In My Humble Opinion…

Everybody has em'.
Some are good, some mediocre, and some that just downright suck.
Or maybe that's just my opinion?
Anyhow--I saw this post over at lala Lists and thought "heck--that's a great post idea...I should link up" So guess what I am doing?
Linking up.
Perhaps you should do the same. Again, just my opinion...but I think it's a good one.
1.   Politics should be kept between you and the pencil at the voting booth.
2.   On that same token, I think I would make an excellent president.
3.   Boxed macaroni and cheese should be made with 4 tablespoons of butter. None of this “making it healthy” crap. You do realize you are eating noodles covered in cheese no matter which way you look at it right?
4.   People should extend more grace to crying babies in public places. It’s not their fault they pooped their pants. You’d cry too if you had to sit in that while being spoon fed mushy sweet potatoes.
5.   If said baby however cries for more than 45 seconds, remove it from the public place. Stat.
6.   Shoes should be optional. Anywhere.
7.   TGIF will always be the greatest batch of TV shows. Ever.
8.   Okay and Saved By The Bell.
9.   Toddlers probably shouldn’t drink pop.
10. A glass of wine during the lunch hour should be socially acceptable. During the work week.
11. Girls should try to act more like boys. Only in the whole gossipy/cruel/cliquish way. I repeat, only in that way.
12. Hot peppermint tea and a bubble bath heals all.
14. The whole “frumpy vintage” look is not cute. Unless you were born in 1890 in which case I say, rock it girlfriend.
15. Pinterest causes more anxiety than good.
16. Nintendo will always be better than all of this other hi-tech game stuff.
17.  Painting your own nails is overrated.
18.  Bible studies are good for the soul. And in my case, necessary.
19. Blogs shouldn’t share ALL.
20. Cell phones weren't invented for 7 year olds. 
21. Fashion Bloggers outfits sometimes make me gag. I don’t get it. Weirder is not better.
22. Huge chunks of meat should be outlawed in chili.
23. San Diego is the best place in the world.
24. Every human should own a dog.
25. All lists should end at a good number. Like 25. Stopping at 24 is just an injustice to the whole list system.
And there you have it---a few opinions for the day.
Take them for what there worth.....in which case, is most likely nothing.
I am off to go drink champagne while my husband works in the garage.
Cheers to being a woman.
Psssst--if you do link up, tell me below so I can be sure to read all of your opinions.



  1. "Weirder is not better"... AMEN.

  2. I kept saying "uh-huh", "yup", and "that's right" through the whole post.

  3. I try to make my macaroni with less butter - my husband on the other hand would agree with you. He just made some tonight and used half and half instead of milk. i'm sure you'd love it. : )

  4. who is that weird guy in the glasses in the Saved by the Bell pic? why don't I remember him? :p

  5. Thank you for my daily look in the bloggy mirror. If I can get out of this lazy mood i've been in I might just take a minute to give a few of my own opinions over on the ole Sparkle blog :) <3 as always.

  6. love this idea! i might have to borrow it. ;) also AMEN to #3 - what's the point of "healthy" mac and cheese?! it's not mac and cheese then!

  7. Hmm... Yep. I agree with your opinions. You're welcome. ;)

  8. I've linked up too--now, off to start my own list!!!

  9. San Diego really is the best place. And babies should be removed from the public place if they can't be consoled. No need to torture everyone in the room.

  10. A glass of wine during the lunch hour should be socially acceptable. During the work week. YOU ARE SO RIGHT. :)

  11. I love this - going to link up now. By the way - I completely agree with #15....Pinterest does create unnecessary anxiety. And #24...everyone SHOULD own a dog.


  12. I only did 15 on my blog, but can think of many more!
    And I totally agree about the wine. I think I'd be more productive!

  13. I love lists! And your opinions! And I agree that wine should be a part of every lunch. And breakfast. And dinner.

  14. Psh..a glass of wine should be acceptable at ANY time. Maybe that's just me :)

    I've been meaning to send you this link about adoption. You may have seen it before, but the movie brings me to tears every time

  15. The first under the chin....classic. Erin for President!

  16. I linked up. Thanks for the heads up.


  17. Yes yes yes! Especially to #'s 1, 10 and 18.

    My opinions:

  18. Linked up. :) Gave your blog a shout out for giving the scoop on the fun hop.

  19. Everyone should own a dog! and the wine thing... When can we make that a law? Petition anyone?

    Here are my opinions

  20. Love this post. Especially number 1!!

  21. The chili one. Oh wow this is so true. I would always sneak into the crockpot and break down the meat behind my mom's back. I'd do the same thing with taco meat too. Who wants to chomp on a chunk of cow? Not I said my picky throat.

  22. love this post. lol- amen to TGIF and double amen to Saved by the Bell.

  23. this is pretty great. I agree with most of them.. ;) haha but most especially the one about San Diego! Have I ever mentioned I love living here?

  24. Every human really should own a dog, me included. We're getting one in December/January. I cannot wait. And yes, fashion bloggers sometimes make my head turn...

  25. Would it be too much if I said that you linking up made my day? Oh well because it did. That and the whole macaroni thing… I gave up on health a long time ago. The roomies and I have gone through like 7 boxes of Annie's pasta… Today marked the second week of classes. We have problems!

    Anywho thanks so much for linking up!!!!!! (ahhhhh I'm doing this incase you were curious http://bit.ly/NnlwKZ)

    Have a fantabulous week!!


  26. TGIF was the bomb diggity back in the day! Max looks ridic in that pic haha Aww snap, I'm taking after you shorting words and all lol

  27. This is so awesome! I linked up, I just couldn't resist!

  28. This was so great. I linked up too.


  29. I love your blog, you are my daily read!!!

    Here are my opinions :)


  30. So fun! I linked up, too! I also agree that Pinterest causes too much anxiety, but I keep going back. Loved your list. Mine is at http://believinginsomething.com/in-my-opinion/

    Thanks for sharing!

  31. If you did run for president my pencil and I would highly consider a vote for you to win! I love all of these! Good points Erin!

    Living in Yellow 2012!

  32. your posts always make me laugh - team mac & cheese..

    here is my list if you fancy a read..

    Nic xx

  33. Number 15: totally agree!
    Number 18: heck yes!

  34. I own a few of these opinions too. Except for #6.

    People, WEAR YOUR SHOES. Please just wear them everywhere you go! (it is entirely possible i may or may not have a "thing" about dirty feet...)

  35. #22...I was thinking...what? Why does she have something against the country of...
    Oh, wait.
    Not Chile.
    Great. All day long I'll worry that I'm really an idiot.

  36. Newcomer here!

    Loving your blog!


  37. You are SO right - cell phones were not made for 7 year olds. My little sister-in-law is 8, she's obsessed with smartphones. She always asks to play with mine and wants me to download games. I'm running out of good excuses instead of just telling her NOPE. This past weekend at a family reunion I told her we shouldn't be rude and play on our phones but instead talk to people... her dad and 3 brothers were ALL on their smart phones looking at game scores, texting etc... so much for THAT theory! ;)

    Keep up the great work!

  38. OK, this list was PERFECT. I'm so with you. Especially with the whole don't give daggers to the mom with a crying baby thing (because it sucks and you can only do so much for the poor poopy pants, sweet potato eating nuggets) and AMEN to removing the babies when it gets ridic. I am a baby-remover through and through. We do church in the hallway outside the sanctuary ; ) haha

  39. i really enjoyed this list - my favs #1,7,8,16,19,20 $ 24...incase you cared hahaha! and man I miss the good ol days of TGIF & saved by the bell! best show everrrr! i was obsessed w Kelly. haha!

  40. Could not agree more with #10. And I "copied" you on my blog www.caribbeanislandhousewife.blogspot.com. And...I reiterated #24. Because if you don't love dogs...


  41. I love this!!! Seriously, I could not agree more! I sent a post in to link up too and I gave you a little shout out for the awesome idea.

  42. Brilliant post idea....I shall link up very soon....as soon as I can think of enough opinions that is. Baby brain has hit hard and I'm struggling to get past simply functioning!

  43. I did agree that every human should own a dog BUT then I think about trash like Michael Vick! Makes me sick. Maybe it should be that every nice human should own 4 or 5. ;)

  44. Agree with the "frumpy vintage" opinion! Actually, I pretty much agree with this whole list! You're brilliant. I'll be your campaign manager.

    Erin for President 2012!!!
    Reg. Pol. Ad. Paid for by Alexis M.

  45. It's like you pulled your opinions out of my head. I totally agree. Also WTF is frumpy vintage? I just got the craziest mental picture. haha

  46. "Politics should be kept between you and the pencil at the voting booth." AMEN.

  47. Definitely agree on the pinterest statement. Instead of helping me wedding plan, I just want to have 50 weddings to be able to use the ideas... the mister didn't seem down with that idea (or the 85 engagement photo poses I have in mind) He has come to the decision that engagement photos were invented by pinterest... and it is the enemy!

  48. Hah, this just cracked me up and they're all so true! Thanks for this :)


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