50% Awake.

I come to you tonight with one very valuable piece of blogging advice.
Never show up to write after you take a one hour scorching hot bath while drinking a Modelo. 
While I did feel like a rock star during the bath (no but seriously--drink in hand, legs draped over the side of the tub, belting out Eric Church. It was a very defining moment to add to my mental "why I don't have children" Rolodex I keep). Anyhow, I'm like three sentences deep and I can already tell you that the last paragraph of this post will be written by my forehead as I face plant on my keyboard. 
One other thing that should be noted. 
Don't start your blog post 23 minutes before bedtime.
Bedtime being 8:30 pm tonight. 
I love that you all just blew threw that past sentence like it was a joke.
I honestly want to be asleep by 8:30 tonight. 
THAT is how cool I am.  
I mean I like to be productive...but I like doing absolutely nothing a heck of a lot more. 
With that being said, I kinda just want to dive head first into some serious biznass. 
I have four women I want you all to meet tonight.
All of which probably stay up til at least 9 pm so obviously you know they have an arm up in the cool department. They also probably have dark puffy circles under their eyes but that's besides the point.
Just kidding. On the dark circle under their eyes thing. Not on the cool part. 
First up is the prettiest lady I have ever seen laying on a blanket. 
I mean just look at her form. Dana is her name and Real Estate is her game. Being a former Real Estate agent myself, I think she is pretty legit. Not only are her outsides stunning, so are her insides. Not that I would know first hand (wow..that was awkward) but from glimpses I get from her heart in posts like these. Two other things about Dana--she is reality show obsessed and throws some pretty mean parties. Two key ingredients to a lasting friendship if I don't say so myself. You just can't not like her. See for yourself. 

Next up is the wine guzzling Tina
 She had me at the wine guzzling. She also had me at her about page (read it, it's fun). Here is the deal with Tina--she doesn't just blog, she writes. And she writes well. Which is really what a blog should be about right? A perfect example of this can be found here. One thing you would never guess about little ole Tina--she wants to adopt a baby sloth. And if you did guess that, you are a freakish good guesser. Start reading Tina's blog stat. Maybe she'll invite you over for a glass of wine on her bed sometime?

Third we have this little flower smelling lady...Nicole

Nicole's blog is a recent find of mine and I am oh so lucky to have found it. She is as genuine as they come which can be such a breath of fresh air in this impersonal land we live in. While Nicole wishes she could live in Banana Republic (wouldn't that be nice) she is earning her Ph.D in Psychology. They pretty much go hand in hand ;) While she is not off being all smart she delights in fabulous little things like picnics in her backyard. Which now makes me want to go uncork a bottle of wine and slice a few pieces of cheese...

 And last but not least we have this beautiful world traveler, Casey.
Originally from North Carolina, Casey and her Air Force husband now reside in Germany. While I could go on and on about everything I think you should know about this fabulous lady, I will let you learn for yourself here. If you thought you were cool going to a costume party on Halloween, try going to Oktoberfest in Germany. Beer and boobs..she covers it all. Casey's blog is seriously great. Great I tell you. Go see for yourself. 

And what do you know...it's 9:01 pm. 
Bedtime fail. 
Oh and hey--it's the weekend soon. 
Boo ya. 
Go live it up party people. 
And by "live it up" I mean go read the four blogs up above.
It's a wild life us bloggers live. 



  1. beer, a bath, and eric church {there with me in the bath??} = sounds awesome to me!

  2. Love finding new blogs :) Thanks for the suggestions! A drink, music and a bath sounds perfect right now!
    (new follower) You really had me cracking up tonight. Thank you XO

  3. Oh, what I would give for a hot hot bath right now, and I'd go for the beer too. But it's 9:46 and I also want to be in bed.

  4. Don't feel bad about going to bed by 8:30, being awesome is very hard work not to mention exhausting! I'm laying in bed reading a few blogs & you've supplied me with what looks like 4 other greats for me to read {hypothetical high 5 since your sleepin.} I know the Nicole is, I love reading her blog. I hope you have a great slumber & bright side: It's Friday!


  5. this little flower smelling lady..hHAHA! love it. and i could use a bath but ours leaks into the garage if we put water in it LOL so sad.

  6. I have a large rolodex of "reasons to not have children" and as the loving mothers at my workplace talk about their sleepless nights, screaming children, and hundreds of loads of laundry because children are messy - it makes me love the married without children life! =)

  7. New blog follower here! And some nights I stay up until 10:00pm (so cool). And then I do have seriously puff ugly eyes!

    Thanks for the great blog suggestions! I'm down with anyone who guzzles wine!

  8. Those are some fun ladies!! :) I could so use a bath right now.

  9. I hash tagged something as #kneestogetherforever today so I really like your no baby rolodex idea. Thanks for sharing these blogs! I love finding new friends.

  10. I WISH I could have been asleep by 8:30 tonight! haha, I'm still up after watching Glee and catching up on my blog reading! :)

    Also, Eric Church is awesome!

  11. Yep...my bedtime is just a wee bit later than yours, but it totally doesn't make me any cooler. I can thank insomnia for that. ;) Thanks for the feature, lady! Hope you get some restful shut-eye!

  12. I follow Dana and Casy! Love their blogs!

    I am doing a Holiday Giveaway from Sephora! Hope you stop by and enter!

    Happy Holidays,

    Brooke♥ ❤ ❥

  13. I'm in bed by 8:30 4 out of 5 week days. Sometimes even on Friday. Please don't pull my ad from your blog :) I promise I'm cool!


  14. Heading to check out those new blogs now! 8:30 is my ideal bedtime! i can never get enough sleep so the early the better for me. It usually ends up being 10 by the time I actually make it to bed but I can dream right?!

  15. There's nothing like a hot bath and a big glass of wine after a long day...or any day :) HAPPY FRIDAY!

  16. No wonder you are so perky! Hot bath relaxing time, early bed time and a Modelo sounds like my kinda night.

    I've been doing a lot of mental notes of why I don't have kids yet. At 36 my time is limited so I want to enjoy each moment before I know all my selfish ways will be given to another human for life :)

    Thanks for reminding me that it can be done, and when I'm ready and to enjoy the little things before life changes :)

  17. definitely jealous of that relaxation :) your blog is amazing!


  18. I already adore Tina and Casey, and can't wait to meet the other two! Off to go visiting... Happy weekend!

  19. Haha. Oh, Erin. I fell asleep at 7:30 Wednesday night. No joke. Slept until about 9pm, noticed my husband wasn't next to me, ran downstairs in delirium and told him it was late and he needed to come to bed. Then, back upstairs I went. Slept THROUGH my alarm and didn't wake up until 7:17. I have to leave at 7:20 to make it to work on time. That's practically 12 hours. So, in my opinion, the cool kids go to bed early. ;)

    And, oh, you can come have a glass of wine on my bed anytime!

  20. First...can't wait to check these ladies out. Second...I was asleep by 8:30 last night...clearly we bloggers are a wild bunch!

  21. I think I have the same rolodex that you have...so many reasons that I don't wanna have kids. Haha. I am liking these ladies!


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