A Few Thoughts On Perspective.

Just wanted to share some thoughts tonight before I head off to bed.
All things that have been stirring in me lately....
I've been struggling with that lately.
I have been turning really good things (blessings) into anxieties recently.
I tell myself I am too busy for this, that, and the other.
Let's take this week for instance....I have SO much good about to happen {thank you Jesus} and I found myself saying to my husband this morning "can this week just be over already?!"
It's funny sometimes.
The minute something comes out of your mouth your stomach starts churning and you know you have it ALL wrong.
Why am I not soaking up these moments?
Thanking God for the busyness, the blessings, the opportunities?
I remember several weeks ago I was in the process of picking out paint colors (a seemingly "enjoyable" task...or what should be) and I was having panic attack after panic attack for those few days. I know I don't mention anxiety too much on this blog but it is a much bigger part of my life than I lead on. For more insight on that, read this.
I think I say in there how I've overcome it...or have for the most part.
That'd be what you call, a lie.
I struggle.
Blogs are such a glimpse to somebodies life.
Only open as the person behind it and I am realizing this more and more as I continue.
I love that one persons struggles can be anothers biggest blessings and that we are all so different.
I pray that I will be vulnerable in this community.
Tonight I had bible study....I couldn't tell you how bad I was dreading it.
It was "just one more thing taking up my time..."
You know what I love?
When the events you dread the most end up being the ones you enjoy the most.
I drove away thanking Jesus over and over I was there tonight.
My spirit feels so refreshed, renewed, and full of joy.
I've been SO behind recently with blogging.
My passion has been sitting on the sideline.
I've found myself asking "why?! why am I even doing this?!"
And then I remember this coming weekend.
I can not properly tell you HOW excited I am to go to The Influence Conference.
I get to spend four days with 200+ women that I would've NEVER met if it wasn't for this blog.
I get to sit and talk face to face with like minded women, learn from role models, have coffee dates with new friends, laugh, share, and grow together.
My heart feels so full just thinking about it.
I can't wait to come back with a clearer vision.
For me.
My relationships.
This blog.
It's going to be good.
Now if you will excuse me, I am off to bed...giant smile and all.
Life is good.
Love you all....so much more than you'll ever know.
Cheers to good vibes friends.



  1. Really loving this post because it's given me a glimpse of a totally different side to you. You are so real and just you, it's awesome. I struggle with anxiety as well and it's definitely an on-going battle! I'm not sure you can ever totally "get over it" but you can definitely learn to deal with it and tell it to shutup when it's being dumb. Haha. So jelly you're going to Influence..enjoy xo

  2. This is such a great post! I've been feeling the exact same way! Exactly what you said...I've even been dreading the "fun" things I have going on because I feel so busy. Ugh! I need to go to bible study PRONTO!

  3. "You know what I love?
    When the events you dread the most end up being the ones you enjoy the most."


  4. So grateful to have read this post. I too struggle with anxiety and was thinking about it tonight before I read this. While I have overcome a lot of my anxiety, it is still always there in the back of my mind. It is also great to know I am not the only one who struggles with this. Not many people understand where anxiety until they have been there. Thank you so much or sharing this!

  5. I love the posts where you make me laugh and spit coffee everywhere, but posts like this are honest and refreshing and thank you for this one. I like this side of you.

  6. Its so easy to get caught up in life's business, it becomes hard to be thankful sometimes! I feel you! Very honest post :)

  7. LOVE this post! It shows your transparency and helps me realize that I oftentimes do the same thing...I find myself complaining instead of praising! Thanks for the reminder to always have praises on my lips! Someone once told me, "the times you don't want to go to church the most are the times you need to go the most" and it's SO TRUE! Thanks for sharing! I'll be praying for you and your hubby this week...for a calm, fun, enjoyable week! Thanks for sharing your life! I'm now hooked on your blog :)

  8. This is one of my favorite sides of you :) Thank you for sharing these honest thoughts, as well as your wonderful sense of humor in your blog! I know you can make it through this week, and you'll have so much fun celebrating, learning, and growing through all of these experiences. Wish I could say I'd see you at the Influence Conference this week, but I just couldn't make it work this year...here's hoping it becomes an annual event!

  9. I just gave myself an inpromptu three-week blog break and I can't tell you how AMAZING it was. And how much I like blogging again. I highly recommend it.

    Also, I'm heading to the Influence Conference also--see you soon sister!

  10. You should be extremely proud of yourself for realizing this and expressing it. It takes one person to realize something but another to realize something and do something about it. Sending much love and good vibes your way, doll.


  11. I could have written almost this same post. Except that I'm not going to Influence. Anxiety is so prevalent in my life & such a struggle, yet I know that I have so many things to be thankful for. I hope you you'll wake tomorrow with the same positive spirit you went to sleep with tonight. And, that you have an amazing time at Influence, soaking it all in.

  12. My anxiety has been acting up this week too.

    I didn't realize you were going to influence! How exciting! I pray that Jesus will totally refresh your heart and calm your soul. He has you. And that anxiety is not coming from Him.

    Also, I nearly always want to skip bible study. And the funny thing is that there has never been a day I regretting going.

    See you in a few days!!

  13. It's interesting to read this post because I didn't really know how big a role faith played in your life. I have been dealing with HUGE anxiety lately- something I really struggle with including the awful panic attacks- so I can totally relate. Recently the only thing that has been helping is just spending time in the bible. I have been reading Forgotten God by Francis Chan and it is amazing! It really gives such a great perspective on the Holy Spirit and what a huge role he plays in our lives. I will be praying for you :)


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  15. This is why I love you! Thank you for this post and your honesty and vulnerability. I think we all struggle with perspective and the more driven you are...the worse it gets. Have fun at Influence!

  16. Thank you for this glimpse into your sweet heart :) I really do love reading true, from the soul posts like this one because that's what life is about and that's what I love so much about this blogging community. Knowing that so many of us share the same frustrations and anxieties, and that we aren't alone :) Sending you a big hug! xo

  17. I read your post on panic attacks. Wow...sure is familiar. I have struggled with severe panic disorder for more than 5 years now. Like you, I don't like to take medication (I have OCD too which is why) but I had to take meds for the panic attacks. The panic disorder is so severe that I actually cannot function without meds... It really sucks. The meds are very mild, but I have attacks several times a day every day when I'm not on it. When I was really distraught about having to always take meds a therapist put it to me this way: if you are diabetic you have to take insulin or if you have high blood pressure you have to take pills; panic attacks are no different...they are a real ailment like anythig else. Anyway, I don't understand how my brain can't control it; it really makes me mad and frustrated sometimes. You just learn to live with it, though, and just do the best you can to get through it. I think experiencing this can eventually make you stronger, but like you said, it's nice to know you are not alone. It really is a fairly common thing. I write about it a lot because I've stopped being embarrassed about it and decided it just makes me stronger. Ok, sorry for the book I wrote. This was a really great post!

  18. I needed to hear/read this tonight. In all the sorrow I'm feeling, this made me feel just a tiny bit better. And even though it's just a tiny bit, I was able to smile. Really just what I needed. Thank you.

  19. thanks for being vulnerable. it reminds me how human you are despite how perfect you seem. have fun on those coffee dates girl!


  20. Love your posts, love your honesty & I love your passion. It's why i reach out to you when I feel stuck. I can't wait to hear all about your conference & I'm so excited that we crossed paths. It's a beautiful to find conviction in the small things.. because those are really the big ones. <3, Amy

  21. thank you so much for this post. thank you for your honesty and for your passion. thank you for being an inspiration and for reminding me that i'm not the only one who struggles with these things.
    love you bunches!

  22. Erin, I don't think I've commented more than once on here but can I just tell you how much I appreciate when you're so real and honest. It's so refreshing. I love your happy and bright (yellow!!) posts. I was attracted to your blog because of that. But sometimes, it helps to see that we are ALL struggling to overcome things about us that we want to change. I, too, often overlook the things to be grateful for and mutter and complain about my busy life. I think living a life with a fine-tuned perspective is a great goal, but definitely one that will take time and I'm glad to hear I'm not alone.

  23. Erin, I just adore your blog! You continuously make us laugh and then you post this which is ever-so-encouraging! You are so right, perspective is EVERYTHING! God has a funny way of snapping us back into shape and making us realize His blessings are all around.

    Thank you!

  24. Erin, I just adore your blog! You continuously make us laugh and then you post this which is ever-so-encouraging! You are so right, perspective is EVERYTHING! God has a funny way of snapping us back into shape and making us realize His blessings are all around.

    Thank you!

  25. I loved reading through this. I felt quiet and just silent, like I was listening to you speak from the heart. Thank you!
    Millie's Little Palace

  26. Thanks for your vulnerability. :) It's so true about those things we often dread the most being the most refreshing and rewarding. Hope you have a great time the next weekend!!

  27. i love candid posts like these AND i can totally relate. which is why i am up at 5:30am panicking about a job that i don't even have yet.

    happy week to you and can't wait to hear about the conference!!

  28. Your post about anxiety was great and very candid--- I am generally an anxious person but it has gotten really bad about 2 times in my life thus far. I saw a therapist who reminded me of several important things that might help you---1) no one has ever died from a panic attack! 2) if you can talk, you can still breathe 3)it will pass
    (Hopefully this will help you in the future)

    Email me if you ever need any other words of encouragement :)


  29. This such a great post and reminder to us all. I think I stress and have anxiety over so many little things in life that I forget to look at the big picture and all the blessings. I hope we all remember this as we pack and head to influence this week. So excited to meet you!

  30. This post is great. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. It's totally something I'm sure many of us can relate to.

  31. I admire your honesty on your blog. I think sometimes its hard to put it all out there for people, myself included.

    I really needed this message today as well, as I'm struggling with appreciating life despite my infertility difficulties. Thank you so much for this!

  32. I admire your honesty on your blog. I think sometimes its hard to put it all out there for people, myself included.

    I really needed this message today as well, as I'm struggling with appreciating life despite my infertility difficulties. Thank you so much for this!

  33. You are stunning inside and out. I am also a big anxiety sufferer... and really, I needed to read this today. <3 Love you, girl.

  34. I so appreciated reading this post. I am a sufferer of anxiety and it's so hard sometimes for me to see all the good and the blessings in my life. Sometimes I just focus on the overwhelming stress of it all.
    You are amazing, we all are. We need to remember that and remember to enjoy all these amazing moments we have in front of us!


  35. Amen! Love you and this post. And now I must figure out a way to crash this amazing Influence Conference so that I can meet you.

  36. It's so good to hear you write this kind of message. I have had a really hard time with bloggers lately and their idea about perspective. After the year that I have had dealing with thyroid cancer and infertility (I'm like the normal version of G&B), my perspective is completely different. And I get frustrated with people when they make good stresses in life into worrisome issues. I actually told one of my coworkers a couple of weeks ago "Oh to have your problems!" when she was stressing out about getting her kids to soccer practice and piano lessons.

    I'm actually going to write a post about it this week I hope.

    You're awesome!

  37. Sometimes I wonder when you have anxious times because so often you post of all funny and hilarious moments. So I thank you for opening up more on this side of you. I know you don't want to be serious all the time but I feel like I can relate more when you share your struggles. :-) I too deal with anxiety and love those moments when God truly has held me in His arms

  38. I feel the same way at times. We are definitely meant to have blue times in life. Hope you feel better.

  39. perspective is so hard to remember. thanks for saying all of this! i needed to hear it!

  40. So glad you were able to become more "relaxed", if you will, thanks to bible study. It's amazing how God works! BUT I come to bear good news. I was being a couch potato and watching Good Morning America and they were doing a bit on breast cancer. While going through products that put forward a percentage to BC charities, I saw a necklace. I immediately thought of you because it was designed by none other than Giuliana. It's available at LOFT. It's $69.50 and 25% goes to BC charities. What's better than supporting your tata's?!

  41. Thank you for sharing! I've been struggling with perspective and anxiety and it's nice to know that i'm not the only one :)

  42. I've got GAD (generalized anxiety disorder)and dealing with it sucks. I go to a counselor and take meds (also have depression), and BLOG... that definitely helps with my anxiety. Oh, and when it gets really bad, I cry. A lot.

  43. Great post. I have major anxiety issues as well so it's always nice to hear that I'm not the only one.

  44. Found you through Instagram. Very cute blog. I struggle with anxiety too. Like it ruins my life sometimes it's so bad. But I manage it with medication and therapy. I hope you get your mojo back at the conference. I wish I were going to this one. Sounds right up my alley.

  45. I'm glad I was blog stalking you tonight and found this post!! I now feel like we have even more in common! I can't wait to see what He has in store for us this weekend!!! Love ya!

  46. Thank you ma'am! i very often stress over things that really are a blessing. i should feel "lucky" to stress over them, if that makes any sense. Really appreciate you bringing it back around for me. Anxiety certainly is a biatch isn't it.

  47. Lovely post, Erin! Great reminder.

    By the way, you might meet my boyfriend's sister at the conference! It's Megan from Happythehomeblog.com and she is AMAZING and the one who first got me thinking about starting a blog.


  48. I think this conference is just what you need! I honestly applaud you for keeping it together as well as you do. You are someone I look up to, struggles or no struggles, and the fact that you are "real" inspires me the most. You just go have a GREAT weekend and RELAX/get crazy inspired. xoxoxox

  49. I recently stumbled upon your blog and just want to thank you for sharing. I've struggled with anxiety and as a Christian it is hard to hear others constantly telling me that I'm not giving it to God or that it's all in my head. I'm kinda glad to hear I'm not alone. Thanks again for your honesty.


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