Twenty Eight.

Is it just me or is this group giveaway day getting better and better?
I mean holy wow.
It still kinda blows my mind that one lone soul will win ALL twenty-eight items.
That's like winning a prize every day for a whole month. 
Such a thing should be illegal...but because it's not (and even if it was I would still fully support it...) you should probably get entering. This month it's even coming to you Rafflecopter style.
Not nearly as cool as Gangnam Style but whatevs.
Maybe I can work on that for next month.

Also before you begin entering your hearts away...if you want the details on how to get in on this giveaway for November, email me at livinginyellow@gmail.com
I'll get you hooked up. 

And the fun starts now. 
**use code ERINROCKS for 20% off**

a Rafflecopter giveaway

ps. Special thanks to my brand new Virtual Assistant Nicole for putting this grand ole post together.
You my friend are amazing. And because of you, I got to tear out vanities, paint walls, and almost pull my hair out in the process. So on second thought....just kidding. Thank you. 



  1. Jeneric Generation's twitter name is incorrect in the giveaway :( it's @jennylizdub. I looked for her in twitter and followed here still. :)

    And the Filling Up My Cup and Style a la Mode blog links don't work. I think you should have used the http:// prefix.

    I'm not sure if those errors are only on my network. Just wanna let you know! ;)

  2. Such an amazing giveaway this month Erin! Thank you for putting all of this awesomeness together...and for finally switching over to Rafflecopter :)

  3. hahah I have to agree with Danielle on the thankyou for finally switching to Rafflecopter ;) your giveaways are always the best. are us sponsors allowed to enter?

  4. I wish I could enter, but I don't follow with GFC. I read from Bloglovin :(


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