This Is What You Get When My Mind Is Blown.


You get a post about a bracelet.
A lovely little minty one at that.
Because let's be real, if I have to expand one more ounce of mental energy on anything, my brain may just explode. In fact, I think it already has. Something about reading through 600+ hilarious, deep, hateful, sad, exciting, and not to mention hilarious, comments from yesterday's post.
More will be said on this in the coming days.
There is too much goodness/badness packed into that sucker to not to do a recap.

So back to the bracelet.
It hails from Outfit Additions and I am pretty much obsessed.
The mint, the gold, the little balls...all of it.
I am not sure if you have ever hit up Outfit Additions before but if not, I'd recommend you tap that.
Considering you enjoy tapping things as we now know a lot of you don't.....
The necklaces alone pretty much want to make me spend like a drunken sailor on a Saturday night.
Fortunately for this reason, they have a whole slew of items $20 and under.
You know, to make the whole drunken sailor spending not seem so bad.
Annnnnnnd to really not make it seem so bad, I have a sweet little promo code for you all.
Consider it your gift for sharing your dirty little secrets with us yesterday.
Just enter the code YELLOW for 25% off your order of $25 or more.

One more thing. Right now you can enter a fun little pinning contest that could score you $100 in free product. Here are the deets.

Okay that's all for now.
Can I just say I am SO excited to get myself away from a computer?
I don't think I've ever refreshed a freaking website more in my life than I have in the past 24 hours.

Happy weekend kids....I am off to the great land of Chicago this weekend to frolic and play...and hopefully reunite with my BFF G. I wouldn't say count on it, but count on it.

Just kidding. Don't count on it.

ps. now that it is dark out by the time I get home from work, all product reviews are going to be self portrait style for the next several months. yaaaaaaaay.
eat your heart out all of you self portrait lovers.......or haters. whatevs.



  1. Those comments were too much and I only get through the first half. What a great idea!

  2. LOVED the post from yesterday! Haven't had time to go through all of them but I plan on it!

  3. Chicago!! Come swing by! You're in my neck of the woods! :) Check out the grand lux cafe! Ahh cant wait to hear all the fun stuff you did in the city :)

  4. LOVED Yesterday's post!!

    That pin contest is awesome!
    my pins are here...

  5. YES! pinned!!


  6. That bracelet is PERFECT!! Must have it. Yeah, overload of comments yesterday, but I must say I was up 'til an ungodly hour because I couldn't stop reading them! So crazy.
    PS. I like your selfsies :)

  7. http://pinterest.com/okayeamyblog/outfit-additions/

    So hard to choose =)

  8. http://pinterest.com/pin/192177109070846087/

    Thanks so much!

  9. I don't have a blog but I need to start one! I absolutely love your blog. It is raw and uncensored, warm and fuzzy, but most of all downright hilarious. Keep it up. I read most of the comments on the last post but can't comprehend the "haters." You obviously have something they like or they wouldn't come back for more. Don't you dare shut it down sista.

  10. love that bracelet!! and your self portrait photos are beautiful!! the comments on that post.. omg i die!!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  11. I thought I read all the posts and then got to the bottom and I'd only done 200! Serious awesomeness. Mine was quite near the top considering...!

  12. I made it through 456 comments and my brain exploded. I need a month to digest and then I'll read the rest.

  13. Love seeing your face, that's why we're here, duh!? {not sure why they are still reading if they don't like it/your blog.. They're lame.}And LOVE that mint bracelet and this pin-it giveaway. Fun! Hope you have a fantabulous weekend! Also, ya, pretty sure I spent at least 2 hours reading those comments last night! Interested to see what you say/comment on. LOTS of heavy/crazy/hilarious stuff there.

  14. Those comments were absolutly crazy yesterday. I can only imagine how on overload you are!!

    Enjoy your weekend computer free!

    Love the bracelet and the pics! I would have most def. been making a funny face though.


  15. Not sure if this is what I'm supposed to do or not... But here is the link to my board where I tagged the stuff I love!!

    Thanks Erin!

  16. That bracelet is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! Whoooo....I went through so many emotions while reading through those comments yesterday; every where from peeing my pants to be just plain out horrified...haha.

  17. Yesterday was defintiely intense. I look forward to your recap.

    That's a gorgeous bracelet! I really like the contrast. Silver would have been boring.

  18. Love so many things on this site!!



  19. Wahoo! #PinItToWinIt


  20. My pins are on this board: http://pinterest.com/MelanieKSmith/bling-bling/

  21. I also pinned the photo for a bonus entry. Also on this board: http://pinterest.com/MelanieKSmith/bling-bling/

  22. yesterdays post was amazing. love the bracelet.

  23. Um, love that bracelet. If I had that bracelet, I'd do a whole post on it too. Where was it when I was looking for bridesmaid gifts?!

  24. Gorgeous bracelet!!


  25. Gorgeous bracelet! :)


  26. The bonus entry photo is also pinned here.


  27. i love their stuff!!


  28. Pinned all of my favorites! really cute stuff!!



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