The Obligatory Weekend Recap

Well well, we meet again.
This week is going to be what some may call, a ball buster.
Between bible study, my sisters 30th birthday, closing on our lake cottage, going to The Influence Conference, our six year wedding anniversary.....I kinda have a lot going on.
I make no promises as to what you can expect out of me and this blog for the next seven days.
Basically what I am saying is my blog posts are bound to suck.
But you know what they say--deal with it.
In other news, we are coming off the weekend so I figured I would share with you...my weekend.
(Future bloggers take note: You can have ZERO creativity and blog. Especially if you only blog on Mondays...)
Let's see--Friday and Sunday I took absolutely zero pictures...so we'll stick with the events that took place on Saturday. It involved one of the most exciting festivities one can attend....a wedding.
I love weddings.
They are free parties that provide the opportunity to dance foolishly with all of your friends.  
And the actual wedding part is cool too.  
Have I ever told you cry all the time? Well I do.
Tears were starting to roll as our friends said their vows and then BAM....I realized I forgot to put underwear on. So we're sitting there and upon my discovery I HAVE to tell my husband, friends, and friend's parents what I just realized. So that's that. I didn't cry as much as I normally would.
The bummer part to this story was because of my discovery, I couldn't go sliding across the dance floor as normally planned. Ya win some ya lose some. I'm not sure what side I ended up on this time.
Here are some photos of the grand event.
 too much bling equals blur. but wasn't the bride adorbs?
 ...and this would be at the end of the evening. glow stick bracelets and all.
So there you have it.
Me weekend in a nutshell.
Dancing, no panties, and glow sticks. 
What three words sum up your weekend?
ps. Mondays with Miss Chic. It's back baby. If you've been around my blog for anytime at all you know my strong love for Nikibikis. I'm pretty confident they are the camisoles we will all be wearing in Heaven. That's how good they are. You can read more of my thoughts on them here.
Anyhow--today's deal is this...
use code NIKI25 for 25% off. valid through wednesday only!
Do yourself a favor and buy twenty.
No but seriously.
And then buy this too because I am seriously obsessed.

pps. If your name is Nay, you just won yourself a blog design courtesy of Royal Daughter Designs.
Aren't you a lucky sap.....I will be emailing you shortly :)
ppps. If you have emailed me within the past two weeks and haven't heard back from me....uuhhhh, oops. An answer will be coming. Eventually ;)



  1. At least you didn't have to worry about VPL right? Win-win!

  2. Blurry because there was just too much beauty in one pic! <3

    And it's hilarious that you forgot your undies! LOL!


  3. how does one forget to put on underwear? haha. can't say i've ever had that problem... atleast it wasn't a super duper short dress :)
    love weddings!

  4. That's a pretty risque pose in the last shot considering your underwear situation ;) Hahha. The bride looks gorgeous! And so do you- goes without saying. Have fun with your busy-times!

  5. I love your dress! And the blurry bride is gorgeous!

  6. I do manis and pedis on the side at my house for a few friends and sometimes the friend/client shows up before I am fully together for the day.

    So I do them pantie-less.
    In pajamas.

    They have learned to just not look too close.

    It is what it is.

    Btw...love that photo of you and your hubs!!

  7. Happy anniversary, doll! Have a great week :)

  8. I love weddings too, and I also am a cryer haha. Anyway, you look great I love your style!

  9. At least we have you to make us laugh on a Monday :)

  10. HAHA no underwear??? So funny!


  11. Ha, I just laughed and got coffee everywhere. What a time to realize that you r forgot to wear panties.

  12. You look so cute! And hallelujah for Nikibiki tanks. I starting wearing them when I was pregnant and I just can't quit. I wear them daily...and will continue to do so, even when/if the layered look goes out of style. I'm a rule breaker like that.

  13. Aside from the fact that I can fully admit to forgetting my underoos on numerous occasions... can we talk about 6 year wedding anniversary? That's kind of, sort of, really amazing. Like, Panera mac and cheese amazing. Happy freaking anniversary!

  14. I looove weddings! So much fun. Hahah and the whole forgetting to wear panties part was pretty funny! I love those kinds of realizations :)

  15. Okay, so as a somewhat newbie to the "blogging world" I've been doing my fair share of research coming across any & every blog I can and I HAVE to say: yours is so REFRESHINGLY HONEST & real. From your "about" section to your "Dear Erin".. I'm simply inspired.. and pretty much kicked in the butt for complaining about my lack of creativity on this Monday.
    So all of this to say THANKS, and keep it up! Us newbs need people like you... and this is in all honesty one of the most honest comments I've left on a strangers page!
    You've made a follower out of me.
    XO Angela

  16. Loved your dress! You looked so pretty! Loving all the pretty sparkles on the brides dress! Congrats on your upcoming anniversary!!! My bf & I will be celebrating 6 years too in about 2 months! Crazy how fast time flys!

  17. Love that dress! Please share where it was purchased. :) Happy Anniversary. I have 3 years on the 10th. And I'm with you on weddings. If anyone needs a date, I'm their gal!

  18. wow I love that dress on you! and seriously, that blue is definitely your color. y'all are a beautiful couple! Glad I found your blog and get to follower along. Chelsea from Yours Truly sent me! :) yay for a new bloggy buddy!

  19. Wow. That looks like quite a shindig! I love going to weddings with the hubs. I always feel like I'm getting married all over again. Or at least living vicariously through them since we eloped.

  20. You are gorgeoussssssss, its absurd. You always look amazing.

  21. Love the dress and your hair! I think I would have felt the 'breeze' right when I stepped out to noticed I forgot my undies lol ! too funny tho!


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