You Can Find Me On The Dance Floor.

I've got like twenty minutes to write a two hour blog post.
I just spent entirely way too long looking at fabric and not enough time inhaling the twelve pack of nuggets from Chick-fil-A. Bad news on the home front. I dropped one of the nuggets in between one of the seats in the car and could not rescue it. It is not a pretty sight when you suddenly make a 12 count nugget an 11 count. It's also not a pretty sight when your husband informs you that you are no longer allowed to eat in the car. NOT EAT IN THE CAR?!??! What the heck else am I supposed to do in the car? That's like prime snack time in my book. Munchies, Fruit Snacks, Chick-fil-A. Whatevs. I can't even talk about it or else I get angry.
It's a good thing I found some cute fabric.
Anyhow--it's almost the weekend.
Let's talk about that for a second shall we?
Locals listen up. Or read up. Just pay attention to this computer screen and the words I am about to write. Come to Rulli's (Bella) Sunday night at 7 pm for only the greatest band ever. Yes ever.
The August will be playing and it is going to be fun in the sun. Or snow.
Whatever Indiana decides to hand us Sunday.
And if you aren't local---still click here and check em' out on iTunes.
Okay. That's all I've got right now.
Oh hey. I finally got my hair done.
You just needed to know that. Whether you thought you did or not, you did.
shirt found here
(use code YELLOW and get 20% off any one item..holler)
Most people who have a brain go darker for winter. Not I. I go blonder. And streakier.
I've always wanted to streak in public. I guess now is my time to shine.
Okay that's all I've got time for.
I still have five beautiful bloggers to tell you about.
Starting, now.
First up is a blonde bombshell herself, Katie.
The girl is nuts. And I love nuts. Katie's blog is an entertaining journal of her weight loss journey. She has dropped some major lbs and it is seriously impressive. Like for instance, she recently lost the whole size of a toddler. Do not worry though--Katie is more than weight loss. She is also a great resource for overcoming boredom. And like I said, laughs. Make sure to say hey to Katie and encourage her as she keeps getting hotter and hotter.
Next up we have the oh so lovely Gay.
If for no other reason, you should visit her blog just because her name is Gay. How many Gay's do you know? Well if you live in San Francisco, probably a lot. But I mean people named Gay. Anyhow, Gay is becoming one of my favorites as of late. She covers all topics (ie: $7 massages to the sweetest post ever about her adorable little girl..)  Go get yourself a good dose of Gay. You will be glad you did.

Remember that husband who surprised his wife with sponsorship on my blog for her birthday?
HERE IS THE OH SO LUCKY WIFE. Amanda is her name, awesome husband is her game.
Amanda is the epitome of total sweetness. Her blog is growing quickly and I'm pretty sure her genuineness has a huge something to do with it. Some favorite posts include the time she interviewed that sneaky husband of hers, and the time her BFF took over her blog for the day. Why haven't I made my friends write a post yet? Slackers. Make sure to follow Amanda and her great blog. Asap.

Here we have only one of the coolest bloggers ever, Kaylin.
I'm not going to say I want to trade lives with her, but I totally want to trade lives with her. For crying out loud, the girl is on different adventures like...daily. I also love her because her and I share some of the favorite things. We also appreciate sporting events for the clothes. Not the sport. Kaylin is a great dose of energy, so maybe instead of coffee just read her blog? Maybe. You're right. Grab your coffee and then read her blog.
Blog//Twitter//Instagram (@Stayblondeksilocal)

Last but not least is the ever so sweet Ashley.
Her blog is pretty much perfection. No, but seriously. Look at these burgers if you don't believe me.
Ashley covers it ALL (and very well) on her blog. DIY, Cooking, Photography, Fashion, you name it--she knows it. Basically we are complete opposites. The best way to get to know Ashley is to start here. And then from there peruse every other post she's ever written. Just an idea anyhow.
Oh hey look!
That two hour blog post ended up taking two hours after all.
Is it Sunday night yet?
....That's the ONLY time you will ever hear those words come out of my mouth.



  1. You're a hoot, Katie. I smiled through this entire post, including the mention of your sponsor losing the size of a toddler. Hilarious. What a fun read.

  2. Love this! Thanks for your sweet words Erin!!! :)

  3. Don't feel bad about the hair. I'm a natural brunette and I decided to go blonde for the first time ever last week...it's not even as blonde as I want it so I'll be back in the salon chair in a month or two for another round of bleaching. Blondes in the winter 4 life! ;)

  4. I think that would ruin my whole day if I lost a nugget...there is nothing that makes me madder than when Chickfila shorts me a nugget haha! You crack me up. Oh, and hot hair, girlfriend! You look great, as usual. Duh.

  5. I love this post! It's so cheerful!

  6. I can always count on your posts to make me laugh! Thanks! :)

  7. I love Katie's glasses!! I want a pair! PS. your hair looks fab :)

  8. I love your hair! I was actually contemplating chopping my hair + going darker in the fall. Now, because of your seasonal hair rebellion, I might actually go blonder [but still chop a few inches off]. I'm also diggin' your accessory choice as well. Seeing as I know you love to shop, you need to go over to Outfit Additions. They have such cute jewelry + its not overpriced! That way, you can buy a few pieces PLUS a new pair of shoes :)



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