Perception Is Everything

it should be noted that this picture has nothing to do with the contents of this post. it does however serve a huge "looooook!! i got my camera to take one picture that isn't blurry!!" purpose.
The rumors are true.
Break a camera and it'll cost ya.
Break a Sony camera and it will cost ya even more.
$215 to be exact.
For them just to look at it. Not fix it...but look at it.
Don't worry. I'm not having anybody look at anything.
I figure if one picture out of one hundred turns out mediocre....I'll take it.
Moving onward, I think my husband is slightly annoyed with me at the moment.
I just got home....beelined it straight for the computer...and then tried to hold a conversation with him while shouting from inside my office. Note to future brides: Don't come straight home, beeline it for the computer, and then act like your shouting conversation is acceptable.
Note to future ex-brides: do exactly this. Works like a charm.
Sorry hunny....I'm almost done blogging for the night. wink wink wink.
On that note, I'm going to leave you with one hot little number.
This is proven true in picture number dos below.
Helllllloooooo ladies.
I mean Jerry Springer.
Listen up here....Janna's birthday gift is this masterpiece below.
Not but seriously..she chose to sponsor LIY for her birthday.
Which makes me feel a taaaaad bit responsible for making her feel like the most special sponsor in all of sponsor history. To do so, I need your help.
We should like blow up her blog with confetti, cupcakes, and comments.
How fun.
Janna is the bees knees and has a heart of gold.
Not to mention she is verging on the edge of drop dead gorgeous.
You're right. She crossed the edge.
Your time to get to know her begins.....now.

Three reasons why you should NOT ignore this guest post:

#1 I can show off my hunky husband and my cool digs in Colorado.
#2 I hang out with Jerry Springer. NBD.
#3 I'm a Military Spouse and you OWE it to me.
J/K you don't owe me anything, but it would be really cool if you actually read this ;)

Well, hey there! Glad to see you are still here. Teehee.
So maybe I don't always hang out with ol' Jerry, but I do happen across some pretty interesting scenarios on the reg. Don't ask me how, because I'm really not that cool. I swear.

I do think that my blog is pretty cool, if I do say so myself, but hey...I'm partial.
I started it two short years ago, and am now fully addicted to the friendships, the inspiration, the support, and having my soapbox creative outlet. I had NO clue that my blog would become what it has, but that's what happens when you put your whole heart into something and that's just what I did.


Two years ago, I found myself as a newlywed, in a new state, and living 1486.54 miles from everything I've ever known, so the obvious solution for my anxiety was to start a blog. I wanted to chronicle our adventures and keep my sanity, so Perception Is Everything was born. Not only has it allowed me to remain positive while my soldier is deployed, but I'm quite proud to say that it has given a voice to some fabulous bloggers.
That might be what has meant the most. When I'm told every Wednesday that we can all relate to each other, I know that we are doing something right. To me, that's what it's all about.

Well, and....food, DIY, decor, furbabies, etc.

I KNOW that you can't resist that face. Weiser always steals the show.
S'all good, though, I'm a proud fur momma.

The fact that you and I share a mutual obsession interest in Erin should also be an indicator of our compatibility. Not that I'm anywhere near as cool as her, but we obviously have that in common.
In all seriousness, I am SO happy that I got to sponsor this awesome lady for my birthday.
Hubby asked what I wanted, and that was the FIRST thing that I thought of. I'm not a creeper.
That's right, for my birthday this year, I am sponsoring LIY and having a giveaway that is kicking off today! As a matter of fact, one of the entries will be an answer from this post, so you will have a leg up already. You're welcome.


I hope to chat with you all soon, and thanks for having me over, Erin.
I Luuuuhhhh you!

I want to look like she does with a towel around my head.
Okay now seriously--confetti, cupcakes, and comments....GO.
ps. If the Mondays with Miss Chic promo code didn't work for you...try, try, try again.
YELLOW5. Holler.
pps. Anybody doing something wildly exciting this weekend? I feel like I just need to know. Tell.



  1. gosh could she be any prettier!!! what a nice birthday present :) going to check out her blog right now.


  2. What a sweet surprise to see Janna featured on Erin's blog! Happy Birthday girlie! XOXO

  3. Where in Colorado have you lived? I called Westminter home for 7 years (not consecutive though.) I still have a place in Westminster, if you know someone who needs a place next May. Esther Norine Designs

  4. Love love love her blog:) and how sweet that she picked yours to sponsor for her birthday!! Blogger love, sigh.

  5. I love love lurrrrve Janna! And you, too Erin :)

  6. yayaya!! this post is great!!! janna you know I love you!! such beautiful pictures...i think I recognize one from the messy project?!?! and i am not doing anything this weekend just going to the beach bc its like a freaking heat wave over here. kill me. love you both! xoox

  7. Love your blog! It always makes me smile. This weekend.....off to do 2 days of cycling hills! 100 miles to be exact. Whew, I'm already tired just typing about it!

  8. Janna, I loove seeing you here on Living In Yellow! I feel like I just got to see a whole new side of you apart from your blog! Very exciting!

  9. Ok, I'm following her now too. LOL. She sounds awesome and I hope to get to know her too :)

    Weekend plans? Perhaps try and see if I can be 24 again? LOL

  10. I love Janna too and she just introduced me to you! Thanks for having her :)

  11. Love your sponsor! hehe! Going to follow her....NOW!
    Our plans for the weekend are - spa / golf weekend getaway! Booya!
    Bring on relaxation!

  12. You make me blush and you are DEFINITELY making my birthday special!! As for this weekend...I'm getting ready for my trip to Baltimore, so on a money making mission!! I lurve you!!

  13. Me thinks I just discovered a new blog! No plans for the weekend. Well, I'm getting a facial which is awesome but that's it.

  14. You are too gorg! Found you though Perception is everything and love your blog! New Follower!! Can't wait for more
    Helene in Between

  15. Very cool post. You make lots of great points.

  16. Stopping by from over at Janna's (: Love both your blogs and am going to have to say you both rock!

  17. This is a damn good idea for a birthday present...but I'd really just like a pair if Janna's boobs.

    There I win the creeper contest.

  18. ouch that hurts about the camera. i broke one recently and it was just cheaper to buy a new one.



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