The Girl Stole My Thunder.

....Seriously though. I had already written a post for today and then BAM.
I see this guest post. And I knew it was way better than what I was just about to hit publish on.
So guess what. We are saving my post for tomorrow and today, you are getting this.
Not that I pick favorites or anything in blogland but Brie is totally one of my favorites.
In fact...you better believe you will be seeing pictures of her and I together come later this year.
Count on it.
Unless Brie bails on me. In which case, she was one of my favorites.
Okay, I'm talking too much.
Read on.


"You know what I think the hardest part of a blog post is?
The first sentence.
Glad I got that one out of the way."
- Erin
Yep, Erin said it best.
Especially when it comes to posting on someone else's blog. 
I always feel so awkward.
My name is Brie and for some reason I feel the need to say "like the cheese," as if you've never heard the name Brie before.
I'm really cool sometimes.
The last time I was here I told you a little bit about myself and why I blog.
Today I'm going to tell you the five ways in which Erin and I are alike.
AKA, the five ways in which Erin and I are awesome.
1. We both think it's really awkward taking outfit photos. 
sometimes results in us pretending to jump off diving boards rather than just standing and posing. At least Erin had a swimsuit on, I just look weird.
2. We're both hardcore college football fans. 
My team = Arizona State University. Her team = University of Notre Dame. P.S. Don't we have mighty fine men in our lives?

3. We're both moms to cute fluffy pups. 
Mine = Zoey. Hers = Maggie.
4. We both enjoy the occasional daily alcoholic beverage. 
My favorite = Gin & Tonic. Her favorite = Wine.

5. We both appreciate the funny things in life. 
It's important to not always take life so seriously.
And there you have it.
The five reasons Erin and I are awesome.
Now come on over to Sophistifunk and say hi!
P.S. Giuliana, if you're reading this...I love you! 
And congrats on baby Edward Duke!


Just go already.
Love you oh so much Brie baby boo.
Thank you for finally making the world realize I we are awesome.  



  1. LOL Brie, I loved your PS!

    PS: Why is it that the PS is always the best part of a letter or post?? Except for this PS of course ;)

  2. Brie is awesome! Love both your blogs!!!

  3. love both of you bloggers! and this adorable post!

  4. This post has caused me to think long and hard about which one I like better: gin and tonic or wine. I can't decide. At least just don't make me decide which of you two I like better. That would put me over the edge. I might need a gin and tonic. Or a glass of wine. Aaaah!!

  5. I always feel like I need to say "like the cheese" too! one time I introduced myself and the other person said "Brie like the bread?" and I had to say "no like the cheese..."

  6. Brie is absolutely adorable! follow sophistifunk and brie on IG. a night of drinks and mac and cheese with you two gals would be a hoot!

  7. Brie seems like a nice girl. I'll have to check out her blog some time.

  8. agreed - you're both pretty awesome!

  9. Haha I can totally agree that you are both awesome!!

  10. This is so cute and funny! I'll definitely check out her blog!

  11. So cute!

    Erin! Can't believe you are an ASU fan as well! Fear the fork!

  12. Two awesome ladies in one spot. I love all the fun you two have. I'd love to see what party goes on when you get to meet up ;)

  13. I was introduched to Brie through your blog a few weeks ago! Cute post.


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