Isaac Nation

The original contents of this post yielded awe-inspiring results.
It taught me the importance of this platform we are offered and how to use it for a greater good.
This post proved that this blogging community we have here is full of loving, selfless, sacrificial people.
The post that was originally here is the beat of my heart.
It has been asked from Isaac's family that all posts/pictures pertaining to Isaac please be removed from the internet (unless you had previous permission from the family). This is to protect the privacy of Isaac and his family. I do ask that you respect this decision.
Moving forward, if you would like to stay updated on Isaac's progress you can do so on Caringbridge and Facebook.
It was never my intent to turn a blessing into a burden and the fact that it may have, well...I don't want to put into words right now how that feels. I can't write how it feels. My body, heart, and soul ache with intense pain. I am going to trust that our hearts have been heard and it is known that our intent was out of a pure flawless love for Isaac. Not to cause harm to an already terrible situation.
I can't begin to thank you all enough for the work you did for Isaac and his family.
Friends, you raised over $2,500 in two days.
You wrote the family cards.
You drew Isaac pictures.
I am so proud of you.
All of the above will get to Isaac and his family in a timely fashion, I assure you of this.
Don't ever stop loving others.
Don't ever stop giving of yourself what you can.
Just make sure you go about it the correct way.
It's a lesson that I will never stop learning.
Isaac...we love you.
Thank you for showing us what a real hero looks like.
Today, tomorrow, and forever.



  1. I think this is just so beautiful what you are organizing for Issac. I'll be sending my love <3.

  2. Erin,

    It's wonderful to see the blogger platform used to promote such an important cause. I've spent my career (as a Child Life Specialist) helping children and families cope with medical events, specifically childhood cancer.

    During this stressful time families need so much support. I've found that direct support, like money to pay bills, organizing babysitters for siblings, cooking meals for the family, and lots of love really help.

    Issac and his family will need help coping with the changes in the family, possibility of death, and adjusting to life. If they have access to a Child Life Specialist, Art Therapist, or Music Therapist, I highly recommend it. We work at supporting the family unit and talking about the tough subjects.

    Anyway, this is my specialty....so I could go on, but I won't! Thank you again, for putting your heart into this.


  3. I wrote a blog about it right before you published yours! #Isaacstrong

    I am determined to have Ellen see this!

  4. You should use your celebrity connections and get G to tweet it out...

  5. Thank you so much for the update and organizing this! My kindergarten class will be sending a package, letters, and fun stuff soon!! :-)

  6. This is such a sweet thing to do for this family and I am so grateful that you have brought it to our attention, and are so ready to get involved! Good things have to happen after such an outpouring of love. :)

  7. I was going to day the same thing Taylor said about G!!

  8. You are a absolute blessing for doing this!

  9. This is so incredible what you're doing to spread the word, Erin!!! From every single person who has had to deal with cancer in their lives, or who has been affected by it in some way (which, unfortunately, is SO MANY people) THANK YOU. You are a kind spirit with such a gentle and loving heart. I'm definitely going to be doing as much as I can to help. F CANCER!


  10. To people who have already donated, I am holding a spontaneous giveaway. Tweet me and say that you've donated and you will get a chance to get a free illustration (3 winners!) Refer to this tweet :) https://twitter.com/LovelyS_Blogger/status/273556355577675776


  11. making my payment NOW! Love that you are doing this. With two boys of my own, I could only IMAGINE.

  12. Sweet Erin!

    You are a beautiful soul, inside and out. God bless you for helping this sweet boy and his family.



  13. Blogging about it now! And spreading the word via FB!


  14. I just read this post and your previous post. I am in tears and I can't bring myself to read the family's blog yet. I have three little girls and I cannot imagine the pain. I have donated. You are amazing and so is everyone who has donated, blogged etc about this amazing little boy! Sending so much love to this family....


  15. I think this is wondeful. I donated this morning on his Facebook page. No matter where or how much you give, just give. Every little bit shows this family that even at the worst of times, this world is filled with hope and love. Thank you for your kind heart Erin!

  16. erin,

    thank you so much for doing this. you are so caring and creative. i could hardly think of any suggestions to email you yesterday, and look at what you've come up with.

    if you need any help with anything, let me know!

    amanda @ www.raspberrybeige.com

  17. Tweeted and Donated, This is so so so wonderful what you have organized here Erin, talk about the true meaning of this season. I can't begin to imagine what they are feeling but I can imagine how much all this support will mean to the family <3

  18. Erin this is so amazing. Just donated and now I'm going to bed praying for this family and all the others dealing with this horrible disease. Thank you for rallying us all together for a good cause.

  19. Erin,

    Thank you thank you moving to action!

    I'm an oncology social worker and just an FYI on the third use of the money - depending on his treatment Isaac may not be able to eat/enjoy many foods. Please consider asking his family or a specific oncology nurse/doctor for safe and appropriate recommendations!

    This is AWESOME!!!!


  20. Girl - you are an incredible human being. I praise you in your honesty and love for everyone around you. You are absolutely too cool for school. Thank you so much for making all of us aware of this. I just made a donation and hope to do more! Keep us all posted!

  21. All childhood cancers are considered rare diseases. I lost my 5 year old to another rare disease last year. We are still recovering (financially and emotionally). I truly understand the emotions this family is experiencing. Thank you for spreading the word and helping this family and informing the world.

  22. this is such a powerful thing you are doing with the platform you have, erin. God is using you to touch a family that needs it.. love this. will the widget be up for a bit, i have like zero dollars until next week..

  23. We lost our 17 year old son to a rare type of brain cancer. There were only 2 other young children who have had this type of cancer in the U.S. He was in Children's hospital for 11 moths. We stayed at The Loma Linda Ronald McDonald house during that time as it was right across the street. I never left his side.

    I will tell you that there are so many good people in this world. It is to bad that when you turn on the news you don't hear about them.

    You are one of those good people. NO CHILD should have to suffer with this evil thing.

    I will be helping. I will also pray for Issac and for his family. This is no journey any child or parent should ever have to endure.

    God Bless you Erin!

  24. I have chills.

    Just found your blog and you are seriously incredible for doing this!
    Love you already :)

  25. Sending endless thoughts, prayers and love this family's way. I hope word can reach so many people about this sweet little boy and raise awareness for childhood cancer. Isaac Strong in Georgia!

  26. Beyond awesome of you Erin. You are a kind soul. It's so moving to see strangers helping strangers. I started to read his story but had to stop because I was at work and I could feel the knot in my throat choking back tears. I can't even imagine what their family is going through.

  27. erin, my heart has been heavy since reading your first post about isaac and his family. thank you, thank you, thank you, for coordinating something for them!!!!
    i've e-mailed, facebook-ed, and re-blogged your post on my blog to spread the word as best as i can.
    our God is in the business of miracles!!!!

  28. Erin I just made my donation! With two kids of my own I couldn't imagine what it would be like to have to go through something like that. Cancer is something that has also deeply affected my family. I was thinking I might add the donation widget to my site.

  29. See this is what blogging is/should be about. A collective voice helping to change things, one person at a time. A huge congrats Erin for getting this rolling. I'm going to do all I can.

  30. Absolutely adore this. And Isaac. And his family. And you for being awesome. Just donated. So happy to help!

  31. Erin. You are amazing. Beautiful post. I can't wait to follow up on it and hear more about this sweet boy and his family.

    Much love!

  32. I will find some way to help and contribute.

  33. Can't wait to spread the word and post!! This is awesome!!

  34. I donated! I love this Erin. I read your blog often and this is the first time I commented. Thank you for doing this!!

  35. This is absolutely amazing, Erin. You are wonderful. I know Isaac & he family will be beyond touched when they find out. You are a rock star, there is nothing I love more than people using their influence to DO GOOD & make a difference!

    This is close to my heart, because i kind of have a personal connection to it; when I was in first grade, there was a kid in my class, named Brandon, who had leukemia. We were not close, and he didn't come to school often, but I still remember it all. I remember the whole class making cards for him, just like Issac's class did today. Sadly, Brandon passed away during that school year, when he was 6. So tragic. :( F Cancer! I am most definitely praying for Isaac & his family and for a miracle!!

  36. This is such a wonderful thing that you are doing for this family Erin. Just donated.

  37. Over $2500! That's fantastic!!! Have you gotten the gifts to the family yet? I'd love to send Isaac a postcard or something letting him know that someone all the way from Newfoundland is thinking of him :)

  38. This is such a blessing to Isaac and his family that there are so many kind people willing to do such kind things to help! I featured this post and Isaac on my blog, I'm doing a 25 Days of Holiday Kindness theme this month and what is going on here is a wonderful example of kindness :)


  39. Your big heart is amazing!! So many are stepping up for Isaac and it is truly beautiful to see!!


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