Current Truths.

 1. I am sharing a huge bowl of extra butter popcorn with my dog at the moment. Is popcorn good for dogs? My husband says no. I say yes. If it wasn't good for her she wouldn't love it. Hashtag that people.
2. I am in a blah mood tonight. All day I was great and then tonight, yeah I don't know about tonight. I don't think there is anything MORE frustrating than not knowing why you feel "down".
Don't worry though, the extra butter in this popcorn is bringing me back up to par.
3. I didn't even know there was a debate going on right now. Nor did I know it was election year....
4. The last part of number three is a lie. However, NEVER ask me how I decided on who I was voting for last Presidential election. I would most definitely be awarded "Most ignorant pathetic stupid" blogger out there. Assuming I haven't won that title already of course...
5.  I am so glad animal print is trendy again.
6. I have a full week "stay cation" coming up...something I have never done before.
A WHOLE WEEK. AT HOME. NOT WORKING. I might pee my pants. I'm pretty confident that this will make me want to be a full time stay at home housewife. I am also confident that this will never happen. boo.
7. I have a crush. On a girl. It's awkward.
8. Her name is Jenny and she is right below this number eight. Homegirl is hilarious. No but really, way funnier than I. And way more intelligent. Just look at the building behind her in the first picture. If that doesn't scream intelligence I don't know what does (you're right..a pair of cow socks...).
I'm not a huge "OMG I LOVE GUEST POSTS" kind of person, but I totally loved this post. 
You must read it...the topic? Three reasons why you should NOT follow her blog. You heard right.
Hello, readers of LIY! My name is Jenny and I am the author of Jeneric Generation.
It's my blog where I sometimes make jokes about the world, and sometimes ponder things that are too big for my brain.
But let's talk about you for a second.
Did you know that I already know two things about you?
I know that you like Erin a lot, and I know that you are awesome because you like Erin a lot. If that sounds flippant, it's not. I am serious when I say LIY readers are some of my absolute favorite. She attracts the good ones, and I mean that. Maybe it has something to do with her sense of humor and genuine desire to get to know her readers...nah.
We all know that guest posts are usually a ploy to suck you into becoming the blogger's newest follower and I would be lying if I said that wasn't my ultimate goal.  However, in this digital world where everyone is so connected, and seemingly demanding your attention at every turn, I understand the idea of another blog can be overwhelming.
Well, I am here to give you a short reprieve. Take heart!
In other words, as much as I would like to become BFFs, I am giving you the opportunity to pass up my blog guilt-free. For your sake, for your freedom, I am going to share three reasons why you should probably not follow my blog, and go enjoy a nice long bath or something instead. Relieved? You are welcome. Here we go...

1)  I am a closet nerd
In high school, I carried around a pocket Constitution and took Latin vocabulary flashcards with me on family vacations. Weird, right? But don't worry, now I just have a degree in history and a U.S. Congress app on my iphone....and iphones are cool. In college, I traveled to D.C. at least once a year with a bunch of other cool nerds to attend political conventions and lectures. At night, when most people were hitting the bars in Georgetown, we would head to the National Mall to see the monuments lit up under the black sky. We would sometimes take walks until 1:00am. I know, we were crazy. All of that led to me moving to D.C. three years ago to work on Capitol Hill. And these days, I have mellowed out a lot, keeping my late-night National Mall walks to a minimum. 

2)  Sometimes, I crack myself up
My family has always made fun of me for getting really weird when I get tired. I kind of turn into a different person, and it isn't anything cool like a vampire. It's more like...the demented, loony person I will probably become in 70 years or so. If I last that long. Anyway, I do things like take pictures of people and go to town in Microsoft paint. I did this for my husband once, when we were dating. I think it might have legitimately caused him to second guess his own sanity. The next day, it usually isn't funny, I'll admit. But, it's a part of me I have to live with. And right now, you do to. Congratulations.
3)  Sometimes, when I have writers block, I take the easy road and interview people who died a hundred years ago.

Turns out they have a lot to say. I also visit graveyards during 
romantic vacations with my husband. This is from our honeymoon. 
So, I guess you could say I have an affinity for the macabre.
You can decide if that is a point for, or against me.
There you have it. Three great reasons to say, "okay, no thanks, that's weird".
But, in all honesty, I really do appreciate you taking the time to read this, and I hope I get the privilege of meeting youThanks again, Erin! I am, and ever will be, a devoted reader. :)
Now you understand my awkward girl crush.
I'm off to pour my second huge bowl of extra butter popcorn....
what? my dog told me.



  1. My dog loves popcorn, but I'm not quite as good as sharing. She usually only gets a piece or two. :)

    Thanks for introducing Jenny! I'm off to check out her blog.

  2. Popcorn is for sure good for dogs! I share with my dog all the time. Or maybe it's not that good for them :-/

  3. Now I'm dying to know how you chose who you voted for in the last election, haha! Coin toss? Rock, Paper, Scissors? Favorite color tie? :)

  4. I probably share a bowl of buttered popcorn with my dog weekly. She loves it way too much.

    Off to read Jenny's blog!


  5. My Cooper said to tell you husband that he is 100% wrong. He said to tell him that he & every other canine out there loves them some popcorn!!

  6. My dog loves popcorn so it has to be good for dogs! But then again she loves cat poop too and I refuse to believe thats good for her Bahaha! Thanks for the introduction to Jenny! I look forward to reading more about her on her blog she seems pretty awesome :)

  7. I'm going to remember that popcorn bit for next time we run out of kibbles.

  8. I think I might have to have popcorn when I go home tonight!

  9. Dogs only eat things that are good for them, naturally, so I'd say you are in the right. ;-) But really...how can you say no? Ummm you have a whole week of no work?! First, I hope blogging doesn't count as "work", for our sakes. But, I do hope it is good for your soul.

    P.S. I am drinking lemon water right now. I thought you might like to know that.

  10. Yellow, popcorn can fix any mood, unless you're at the movie theater and you spend a bazillion dollars only to discover that the popcorn totally blows. that's a ba moment.

    your number 3 followed by number 4.. I'm just laughing. still. still. laughing so hard.

    Oh jenny, i've never met a jenny I didn't like. unless i met someone I didn't like and her name was in fact jenny and I didn't know it.

    I'm going to stalk her now, per proper blogger etiquette.

  11. Erin you are heelarious! I share buttered popcorn with my Husband... but sometimes he acts like a dog does that count? LOL ...and definitely going to go visit Jenny!

  12. I can always count on this here blog to make me laugh! Thanks for the fun randoms!

  13. Our pups love popcorn! Especially the extra butter kind (: I definitely am not the best at sharing though..
    I totally get your girl crush on Jenny, she is funny and gorgeous!
    I'm off to check her out now!


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