One Of Those Moods.

You all know the moods I'm talking about.
I'm in one.
I didn't realize I was until I started yelling at my laundry for not folding itself.

I mean let's be real for a minute.
My face is about to explode (or at least it feels like it is...but seriously I think it will) and my laundry has the audacity to just lay there and stare me in the face. You'd think one of those towels would say to the others "Mom's sick. Let's help her out tonight and put ourselves away kids..." but no.
They all just kept staring at me. So then I tried to bash their faces in (ie: kicking the daylights out of em') and they barely moved. Whatever. I'm done airing my dirty laundry to you all.
On the bright side of having my face .23 seconds away from explosion, I get to wear all sorts of really pretty outfits. And buy overly exciting purchases.
Speaking of my BFF...Giuliana and Bill premiers tonight (Tuesday) on Style.
You better tell me you are watching. No but really, you better. I'm in one of those moods remember?
Okay, I am done complaining.
And tired of typing.
And really if I don't shut up now I will most likely share with you what just happened when I sneezed. Trust me. Snot did not fly out onto the computer.
Shutting up now...promise.
Before you leave I have my second BFF (right behind G obvs) to share with you.
So y'all know Brie right?
Well this is Brie's best friend (oh and mine too).
The girl is freaking hilarious. And cute. And I am meeting her in real life sooner than later.
Take that for cool.
Here she is to introduce herself to all of you.
hi there! im ellen. yep, just like ellen degeneres (i get it every.single.time i introduce myself to someone and whatever, i'll take it, because she is hiiiilar). my corner of the blogosphere is over at This Hive! 

i have a boyfriend of five years named brian (we were long distance after college :( it sucked. read about that here!):

TWO puggle pups named Sophie and Sunny (we just got Sophie last week - read WHY):

and a group of really awesome besties:
my blog goes into more about all of those things and then some... like my job (which i truly adore), dealing with a parent who was diagnosed with cancer, and forever wishing i was still a freshman in college. can't wait to meet you!!!

And there you have her.
Make sure to go visit her stat (and look at how amazeballs her dress is she wore this past weekend..I'm in love...)

I'm off to drown myself in Alka Seltzer now.
Have I ever told you how obsessed I am with Alka Seltzer?
It's true.
And no I'm not kidding.
Somebody enroll me in rehab now.

ps. So you probably want to know who won the MASSIVE group giveaway huh? Okay, fine.
That would be entry number 266...PAMELA. Woman, you just won yourself more than you are going to do know what to do with. I will be emailing you shortly. Unless I fall asleep. In which case it will be tomorrow ;) Congrats sweet thang.

pps....Come back tomorrow to talk about....you guessed it, ornaments!!!

ppps. If you honestly guessed ornaments you deserve to win something fabulous. Maybe like an ornament or something.



  1. I need to get that magazine! How freaking cute is their little boy?! It melts my heart when your friend Bill....I'm assuming he's ur friend too since G is ur BFF- when he posts pics of the little guy on twitter. I'm just so happy for them. Feel better, I know those moods. How was ur ikea trip btw? Xo

  2. I assume by "tonight (Tuesday)" you mean "tomorrow (Tuesday)". You should probably just go drown yourself in Alkaseltzer now but it's okay I would too if my snot decided to set up shop on my computer screen. Hope you feel better lady!

  3. At least you were not in the hospital for 4 days with a face infection! Who does that? Oh yeah, me. LOL

  4. I do blame you at all for kicking your pile of laundry. I don't understand how it accumulates! I promise, I do not wear that many clothes but they get EVERYWHERE! Then the clean stuff stays stacked on top of the dresser or the desk and eventually it's a whole room full of clothes which sounds fabulous, but kind of sucks.

    Srsly, my closet is too messy to even open the door right now. Stuff might seriously come falling on my head if I open it.

  5. I once worked with a lady who would just eat Alka Seltzer tablets. Frequently. Just because she liked the fizz and the way it tasted.

    It got to a point that the doctors had to tell her she couldn't do it anymore.
    I can't ever see them without thinking of her now. :P

  6. Hope you feel better soon! I have to get my man friend to record Giuliana & Bill tonight because I don't get the Style Network! So sad :(

  7. My bf is obsesssssed with the alka. He even got mad when I brought the generic brand home one time! bah!

    Feel better!!

  8. AHH! I am SO excited! Thank you SOO much!! :) :)

  9. Feel better girl! I'm so jealous of Pamela btw.

    Um. I don't think anyone guessed ornaments. Just sayin'. ;)

  10. Hope you feel better! I love how you can still be witty and fun to read even when you are sick. That taks some talent :)

  11. Hope you feel better soon!

    I'm soooo peeved that G&B's new season is not airing in SA till only later this year! It's so dumb that my country is so behind!


  12. I could not agree more about ellen, that lady is truly funny and seems so down to earth, love her!


  13. You got puggles!! No way! They are so cute! I agree about Ellen too.

  14. I LOVE your blog! I'm a new follower and was hoping that you might return the favor! Just go to: www.enjoyingtheepiphany.com, read it, and follow me if you like it! That'd be AMAZING!!



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