Spreading The Love.

I am in one of those “let’s talk about some items that I think you need to know about” moods.
I am also in one of those “I think I may puke at any second” moods thanks to my husband who thought it would be cool to get some stomach bug and pass it right along to me. We love to share everything. 
It’s like sickening cute. Literally.
Enough puke talk. As you have learned by now, with blogging comes sponsored posts.
And while I only promote items I truly love, there is something freeing about sharing something that I was NOT asked to share…but just because I genuinely want to and am not going to get filthy rich by doing so. 
You did know you get filthy rich by sponsored posts didn't you ;) <--the wink is for a reason people. 
So that is what you are getting today. A bunch of things that I should have been paid to talk about.
Just kidding yo.
First thing you absolutely must know about (there is no other option) is Miss Chic’s Clearance Event 
So what does this mean you ask? EVERY item is at least 50% off. Seriously. It is like $15 and under.
Umm hello amazing good deals. I would suggest you get this, this, this, and these. Oh right, this too.
Next up is a shop I recently discovered. After Sunset is the name and cuter than snot products are her game. I have been drooling over this necklace and bracelet. 
The Cove Necklace//Golden Twist Bracelet
No but seriously, I had to wash my pillow cases this week because of all the wet spots. That sounded so disturbing. Anyhow, back to After Sunset. Chelsea is the brilliant creator of these pieces of goodness. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of her goods. Again, another disturbing sentence. I am good at those if you haven’t noticed.
Third we have Brickyard Buffalo.

I know you have all heard of Groupon, Living Social, GroopDealz, etc…well make way because these Buffalo's are ready to charge. I don’t even know if Buffalo's charge but it sounded fitting. Here is what you need to know: Brickyard Buffalo is a new flash sale website that will be launching soon and you'll definitely want to keep an eye on it.  The ladies behind it are working hard to bring you the most unique and hottest items around at a discounted price.  The quantities are limited and each sale will only last a short time so you will definitely want to snag things while they last.  Also, if any of you are interested in selling your products on Brickyard Buffalo, be sure to contact them at brickyardbuffalo@gmail.com as they are currently accepting vendors. You can check Brickyard Buffalo out at www.brickyardbuffalo.com. Word on the street is that they are hosting a whole slew of giveaways right now also by liking their Facebook page. Maybe you should get on that? 
And last but not least, we have this darling little diddy. So listen up. Carina over at Lovely Little Whimsy started making these necklaces to raise money for their brand new baby they were adopting. Because I am a sucker for both Carina and adoption (not to mention the necklace is adorable) I had to purchase one.

I purchased mine several months ago. Long story short, I got an email from Carina (a few days before they were going to meet their little girl) that the mother decided to keep the child. Insert tears on my behalf.
The great thing is Carina has a heart of gold (or in this case, copper) and knows that God has got their back on this. They are still planning on adopting and the funds from the sale of these pretty little things will still contribute to that baby-to-be of theirs. If you want one for yourself (because duh, why wouldn't you), you can find them here
So that’s that.
Four things I thought you may appreciate.
You know what I appreciate? The fact that I didn’t puke during the writing of this post. Cheers friends.

Happy Happy Happy Thursday.
Ps. We hit 3,000 followers yesterday. THANK YOU oh so much. You think if I brought the Lysol we could have one giant group hug?
Speaking of spreading the love....why don't you go spread some here?




  1. I think you might need to throw some alcohol on that stomach bug to kill the germs. Do it for you health :)

  2. Stomach bugs are no fun at all! I hope you feel better soon. I love that cove necklace - it has me wanting to play with polymer clay now!

  3. That story about Carina made me cry too! How heartbreaking. She'll be in my prayers tonight, and I'm totally already checking out the necklace. :)

  4. Love me some Chelsea...she is the sweetest thing ever and SO talented. I have the twist bracelet in tortoiseshell and I absolutely love it. She's the best!

  5. totally just jumped all over that sale! 4 items for 30bucks!
    Can't beat it!! Christmas shopping in a jif!

  6. I love Chelsea's necklaces! I've been drooling over them for months!

  7. You're adorable... thanks for the shout-out!!!! And now I have some other fun sites to peruse/goodies to buy!! :) xo

  8. Great jewelry!


  9. congrats on the 3,000 followers!!! and thanks for the great sale!

  10. LOVE the heart necklace!

    We are doing a linkup about blog names. Would love for you to join and tell us how you came up with "living in yellow".


  11. thanks, Erin! you are sweet to share our story and you are totally rocking that necklace. xoxo

  12. LOVE the necklace!! I may have to get one! What a great cause too! Love your lysol comment hahaha, too funny. Feel better lady! =)

    -Karla @ forevernewlywedded


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