Know What You Believe.

Today's post is going to be short and sweet.
It's the one day when there are much more important things to be doing, other than reading blogs.
Like getting massages.
At least that's what is on my agenda....
Oh right, and that one other thing going on today...voting.
My hope is if you are willing and able to vote today, you are.
My other hope is that you know why you are voting the way that you are.
That you have confidence in that check mark, you've done your research, and you aren't just choosing that person because it is the last political sign you saw before pulling in to the voting booth parking lot.
You see, before this week I was a very "I'm not going to take a stance because I don't know enough to take a stance" type of person. For lack of a better reason, it's because it was easier to be that way.
Or so I thought. And then I read this post over at much love illy and it made me think. I want to be educated. I want to have confidence behind my reasoning. Heck, I just want to have reasoning for my reasoning. I don't want to be a shoulder shrugger who hasn't positioned herself with enough wisdom to be able to answer a simple question. I want to know why I believe in what I believe.
Whether that be politics, religion, or why I think off brand mac & cheese is better than Kraft.

So I guess, let that be your challenge for the day.
Know what you believe and stand behind it.
But then remember to be wise with what you know.
thank you Raven for this little gem. 

And as always---no matter what you believe, be respectful of everyone.



  1. what a great challenge! thank you :)

  2. AMEN, sister! I hope everyone gets out & votes - even if we don't share the same views.

    I'm voting tomorrow morning and I am STILL reading & doing research. It's literally coming down to the wire for me. I'm just having a tough decision choosing who to vote for because I don't 100% agree with any candidates. Then again, I doubt that's ever going to happen!

  3. Love this so much. That quote is amaze balls. Thank you for sharing and for spreading the word of knowledge and change!

  4. Hallelujah, girl! Rock the Vote, peeps!

  5. Wonderful quote. It will be really interesting to see what happens, but like you, I hope that everyone simply remains respectful and appreciates the fact that we have a choice in the matter.

    (PS I won Janna's birthday giveaway and am looking forward to working with you!)

  6. So true! It is important to vote but even more important to know what you are voting for so you make the right choices for you!

  7. Exactly like that! Every vote is important, and it`s not should be based on eg. the way somebody look or something...

  8. Amen! Know what you believe, and always be respectful of other people's beliefs. Pretty much sums it up. Great election day post, my friend!

  9. 100% agree! I loved walking into my polling place this morning knowing who my vote was going toward and why, and being able to say it with confidence.

  10. Love that you are stressing to vote and not who to vote for! I respect everyones opinion and beliefs and would never want to tell them HOW to vote. LOVE this! ox

  11. Love this! I work til 230 and I am heading to the polls! Everyone should stand up for what they believe and VOTE! That is the best way to be heard! :)

  12. love the quote! already voted!

  13. Voted on friday!! love this post and a massage sounds amazing

  14. I love the quote about a wise person knowing whether or not they should say it.


  15. I use to think the same thing. Now I pride myself on being education!

  16. Amen. Just do what this first quote says as early as possible in your life, please.


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