!, or b)has no idea how much time it takes.

  5. So cute, Erin! I LOVE Nicole's new designs!!! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  6. As a lover of chips, I must find a Pampered Chef representative ASAP. On to the weirdness, I agree that blogging takes a lot of time so those that do put in the time and effort should get paid. It is a job whether it's done full time or part time. Anyone that feels weird about it can just continue to feel that way. I am sure some of them do things that others think is weird.

  7. Omg. Potato chip maker?? In the microwave?? Shut the hell up! Way to easy!

  8. Oh I definitely feel the pressure to be shopping!

    Potato chip maker?! Adding to my wish list now!

  9. Heart your face!!! And totally craving potato chips now!! xo

  10. Omg I totally thought the same thing about Bill - and I don't blame the guy! And Duke is just the cutest ever. Love.

    AHHH Uncle Daddy?!?! They used to lead worship at my church!! How did you find them? so awesome :)

  11. ps - duh!! you explained how you found them.. Carly's blog. xo ;)

  12. Aw, thanks for the shout out!!!!

    You just made my week!


  13. I totally saw Bill hiding behind Giuliana, it was kind of funny.
    Totally love those designs.

  14. Oh G&B. Love. Bill totally looked uncomfortable in that scene. Like he wanted to see what was happening, but it's obviously not his wife, so he shouldn't be looking. So funny.

  15. I am sure I need that potato chip maker. That would be PERFECT for my house, not my diet but surely my house.
    Have a great weekend!
    And I agree with you, make that money honey.

  16. Cute dress! and I love your little work Christmas tree..that has to make it the tiniest bit easier to drive into work in the morning!

  17. Those chips look amazing!
    I would love to know the seasoning you put on them....yummy!

  18. Yep... this post had me laughing out loud. Good thing I'm sitting here on my sofa by myself slowly procrastinating my own blog writing. And I think I need to look into this microwave potato chip maker.

  19. Where did you find your boots? I am looking EVERY.WHERE. currently and can't find any I like!?


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