20 Blogs+60,000 Followers=A Massive Ad Space Giveaway

I have been stupid excited about this blog post for over a month now.
Once in awhile you are lucky enough to join forces with somebody rather intelligent.
And that intelligent person has a really (read: really) good idea….
Today, that idea is coming into fruition.
Yaaaaay for fruits (said as I pop a little Clementine into my mouth).
Miss Casey (who is going to be appearing in a segment on The Today Show this Thursday morning..tune in) and I have been “strategizing” so to speak as of late and she came up with the genius idea of “Hey—why don’t we make a list of all of our favorite blogs…email said blogs..and see if they would all want to participate in a massive ad space giveaway for our readers!”
Told you she was a genius.
Below are 20 fantastic blogs…all of which have a great readership base (we’re talking thousands of followers each).
All 20 blogs are here to offer YOU a chance to win ad space.
20 Blogs+Over 60,000 Followers=One Winner Takes All.
Try that one on for advertising size.
I am not sure if you realize the growth that sponsoring other blogs can bring….(it can bring significant growth people) but imagine the growth that having ad space on 20 high traffic blogs could bring. My stomach is fluttering, I can’t even go there.
Regardless if you get yourself entered (which hello…get yourself entered..) make sure you check out each of the blogs below.
They really are the bees knees. The shiz niz. The bomb dig.
What I’m saying is, read them.
But first, do yourself a favor and get entering….
Happy ad space winning y’all.



  1. so the winner will be announced on saturday?

  2. love this idea!! and love your blog :)

  3. Entered! :)

    (by the way...the link on the rafflecopter for "The Daily Tay" is not correct...)

    Thanks for having this giveaway!

  4. Do we have to enter on just one blog? Or all?

  5. Ohh crap some gals have told me my link isn't correct on rafflecopter?

  6. OMG amazing giveaway!! Thanks so much! This would be an awesome win.

  7. Um, this is an amazing giveaway!

  8. awesome giveaway!glad i'm following now for a chance to win =)

    Bea =)

  9. New follower from SOML thanks to this sweet giveaway! Can't wait to stick around and see what you're all about :)


  10. Wow! I just entered!
    Such beautiful ladies!
    My weekend is definitely going to be full....of reading all these blogs! :)
    P.S. SO EXCITED!!! :)

  11. whoa. this giveaway is huge. Did you know that you currently have over 14 THOUSAND PEOPLE ENTERED?!?!?!?! good god. For some reason... I still think I am going to win.


  12. Congrats Kelsey! You lucky lucky girl! :)

  13. Kelsey who??!? I'm freaking out a little bit! Please be me!!

  14. Below are 20 fantastic blogs…all of which have a great buy 1000 instagram accounts readership base (we’re talking thousands of followers each).


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