Weekend Deets. Part One.

I've gotta make this one quick.
It's 9 pm and I have chicken in the oven.
If you ever want to sound domesticated just say the sentence right above.
If you don't want to sound domesticated add in the part about it being chicken you bought from a fundraiser that you are simply reheating.
Clearly mine is NOT from a fundraiser....
Anyhow--I am tired.
And I still have a LOT to cover with you.
Like how in the world I ended up meeting Giuliana on Sunday.
Hint: It involves Twitter and maybe a little bit of stalking.
Something new for me, I know.
Let's start with the pre-Giuliana days shall we?
The first part of our weekend involved shopping.
Lots of it.
Because we need everything and it's mom for the lake cottage, we set out to...
dun dun dun.
Six hours later we ended up this.
I also ended up with an order of balls. You see, my mom always raves about Swedish balls. I never understood why she preferred Swedish balls to American balls, but I figured I should probably see what the rave was all about. I was a little confused why the man behind the counter handed me a plate with noodles when I asked to try his balls..but this is what I got.
Turns out my mom was talking about Meatballs.
Now I get the fascination.
Long story short, it was somewhere between buying everything in sight and falling asleep by 8:30 pm that I arranged to meet Giuliana at RPM the next day. Behind my husband's back. Insert that laugh people type when they are trying to sound like a lion or something fierce. I think it is mwahahahaha.
I don't know. I always just picture my face getting eaten when I see it, hence why I never type it.
Oh look at that, the chicken is ready.
Looks like I will be continuing that conversation tomorrow.....

Now while I go stuff my face with every ounce of that wholesome goodness, entertain yourselves with these lovely people. Talk about a caaaaauuuuuute line-up of ladies today. If I didn't know any better you'd think my blog was all about pimping out pretty ladies in hopes that you would go check them out. Oh wait. Let the pimping begin.....
First up, Aunie. My homegirl. Girlfriend clearly rocks some mean mint nail polish.
Aunie and her blog are legit. So much so that I spend my time studying what she does to make herself so succesful. Some call it stalking, I call it learning. Turns out it takes sincerity and an ability to write the heck out of some blog posts. Who knew. Aunie has a heart full of fashion, sass, and love for her soon to be husband. Go check out Aunie asap. No but seriously. Go.

Next up is Nadine. The rockstar. I say rockstar because pretty much I think she rocks.
You know those people who know how to love life and live it to the fullest? That'd be her. Plus the girl is freakin' hilarious. Just read this post on how to act like a lady. Or perhaps you should read her love story. Again, you will be laughing. If you are looking to follow one blog today, make it be this one. This blonde will have you hooked for life.

Here we have the cute little Tanya.
Tanya and I are very much alike. For instance, we share the same viewpoints on posing for fashion posts. Tanya is huge on "keeping things real" in blogland which is such a breath of fresh air.
I could go on for awhile but that would take all of the fun away. Consider reading this to get a better understanding of the girl behind the blog. I have a feeling you just made a friend you want to have in blogland. You're welcome.
And last but not least, the ever so fabulous Christine Marie Studio.
If you have been around this blog of mine for any time at all, I am sure you have seen me mention Christine and her fabulous jewelry. Three words. Quality, quality, quality. Okay, and beaaaaautiful.
I am dying to own these suckers for fall. Invest in yourself and get yourself something. Like perhaps a vintage inspired ring? Don't mind if I do...
And there you have it.
That chicken was dang good.
Just in case you were wondering.
Happy Tuesday yo.



  1. Oh my gosh, I love everything about this post... including the three lovely ladies you introduced. Can't wait to check them out!!!! ANNNNDDDD your meeting with Giuliana?!?? Can't WAIT for the deets!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!

  2. UM!!!! Can you please NOT stop at the meeting G at RPM part??? Seriously. That's just not nice. Talk a cliffhanger. What if I get busy tomorrow...I'll never know the end.

    Besides you...she really is my hero. I mean with the whole infertility thing. And then there's Bill. My poor husband never stops hearing "well, when this happened to G & B, Bill was so ____. Why can't you be more like Bill?"

    I digress. Guess I'll be reading tomorrow. Happy Tuesday!!!!

  3. Wait! I meant FOUR lovely ladies. The "Small Red Clock Face Ring" is now on my wish list!!

  4. i LOVE ikea! but those aren't the swedish meatballs! swedish meatballs are straight from heaven

  5. I just don't believe you about G...I guess I will have to tune in tomorrow! ;) And Ikea...dear God that place stresses me out...you have to pack a lunch, a case of water and wear a human leash to not get lost from your hubs! Looks like you guys are lake house ready!

  6. you crack me up, woman! ha! love that scarf, too.

  7. You were in the chi and didnt call me???

  8. Shopping! A girls best friend! :)
    Well not mine that much though! Gasp!!! I know!!!!


  9. Cant wait to hear how you managed to meet Guliana behind your hubby's back. amaze.


  10. I looooooove Aunie and Nadine already! I'll have to hop over and "meet" Tanya!

    P.S. You're such a tease for omitting the Giuliana details!

  11. I love your signature!


  12. thatttsss meeeee! thanks for the shout-out sister!

  13. I LOVE Aunie and these ladies look awesome too!


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