Lamefest 2012.

So usually I think Monday's post is the easiest post to write. 
All you have to do is write about all of the fun weekend shindigs you participated in, make your life sound way more glamorous than it actually is, and so on. 
However, today I hate writing Monday's post.
This may have something to do with the fact that the only "shindig" I participated in this past weekend was laying on the couch.
new couch at the lake cottage...we're in love. me and the dog that is.
I didn't eat anything exciting. I didn't even have a glass of wine. Nothing. I just laid there. Or lied there. Whatever the correct spelling of that tricky word is. I'm pretty confident I would have been taught this in Elementary school. I am also pretty confident that I don't remember most things I've ever been taught. Especially in elementary school. Cursive what? 
The other sucky part to this post is that my vacation is now over. Done. No more. 
And while I like my job, I like staying at home more.
Said every woman in America. 
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to convince my husband during my time off that I am much better off not working. It might have something to do with that whole couch thing I mentioned up above, who knows. 
So what else did I do on my week off you are wondering?
Well aside from nothing, I did start a few new projects. 
One of which is a blog consultation program. 
Details are coming on this so stay tuned. 
I also did some laundry.
Hung out at Starbucks for hours on end.
Got caught up on my G & B episodes.
Dressed my dog up as a bumblebee. My niece decided she had to copy. Pssssh. So much for originality.
 Thankfully her sister came up with a different idea and was the cutest little butterfly I ever did see.
                                                                    wings. leggings. diaper butt. boots with the fur. i die.
Shopped at Miss Chic (new items have been added to the 50% off clearance sale).
And got sick.
this is my "I hate you stomach" face
Oh, and I also started this new trend where I wear the SAME outfit three days in a row, which may or may not have included these socks.
which reminds me..I really need to do a fashion post soon.
Yup, that about sums it all up. 
Wait. One last thing. Those swans. They were back. And almost attacked. You think I'm kidding.
What you can't tell is that they were saying "I am going to eat your face off" as they swam near me.
So there you have it, my vacation in a nutshell.
I've decided, I am sticking to real vacations from now on...
                                                    picture stolen from this post...miss you St John.
Yeah, that definitely beats any couch. 
Please tell me...did you do anything fun? 
You can say no....it might make me feel better about the lamefest I participated in. 

Speaking of lamefest...this girl is the exact opposite. seriously, just click on her. pronto. 
ps. I realize that I said "Monday" a lot in this post and it is only Sunday. I don't really have anything more to add to this statement, but just thought I should make that one known.



  1. I definitely didn't do much this weekend! I was basically playing catch up after my vacation. Unfortunately, I'm STILL not caught up!

  2. It is one of the greatest dreams of my life to stay at home. Be a "woman of leisure," as my dad calls it. Except I don't want to work from home, or anything. Just lay around. So technically it should probably be called lazy, but we'll go with woman of leisure. Sounds better! :)

  3. after power got back to our taekwondo school, we went to TWO kickboxing classes! ...and since there's a citywide curfew of 7pm (much of jersey city is STILL without power because of hurricane sandy), we went to barcade (yes, it's a bar with quarter old-school arcade games.. pretty much the best idea ever) for some afternoon brewskies before heading to an early date night dinner...


  4. I, too, lived in fuzzy socks all weekend. but they were polka dots. lol

  5. I wished i had a at house sitting on the couch kind of weekend! I was out and about all of the weekend since it was my hubbers birthday im so exsausted! Those socks look warm and fuzy (my fav)!!!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!!

  6. Well let's see, my weekend...I spent Friday evening with my co-military wives for a meal and a drink(s), Saturday morning was spent at a Christmas bizarre (yes, you read right) where I got to see Santa for the first time this year. The rest of Saturday was spent on the couch and Sunday morning was church a quick trip to Target (if there is such a thing) and back home for more couch stuff. This sums up my weekend. I love your new couch btw....

  7. Great photos honey! I love the weekends where you can just relax and be lazy..Kori xoxo

  8. weekends on the couch are fewer and fewer for me - so lately when i can get couch time, it's a miracle and i enjoy every bit of it! so happy you got some good down time, friend! happy monday - er, sunday! ;)

  9. sometimes you just need to recoup! Love your vacation pictures. looks like a blast!

  10. i just found your site and i love it! new follower :)

  11. Pretty sure I have caught onto the "wear the same outfit 3 days in a row" trend too.. and it's always sweat pants. The other day as I pulled on my jeans the boyfriend got excited and exclaimed "Hey! Real clothes!". That was my rock bottom lol

  12. Well if it helps I worked all weekend from 630am-3pm, and I had to work ALONE! It was no fun whatsoever!!! I love seeing the lake house coming together.

  13. Sometimes lying around on the couch for days on end IS a good vacation. Still, I'd rather be doing things too. Love the new couch pillows!

  14. I'm calling your work as I type this (ohh multitasking) and calling you off for a vacation from your vacation. Yes these things exist. You're welcome.

  15. Every so often you have to lay on the couch and just veg out! I love how your niece and dog both dressed the same! haha

    I just found your blog and I'm a new follower!

  16. Oh my gosh, you are too funny. Sometimes, weekends like this are nice because they are super relaxing! I love just lounging around! =)


  17. I had a pretty lame weekend myself. It involved sitting around the house, and having my husband take outfit photos of me. Who does that??? Also, I would like to say that I am not afraid of swans, however, that picture of them swimming toward you is actually kind of freaky.

  18. Should be "lay there."

    Present tense: I lie around.
    Past tense: I lay around.

    ^Sorry, you had to see that coming.

    Love you! ;)

  19. Interested in hearing more about your blog consultation program. After all, I still give you full credit for taking me from 80-1200 followers in six months. Had I never sent you that first email I'd probably be lingering at about 89 right now.

  20. I about met you on the uninteresting weekend. Highlights of mine were seeing 2 different movies in 2 different theatres within 8 hours. Both of which were seen while wearing soft socks much like your picture! The butterfly outfit is adorable...as is your dog.

  21. 1. She prety much IS the cutest butterfly ever.
    2. Nice couch
    3. Getting sick sucks
    4. I think I like working more than staying home..... maybe.

  22. Seems like you had fun!

  23. So, after moving to Germany, I started 'working' from home. I pretty much had to because it seems impossible to find job when EVERYONE speaks only German. Hubby doesnt see why this is a problem but hey, staying home is awesome usually. I like to put on the same clothes after my daily shower. and watch alot of TV while I do blog design and clean. Buttttt I do miss my old job and working sometimes. and your new couch is amazing.

  24. Adorable little butterfly!

    St John looks amazing, I want to go!



  25. I'm off this week and i will litteraly live on my couch, blogging, watching movie & Tv shows and playing videogames in my Pj's.
    What could possibly be more glamourous than that??
    Tell me! ;)

  26. Stomach bugs are no fun. Especially while on vacation.

  27. You poor thing! Hope that you are FINALLY feeling better!!! and a big fat EWWWWWWWWBARFGAGBLAH to the Monday returning to work after haivng been off for a week! I feel your pain sistah! PS those swans look terrifying!

  28. 1. If I were a fashion blogger I would probably post about socks myself.
    2. Your stomach sick face looks better than my every day face.
    3. I need to plan a laying (lying) (I don't know either) around weekend. It looks cozy.

  29. My weekend sounded quite similar... only my life is generally so chaotic and on the go that I enjoyed every second of my lazy, lame couch sitting! :)

  30. Hey! I'm a new follower! Come visit me if you get the chance.

    ~Kindra - Trying To Be Who I Am

  31. Just found you through Nicholl and love your blog. Tote feel you on the whole weekend thing, I guess that what happens when your days off are Tuesday and Wednesday. fail. Now following.

  32. Just found you through Nicholl and love your blog. Tote feel you on the whole weekend thing, I guess that what happens when your days off are Tuesday and Wednesday. fail. Now following.

  33. I wore the same outfit three days in a row too last week but that was because Sandy came to visit and I didn't have a choice really. You think I'd be annoyed by this but no, not at all, getting ready took me about point six seconds. And the couch owned my soul all weekend because the power came back which meant my shows came back. There is nothing wrong with having a serious relationship with your couch.

  34. I love vacations like that where you do absolutely nothing! Except you got sick :( I just went to St. Thomas this year - I MISS IT!! Looks like you are standing in front of Trunk Bay :) We didn't make it to Trunk, but went to another beach called Honeymoon Beach, so pretty! I wish I was there right now!

  35. I never know whether it's laid or lied. And I wish I could work from my couch, or not work from my couch. Either way, it's better than working from this desk.

  36. Found you from The Chiffon Diary and I am sticking around for your humor!!! Love it. Can't wait to read more.
    Come check out my corner of positive here on the web: www.PursuitofPink.com

  37. hahaha hey, my entire saturday was "Lamefest 2012" too. Sweats + Couch + swearing to never drink alcohol again. Really, you'd think I'd learn. Sigh. So your weekend seemed pretty good to me! Minus the swans. You've gotta watch out for those things!!


  38. That's a totally cute and very comfortable looking couch! Any vacation is a great vacation in my book (:

  39. LOVE this... and glad I'm not the only one who was sick and laid around the couch on Monday. Bleh!Stopping over from illy's blog!

    charissa and husband

  40. I love the sofa, very cute!


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