That One Time I Got Artsy.

I've said it once and I will say it a trillion more times, I am not artsy.
Not one bit.
In fact, I think I mentioned in my "About" page that the only real craft I've ever done is when I glued store bought ornaments onto a store bought wreath (and to think that I thought I was so legit after that).
However, this has all changed as of Wednesday.
My martini girls and I saw that Wine and Canvas was going to be in the area and other than the fact that none of us are artists, we couldn't come up with one excuse as to why we shouldn't do it.
I mean, wine is in the name.....you can't go wrong.
bracelet set found at Miss Chic
my girl was quite the little stomper. feisty. i like it. 
And there you have it.
Six professional artists wine drinkers.
It was a lot of fun.
But so is getting a manicure with your martini club.....
Manicures it is.
You know what else is a lot of fun?
Writing little snippets for some lovely ladies that I think you should all know.
Say for instance, writing something about Kym and that professional hockey player husband of hers.
Anybody who has a professional athlete as a husband is legit. And while that does sound fabulous, Kym is not shy about sharing the truths behind that matter (especially after her third glass of wine).
Kym's blog is such a breath of fresh air. I love her writing style (written as spoken..), and her ability to tell it just as it is. A good starting place with Kym is on her About page. Hit that sucker up.

Next up is this little glitter fairy, Lauren.
Note to self: Don't refer to sponsors as glitter fairies. Anyhow, back to Lauren. She is a teacher by day and a jewerly maker by night (lots of goodness packed in that jewerly link). Here is what you need to know about this lady: she loves Dawsons Creek, knows how to have a heck of a summer, oh and she is obsessed with pickles. I know there is a huge crowd of pickle lovers out there who just burst into "AHHH I LOVE PICKLES TOO" chants. Don't miss out. Go visit Lauren's goodness now.
And last but not least is the ever so lovely Maria.
Told you she is a pretty little thing. If you don't believe me, click here and learn how she has recently dropped over 60 pounds. If that's not amazing, I don't know what is. Wait, yes I do. Being best friends with her. That's the impression I got anyhow. I'm not lieing when I say I just spent way too much time reading through blog post after blog post of hers. Try it yourself, it's fun (and a great time waster).
Welp I'm outta here kids.
I've got a husband who hasn't seen me for seven days...(not that he is complaining) and a bath with lots of bubbles to tend to. Somebody informed me today that No Shave November is for guys.
Not girls.
Uhhhh. Let's hope my razor can handle this.
I just remembered I haven't eaten dinner yet either.
Unless chips and salsa count...in which case, I've had a feast.
ps. My Friday evening is going to be spent with Montgomery Gentry, Edens Edge, and Florida Georgia Line. Watch out Twitter and Instagram...it's about to get crazy up in there.



  1. Haha wine and canvas sounds like a good time! Yours turned out really well :) Also No Shave November can be for girls too!! and chips and salsa should count as a meal


  2. I did wine and canvas a few weeks ago and it was a blast!! However your picture is so much cuter than ours! (possibly cuz I drank way more wine then should be allowed near paint)

  3. Wow! The wine and canvas event seems like it would be SO much fun! Didn't even know those existed! WAY cool!! =)

  4. What a fun night! I've always wanted to try one of those!

  5. I have really been wanting to try this but I.. just really end up drinking instead.. with no 'canvas'.. unless you count that time I spilt my wine all over my comforter.. that was slightly artsy. BTW-- FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE?? Can't contain my jealousy! Loooove!

  6. We have a place like that called Cheers to Art and I've been 6 times! I'm running out of places to hang everything, but I love going because I truly feel like an artist...the wine brings it out in all of us right? :) Your painting looks great!

  7. I saw your instagrams and just thought you were amazing. Sitting down to do a little painting. You were at a "class"? How much fun!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Girl, you totally rocked that canvas! Awesome job, I am proud :)

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  10. Great work on the painting! How fun! Yours turned out the best too ;-)


  11. I need to find me a wine/art place in my area!! I like to pretend I'm really talented when it comes to art but only when I'm highly intoxicated. This sounds like a win, win!

  12. this is so much fun I love these places. Look like you had a blast!

  13. Oh my lanta! I NEED to find a wine and art place, STAT! That looks like SO MUCH FUN. I love art and painting. Dont get time to do it enough. I also like wine, dont drink it enough either! LOL

    What a fun post, and thank you so much for the intro. ♥ You are the best! Your site already hit #6 for my top referring sites of the WEEK (#2 of the day)! And this post has only been up for a day!

    You rock my socks!

  14. Wine and canvas sounds AWESOME! You ladies did pretty well for "not being artists". I need to find one of these by me!

    p.s. chips/salsa totally counts.

  15. Wine and art sounds so fun!!! I'll have to look up a place by my house! You girls did a great job! :) I just got instagram, so I'm to check you out now! Have a great weekend! xo, Reannah

  16. I LOVE this!!! I need to find a location near me and have my girlfriends try it with me! So fun!


  17. Looked like lots of fun! Thanks for sharing! :)

  18. Looks like you had loads of fun.



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