Well This Is Random

Oh heeeeeeeey.
So I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to write a blog post right now.
I'm also pretty sure I just spelled supposed supossed.
Except lucky for you spellcheck caught me.
God bless spellcheck.
So I've been busy this weekend.
Like literally have not been home an ounce.....which would explain why there are leftover potatoes and green beans still sitting on my counter. Sometimes cleaning up after yourself is SO overrated.
So what's been taking up all of my time you ask?
Well you didn't technically ask, but lucky for me I keep no secrets with you all.
I've been shopping. Shocker.
The husband and I thought it would be a good idea to make a trip to Ikea again this weekend to pick up a couple of beds that we saw last time but didn't buy. So what do we do? We drove 2 1/2 hours to Ikea to buy those beds. Only to find out that they were freaking sold out. SOLD OUT? Who does that? Ikea, that's who. Something about the thousands of people who go there on the weekends, I don't know. I may or may not have had tears in my eyes upon finding out. #firstworldproblems.
Don't worry I got over it once I remembered I would be tearing up the club later that night.
Definition of tearing up the club: Sitting at a table bouncing my head up and down while singing along.
My head knows how to get down with the best of em'.
It was the BEST time ever. That might be the two double rum and diets talking but seriously, it was.
This was the highest quality picture I was able to get from the evening.
Excuse the blur.
Immediately following this picture, The Rock hijacked my camera .
Did y'all know I was friends with The Rock?!
(this may or may not be the real rock.....it's up to you to decide...)
This last picture....well if I had a caption for it it would be something along the lines of...
"You know you are a loser when....."
That would be three of us video'ing the band.
At one table. All at the same time.
Lord help us.
K, anyhow.
I've got some exciting news.
Remember Mondays With Miss Chic?
It's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.
And today's it's looking finer than ever.
Check out this weeks deal......
If spikes and crosses don't scream fashionable I don't know what does.
You've got naughty and nice all mixed in one.
Wear em' together to confuse the daylights out of a male on whether you are naughty or nice...
or pair them seperately to let them know you really are a devil. I mean angel.
Remember to use the promo code YELLOW5 to receive both of them for a total of $20.50.
Gold or silver.
You decide.
Pretty sure either way you'll look hot.
You can get your shop on starting now.
Okay that's all I've got for you today.
I was going to annouce the winner of this huge giveaway but just remembered I don't feel like counting through thousands of entries at 10 pm.
That means you have one more day to get your hott cross buns entered.

I'm tired.
And tomorrows Monday.

Have a good one kids.  



  1. I guess I got spoiled having an ikea in Dallas because I cannot imagine driving 2 hours for one. Too bad there is not one in Vegas and lots of people here drive to Cali to go. Crazy! Although, I got my bed from there and maybe I would have driven 2 hours for it. Who knows!!!

  2. That same thing happened to me when I went to Ikea. Except for I have to take a subway and then an Ikea bus to get there. Oh Manhattan life...

    But then I was too impatient to actually wait for the item to get its butt back in stock so I just purchased something else instead. Take that Ikea.

  3. Well I can just tell you one thing about Ikea beds..and they are made for nothing but sleeping. I've had two and I shit you not..you do anything more than sleep and donezo. And I'm obviously talking about pillow fights and bed jumping. Avoid it. That shiz will fall apart.

  4. we are spoiled in jersey city, NJ. we have 3 within 20 miles of our house... plus ENDLESS craigslist ikea finds. it's SO tempting just to stop by on my way home from work... passing up those big yellow letters on the highway everyday is torture!

  5. Oh no :( I could think of nothing worse than driving so far and to return with nothing!! Sorry girl!

    LOVE your boots and coral necklace

  6. Seriously there is one 5 minutes from my house and another about an hour...I couldn't imagine that!! You're crazy girl!

  7. Weekends are way too short!


  8. This isn't helpful NOW, but you can check to see if they're in stock on their website.

  9. Young Lady I demand you tell us where that shirt and those boots are from ;) (just giving you hell here as I did on Insta about the same thing)...

    Pretty sure the Rock wouldn't wear a Redskins shirt BUT I like this guys style and he is a close ringer for the rock, FO SHo!

  10. I'm soooo curious...which IKEA do you guys go to? Is it the one in West Chester, Ohio??? That would be some crazy stuff since that's the one we go to. Maybe someday I'll run into you there...lucky for me, not as much for you ;)

    Happy Monday!

    Angie from Ohio (angiepics on Instagram)

  11. GRRRR! Same thing happened to us at IKEA! I about lost my shit... Anyways! Love your boots and your pics are hilarious!

  12. I love those boots!!! And that guy in the pic totally looks like the Rock! So in my mind...he's the rock! Lol! :)

  13. The closest IKEA to Cbus is in Cincy and I will be butt hurt if I drive an hour and a half and they are out of something. I can't even imagine 2.5.....ugh. I would have cried to. Copious tears yo. Glad the rest was fun!

  14. I love IKEA! We have one about an hour from us and I never go. So many good deals!

    And I am the exact same way at a bar/club. Park myself at a table with a drink and stay there.


  15. Oh IKEA. what did we all do without it?


  16. don't know who that guy is, but #hail

  17. I have never been to an Ikea! I NEED TO GO.

  18. Sounds like such a fun weekend! It seems like everyone went to Ikea this weekend haha! *except me!*

    Hope you're having a good Monday :)


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