Too Legit To Quit.

I've learned something over the past week.
You wanna feel like a legit blogger?
Go to a coffee house, whip out your laptop, sip on whatever fancy concoction you sip on (peppermint tea for this lad), try not to eavesdrop on all of the typical coffee house conversations around you (some of you may be more successful at this task than I..), and work.
That is ALL it takes friends.

You know how much cooler this is?
I finally feel legit. 
I now know what all of you college grads felt like for years on end.
Minus the horrible hangovers, dirty laundry, and bunk bed situation. 
Except I just got an idea.
Instead of a coffee house, I should find a wine bar. Surely wine bars have wifi right?
Wine and blogging...always a good idea. 

Anyhow, this is my new Blogging 101. 
Wanna be a success?
Pose in a coffee house...wine bar....anywhere people can see you in public, typing on a computer. 
You're welcome.

You know what else I am also welcome for?
Introducing you to four "rock your face off" new people. 
You're welcome.

First up we have the gooooorgeous Rebecca from Mommy In Heels
Or according to her cake, Mommy in Tory Burch. It is no surprise to me after looking at her closet that her blog title is that of what it is. Fortunately, the woman behind the closet knows how to wear those things tucked in there. Proof here. Rebecca is my type of girl (she had me at the wine in her hand up above...) I am loving getting to know her better through her blog and believe you will too. Now's your chance....

Next up is the lacy and lovely Caitlyn from The Daily Post
I don't really know how to say this any other way. Her blog is amazeballs. Yes, amazeballs. Apparently, I am not the only one who agrees as she is nearing the 2,000 follower mark (holleeeer). I love the way Caitlyn captures moments through her camera and even more how she expresses them through her writing. A perfect example can be found here. Join the masses and get to know Caitlyn asap.  
Blog//Instagram @caitlyntaylorjohnson

Third we have this pretty diddy, Erin from Simply Just Lovely.
Simply just lovely you are girl. Get this. Erin teaches high school FASHION. I never knew such a thing existed (judging by my high school pictures, this is obvious.) Erin is also a momma to a sweet little boy and has a small obsession with tattoos. Obviously the girl rocks. I love her take on inner beauty and confidence, and her honesty on how hard it can be to raise a little one. She is a gem. And you should be her stone. What I mean is, go visit her blog. 

And last but certainly not least, one of the sweetest little bloggers ever, Jacy, from Art By Jacy
I am kind of enamored by Jacy and her dedication, drive, and passion to persue her dreams. For crying out loud, not only is she writing a book....she is actually writing a book (as opposed to those of us who are "writing a book") Oh wait, she has already written books. And she is an artist like no other. Proof here. AND, she has come up with 10 ways on how to stay a loser. <--If that title doesn't make you click on it, I don't know what will. Jacy is the real deal with a heart of gold. Go say hello.

So that's that friends. 
It's time to hightail it outta this joint and get to my massage appointment.
I love election day. 

Come back tomorrow for a fun activity. It involves secrets. Lots and lots of secrets. Be ready to share. 

ps. Remember that larger than life giveaway? Well, if your name is Halie, you just won that sucker. 
Congrats lady..I will be in touch! 



  1. Your blog is wonderful. I love following along! Just wanted to say hi and thanks for all of the entertaining posts!

  2. I recently got a laptop and I really want to go to a coffee shop or barnes and noble and look all official at my computer. But I don't drink any hot drinks...Maybe I'll put soup in a thermos and do my best to look cool!

  3. That's what my Saturday morning is planning to be. Starbucks (either a Gingerbread Latte or-if they exist in this freaking country-a Peppermint Mocha) and my gigantic laptop to blog/read/write. You just solidified it, Erin. :)

  4. True story, I study WAY better if I'm in a starbucks. Something about the atmosphere and being able to people watch. ;)

  5. Ha! I must try that coffee shop stint and check out these blogs. I already follow Jacy and yes she's awesome!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

  6. I just realized that, although I read your blog every single day, and see you on Instagram and Twitter and think of you when I have a blog problem I never comment here. I have no idea why. But I sure do enjoy this blog of yours! Nosy question: what's in that huge LIY book you have...top secret blog stuff??!!

  7. but see, whipping out your computer to blog is WAY better than whipping it out to write a paper. in fact, when i'm supposed to be writing papers, i'm usually blogging. funny how that works.... :)

  8. Haha I bought a really cute bag to carry my laptop in, but I never really have anywhere to take it. So today I literally thought, I should blog at a coffee shop so I can use my bag. Thinking I'll try it out sometime this week.

  9. Wine bar blogging? I think you have started the new trend! Cash in on that because I would be at one religiously. Thanks for all the introductions! How fun!

  10. Hahahah that does sound pretty legit, but it's actually something I've never done! How horribly sad! PS Everytime I see your blog, I think of the song Yellow by Coldplay. Love it!

  11. Love these guests!
    & you are so totally right about blogging in a coffee house! I feel it too! lol

  12. i love reading your blog!! your posts make me smile each time. :)

  13. I used to do the 'study in the coffeehouse' thing and I would ALWAYS get distracted! It's great for people watching...not so great for getting stuff done. :)

    Oh and btw...I started doing the hand motions when I saw this title...such a 90's dork. :)


  14. Is that a custom Living in Yellow planner?? Where did you get it?!?!

  15. Yah....I"m in my 7th year of college (part grad school)... i'm over coffee shops! ha! for school stuff anyways!

  16. Dropping by your blog to get away from Twitter and its negativity. Thank you, I needed some fresh air!

  17. LOL... Love the coffee shop vibes of blogging.. reminds me of a Carrie Bradshaw moment I've been swooning over lately! But a wine bar? Ummmmm... even more tempting to appear as an official dicial blogger!

  18. Oooh I want to go out and try that "legit" blogger style right about NOW!

  19. Despite hating coffee, I discovered the coffee shop hype last year and love it. No one bugs me and I get so much done! AND I feel guilty when I'm on FB and everyone else is working...so I don't go on it. Haha

  20. Oh you gotta eavesdrop at the coffee shop! It's unavoidable! Although wine bar convoys might be even more entertaining :) safe to say I wouldn't get much blogging done!

  21. I had yet to hear of your blog. I think it's refreshing to meet another SUCCESSFUL and non-college educated woman. Meh. It's overrated. Glad to have found you.

  22. My name is Halie! My name is Halie! My name is Halie!! Yay! I have seriously been on cloud 9 since receiving your email yesterday - especially since I was having a crappy day. This came at the best time to cheer me up! I can't wait to reap all these oh-so-lovely rewards :) Thanks again Erin!

  23. You have the best Sponsors! I love this post about the coffee shop. They were my life for well, 6 years. I crammed all 4 years of college into 6. Yes, I am that girl.


  24. I love your blog so much, and I just found it recently :-). Thank you for being awesome.

  25. Wine and blogging sounds like a good time... or in my case where I, in most cases, get diarrhea of the mouth ;) Ooooh can't wait for secrets and p to the s hosting my first giveaway on le blog!

  26. Dude.

    you could have a post a week if you blogged in public and simply wrote about the humans that you see.

    oh man. i've got this.

  27. You are seriously awesome-sauce :)
    Thanks for the love, homie...you too Jan M xoxo


  28. I can't not eavesdrop! I am so nosy! Wine bar blogging would be too amazing for words.

  29. I love blogging in coffee shops, haha it really does make you feel slightly more important ;) And is that an Erin Condren planner I see?? I've been wanting to get one! Heading over now to check out these lovely ladies!

  30. I love the title of your post! My pastor thinks its hilarious that I say "too legit" on a pretty regular basis!

  31. So that's the secret huh? I will pack up the computer and head to a coffee shop now.


  32. Where did you get the sprial notebook on the table next to your laptop? I love it.


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