I Wanna Make Love In This Club....

Holy Thursday (okay..or Wednesday night for all of you "detail" people)
How does that happen?
We’re four days into the week people. Four.

Now that I’m done being dramatic, I've decided I’m due for one of those miscellaneous type posts.
I always used to do Miscellaneous Mondays.
I also used to know how to stick to a schedule.
Now it’s Thursday and I realize I still have things listed on my Monday checklist that haven’t been completed.
Whatevs. I’m over it.

1. My camera. It broke. I shouldn’t say “broke” but the buttons don’t work after it is turned on. Which is such a tease. I see this beautiful creation through the screen (self portraits..obvs…that’s a joke…clearly a joke) and then bam—I go to click “take picture” and it laughs in my face. Let’s take a look at…well I don’t know what….
This is the stuff I’m working with people. All of this camera talk is to inform you that if I start using pictures from 2 years ago when I was much skinnier and toned on this blog, well then, this would be why. Totally not for self gratifying purposes. That’d be lame.
 you're right. this is the opposite of self gratifying. it's more along the mortifying lines.
 Oh, and if any of you have some really awesome, expensive, mind blowing, DSLR camera you want to send my way, I wouldn’t be mad about it. Thanks. It’s either that or disposal cameras. Don’t think it hasn’t been considered…..You know what. It’s time for a comeback of the trusty ole disposable.

2. “I wanna make love in this club...” These lyrics have been stuck in my head for DAYS. My husband is just reaping the benefits left and right. That’s another joke. I’ve been tired, remember?
3. I asked on Twitter and got a fair amount of responses back but let’s ask again (because I way over analyze stupid meaningless crap like this…) Giveaways. Do you prefer (or are you more apt) to enter using Rafflecopter or by leaving comments? I need a decision. And quick. Help.

4. This.
This is the state of my nails. I’m such a feminist. Thankfully I have some sweeeeeet nail art to apply one of these days. Have y’all ever seen this stuff? Genius.
5. Our lake cottage is …..well, it’s coming. My new “free time” is now spent painting, raking leaves, and convincing my husband that we just HAVE to gut the kitchen and start from scratch. Sometimes my convincing skills are good, sometimes they suck. I am hoping if number two up above stays in my head long enough, I can see positive results out of this. C’mon Usher…it’s me and you baby.
6. Chick-fil-a. I ate it last night suckers. That’s really I have to say about that. 
7. Here are some additional pictures from the weekend that I just really, really, really want to post on here. No but really.
 roomie gifts

8. Egg cartons are making a comeback in the home décor scene. Next we will be decorating with toilet bowl cleaners. Mark my words. Or don’t. Those are dumb words.
9. I had a picnic all by myself yesterday.

To say it was like the best thing ever is like saying I only ate three cookies yesterday. I had 5. And my picnic was better than the best thing ever. Try that one on for size. Speaking of size, I’ve been in a huge “that’s what she said…” kick lately. Not that I’m ever not in one of those kicks.
Maturity people. I own it.
10. And last but not least----if there was ever a giveaway to enter, it would be this one over at Erin’s blog (Clearly I like her just because of her name…) Your entries go towards raising money for breast cancer. How cool is that?! Your boobs love you right now. Yes, I just said boobs.
But it’s for a good cause. Go enter.

...And that's all I've got for ya tonight.
I say "all" like this wasn't about 5 points too long.

Peace out chicklins. 



  1. I think rafflecopter is just easier. And now I've got "I wanna make love in this club" stuck in my head. Thanks for that

  2. Rafflecopter is easier because it shows you what you've done already. I get lost in the clicking of links and forgot where I was.

    Also, I just love you and your random ish posts.

  3. Thanks a lot! I have that song stuck kn my head now! Oh my! (:

  4. Now all I can think about is college and Usher's fancy choreography in that music vid. I think I better go practice my moves right now. :)

  5. I love Rafflecopter! Love it.

    Also love this post.

  6. you're too funny and i may or may not have eaten more than 5 cookies yesterday ;)

  7. I am now singing that song, thanks for that! & I'm going with Rafflecopter!

  8. I would say go with raffle copter! I love ur face you made while u were wearing that yellow top, too funny!

    Followed you



  9. I could reply to all of those points but I'll stick with what you ASKED me to reply to aha. Defiitely rafflecopter!

  10. I suppose we can forgive your old pictures :P Psh, what am I saying? I'm known to reuse pictures over and over!

    If we truly do use toilet bowl cleaners for home decor, that's the day I start checking pinterest-ers
    into mental institutions!

    As for the giveaways, I DEFINITELY love Rafflecopter. It's fast and easy on both the person entering and the person keeping track of the giveaway. It does take more time for the blogger setting up the giveaway on the front end but it's worth it!

  11. Aww I love those pictures! What a bummer that your camera broke! You could have used mine. I took about 7 pictures total. #majorfail. ... It probably would have been more useful to tell you that 5 days ago.

    Also, I will enter a rafflecopter giveaway 100xs faster than a comment one. You already get a ton of entries. You'll be amazed how many more you get with rafflecopter. I've been using it since you had to be "invited." Nowadays it lets you start from a "form" so you don't always have to put your info in over and over. That's nice.

    My nails look like that, too.

  12. A blogger with a broken camera is like a surgeon without his favorite scalpel. Just SAD (and dangerous). Looks like y'all had fun at the conference!!

  13. Love the post!

  14. Cute pics, looks like fun!
    I hate it when I have that song stuck in my head! Annoying!



  15. Is this a trick question? Rafflecopter for sure.

    Now Im gonna have that song in my head for days.

  16. If you just require one comment for an entry, then I don't mind comments. But rafflecopter is way easier for multiple entries.

    And I LOVE that yellow dress on you at the Influence conference. It looks awesome! You look skinny and toned!

  17. I love that your nail art is to be applied "one of these days" because let's be honest... who has time for that when there is Chick Fil A and lake cottages involved?? I wouldn't.
    Oh- and rafflecopter hands down. Mainly because I feel like that should be the name of a dinosaur, but whatevs.

  18. Rafflecopter ALL the way! I'm soooo much more likely to enter when it's Rafflecopter because it's so simple! :)

    Cute post by the way! And if that super generous person sends you a new DSLR, have them send one mine way too?? My blog could use one so badly!

  19. So I may or may not have just done a happy dance saying the words "I am on her blog!" over and over. :)

    It was so nice to meet you! Thank you for being as awesome in "real life" as you are on the internet. You rock, girl.

  20. Can I come to your picnic next time? I'll bring wine. And mac n cheezzzz.

  21. Now I have that song stuck in my head... geeesh! THANKS ... LOL PS omg my nails AND toes look the same way and I LOVE THOSE DECALS! Gonna buy some once I get paid tomorrow of course hahahahaha My husby just loves that I blog and find all these amazing things to buy ;)

  22. Yay thank you so so much for posting about it the giveaway! I knew as soon as you did entries would start flying in again and I was right. You're awesome!

    And I have a very large decoration "art piece" on my wall made out of toilet paper rolls so I'm already one step ahead of this game. Cleaners though? Yeah I'm not sure.

  23. I used to loveeee my misc. monday's too!!! love the random thoughts that desperately need a home!

    I've only done one giveaway, but rafflecopter worked perfectly perfect!!!

    oh yea.. and you look ahhhmazing in yellow :)

    xo, Bev

  24. unless I realllly love it, I won't even enter a giveaway unless it's rafflecopter. :)

  25. I say comments! Mostly because I don't know what ROFLCOPTER is and it sounds like the thing that me and my friends used to say when something so so rolling on the floor laughing that we needed to add in a COPTER to the end like a helicopter and that just doesn't sound like something I would trust to pick me for giveaways.

  26. Your blog makes me smile. I'm sorry your camera broke. It's so sad when that happens, but it also means a lovely new one is in your future.

  27. Rafflecopter. I NEVER enter giveaways now unless they're done via Rafflecopter.

  28. may i ask where you got the striped shirt in your "nail" photo? i've been looking for a nice shirt like that for the fall :)

  29. if you dont like rafflecopter you can check out punchtab too =) both are great! xo

  30. You are so fun. Raffleopter fo sho. And I love me some Usher, fyi. Thanks for the link love! xoxo ~Bri~

  31. Rafflecopter-- hands down.

    And I have a DSLR for sale!


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