Pointless Picture Friday

Well shoot.
My brain doesn't seem to want to function right now so I have deemed today's post
"Pointless Picture Friday".
Too bad it's not Priday. The whole F in Friday is really cramping my style.
What is Pointless Picture Friday you ask?
Great question...let's find out.
It is a day where I just post random pictures that I think are pretty cool.
All of which I don't think I've ever shown you before.
This means I have probably shown them to you before but I just don't remember.
Let's begin.
Oh this? This is a picture of me standing behind a professional photographer about to get hit by a wave. Whether I laughed or not after he got hit by the wave is up for discussion.
Next up--TJ. Or RJ. Or whatever the heck his name is. I just think he is hot. That's really all on this picture.
Amazefest 2012 Strawberry Shortcake....that I wish I was consuming right now.
I kinda think it's funny. And I don't even cuss. I just really like assh's.
Now this on the other hand...this is legitimately funny.
I have jealousy issues when it comes to dogs lives.
I don't care who you are...that is gorgeous.
This on the other hand, is not. Which reminds me. Next time I think it's socially acceptable to leave the house with wet hair, hardly any make-up, and well...a blow fish face, just tell me that it is not.
And that wraps up our first (and last) edition of Pointless Picture PFriday.
On that note--I'm outta here.
I've got a hot date with a big bed and an even bigger blanket.
Awesome doesn't even begin to describe what's about to take place.
Sleep my friends...I'm talking about sleep.
In honor of this sucky blog post---tell me something funny below. 
A joke...a funny movie line (Christmas Vacation quotes are my favorite. "Can't see the line can ya Russ? Russ?") or just your weekend plans. Really anything will you do. Maybe just say hi.
Or feel inclined to tell me this post was a waste of a click.
It was a waste of a click...well unless you really wanted to know that I have a major cuddle fest  planned with a big ole blanket in my bed happening in .2 seconds, in which case, #winning.
Until next time...go read this blog.
Adios friends. 
ps. I think I had plans today to tell you all how much you rock...how much I adore you...and how I love the heck outta ya. Consider yourself told. Although you know what..I'm sure I'll tell you again soon. Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaah.



  1. Haha, this post made me smile. Thanks for sharing your pointless pictures. Maybe you could do this as a link-up sometime????

  2. I think you're pretty awesome. That is all.

  3. You've had quite the busy few days my friend so a pointless picture post is perfect. Love the crying baby. Why is this funny? I could come up with quite a few captions for that one. Haha.

  4. Funny pictures, I loved them! So you want a funny story. So Burger King now has the Angry Whopper, the combo meal is the #3. My husband and I went there one day and he asked the girl at the counter if we had to be really pissed off to order the #3....maybe you will find that funny, maybe not but it's all I got at this moment in time...hehehe

  5. You raised OVER $2000! Truly amazing! CONGRATS! Must feel pretty amazing!

    I think you look GREAT with no makeup!

  6. Funny I wrote a "sucky post" today too... maybe it's catchy?

  7. You are too funny! and these pictures are fantastic who cares if they dont have a major story to go with it! ps. im jealous of dogs lives too! lol

  8. I LOVE your blog. I think you are awesome. And gorgeous, even in your wet hair, no makeup, fish face picture. :)


  9. I pampered myself, spray tan and my hairs been did. I neeeever do these things. Hubs holiday party tomorrow and I'm inclined to feel like a stepford wife. Which I'm so not. Who am I kidding!

  10. I thought this was a fun post. I would love some strawberry shortcake now!

  11. And why is the carpet all wet, Todd?
    I don't KNOW Margot!

    Fixed the newel post!

    Get off me, you little fungus!

    Shall I go on? Old Navy was selling men's T-shirts that said Griswold Family Christmas. My husband picked it out all on his own. I was so proud.


  12. Loved your blog before and then tonight when I saw a pro-life ad on here, I love it even more! :) Thanks for brightening my days with your awesome blog!

  13. What do you call a fake noodle?
    An "im-pasta"
    Tee hee... after working with children all day, this is what's funny to me! ;)

  14. Loved this and love the idea of doing it as a link-up! Who doesn't want to see pointless pictures?

    I am also very jealous of dog's lives. Glad I'm not alone!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  15. I get jealous of dog lives too, and I'm a little jealous of your date with a blanket. Love the pointless pictures.


  16. Your fish face should win an award. I was always told if I made a funny face then it would get stuck and I'd look like that forever. I still kind of believe this... So here's to hoping you don't have a forever fish face. Andddd have a great weekend!

  17. "Good. Great. Grand. Wonderful. NO YELLING ON THE BUS!"

  18. I tagged you in a post whilst tipsy sometime between last night and this morning... The end.

  19. I'm totally A-OK with pointless pictures posts! I tend to do them pretty often, but ya know what, I really don't care. I do what I want! So boo-yah. (I'm trying to bring that back, bt-dubs, if you wanna help me out on that front.) Anywho... have a great weekend!!

  20. I saw the first picture on instagram and it made me excited to read this post! Hell... I always look forward to your posts!

    XO Lourdes

  21. The sky/cloud/sun/ocean picture is amazing. Absolutely! I have a major obsession with the sky and clouds and sunsets/sunrises these days. Ah! Isn't the world beautiful?!

    And, okay, I know you're pulling a face and trying to look goofy but truth is--you look fantastic sans make-up. Please tell me you're at least wearing something to hide darkness/puffiness under your eyes? If not... a. I'm super jealous and b. what eye cream do you use?! I need.

  22. honestly, i think you lookedgreat in that last picture. you have fantastic skin so you might as well rock the makeup-less look once in awhile!1

  23. "Buzz your girlfriend, woof!" haha thought I would just drop you a quick Home Alone quote.

    Have a great Priday :)


  24. This is why I LOVE your blog! You're just so funny and honest and can literally blog about anything you want in the world and people will love it because it's you <3 Your blog is perfection.


  25. I think you look gorg in that pic, pouty face & all. Ok here's a joke: What do you call a noodle that doesn't belong? An impasta. Hahaha, ok so if you watch Ellen you probably already saw it, but it was the only one I could think of on the spur of the moment :D

  26. "Take it, Russ!


    Fa la la la la, la la la la!"

  27. Just caught up on all your blogs, you seriously crack me up. Keep up the awesome posting!

  28. I was going to say how much I LIKE your hair in that picture!


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