I'm Addicted To Everything But Blogging. Maybe.

Let's talk for a moment about how hard it is to get back into "blogging mode" after being in "vacation mode". It's not hard.
It's impossible. 
And because I am in no mood to try to "overcome the impossible", I'm not going to.
Instead--I'm going to leave you with a few (okay a lot) of pictures from my families recent getaway to Michigan. I'm also going to go try to lose the twenty pounds I put on over the past three days.
Wish me luck.

First lets start with our crib for the weekend--
and because no crib would be complete without the liquids....
we brought the liquids. And the solo cups.
Which then caused many rounds of "Red Solo Cup" to be sung for three days straight.
While the majority of us were thrilled to be on vaca...one of wasn't.
Let's look at a typical day shall we? Just say yes. It will make this post run much smoother.

And late late evenings (Okay so like 9 pm...)
And that my friends, are the ingredients to a perfect day.
Except guess what?
I still have 650 more pictures to show you.
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for addictive personalities.
Here we go.
my conceivers. also known as my parents.
And that's a wrap friends.
I just spent entirely way too long putting together this post.
Which also makes me think that I just defeated the impossible.
So much for that vacation mode I was in at the beginning of this post..
Reality, you have set back in sucker.
Hey---maybe tomorrow I will have something other than pictures to share with you!
Like words or something crazy like that.

Have a good one love monkeys.
ps. If I owe you an email...an answer will come. Eventually. As soon as I lose those 20 pounds. 
Talk to you never. 
pps. Thank you mom and dad for such a fun weekend. Love you both oh so much. 
Let's do it again sometime ;) Like tomorrow maybe?



  1. nice! looks like such fun! i'm also an addictive personality and it shows when i take vacay pics! but hey, i'd rather have too many than too few, right?

    good luck adjusting back to real world time! have a great night!

  2. Getaways to Michigan are the best.... I'm booking one. You just convinced me. PS Breaking Amish is on tonight. Will you be in an episode?

  3. looks like an ahhhhmaazing vaca :) can't wait to see the rest of the pics!

  4. looks like a wonderful vacation. i LOVE the game of things! so much fun! :)

  5. Sounds wonderful! It's so hard coming back from vacation :(

  6. Okay the photo of you and your hubby and your Maggie needs a frame. Or a blog its self. GORGEOUS!!!

  7. Random question...what kind of purse do you have in the last few pics? I love it! And of course, I love your blog! :)

  8. Looks like such a fun weekend! And I love the game of Things. That's always a guaranteed good time.

  9. looks like a wonderful weekend, and I love THINGS. It can be really funny and with someone silly like you I can only imagine :) Have a great week!

  10. Gurrrl that photo of you walking the dog is so vogue. Because, you know, vogue has photos of people walking their dogs all the time.

  11. Looks like you guys had so much fun! The game of things is amazing! You are so cute it makes me sick!!

  12. I especially like that there are both dogs and babies being held identically ;)

  13. What beautiful pictures! I just loved them all! Now it's going to be my turn to see how impossible blogging will be after a week away. Come visit my blog tomorrow to find out ;-) http://aspoonfulofhealthy.blogspot.ca

  14. Looks awesome. Your blog is great. Quit taking credit away from yourself. Plus, I come to see the pictures and feed my online shopping addiction anyways. It's not like every outfit you wear makes me want to go purchase bits and pieces...oh wait yes it does.

  15. Gorgeous pics! It looks like the East Coast somewhere. Where were you?

  16. Did ya'll coordinate the khaki bottoms in the last picture? Looks like Christmas card photo material up in dat joint! (Just tried to sound all gangsta to offset all the preppy-ness but failedddd).

  17. omg you loook SOOOO much like your mother!!!

    (it's not a bad thing, i get it all the time too :P)

  18. How fun!! Love the picture in front of the carousel.
    You always have wonderful photos, never too many.

  19. Oh my word how I miss the beach right about now!
    Seems like you had fun!
    Love the pics!


  20. Loved that post ... made me feel like I was on vacation too, minus the Solo cup.

  21. Loved your post! Fun times with family is the best! We have the game Things and it's one of the best games! We love it & the more people you have, the better! Cheers to fun times!! Have a great day

  22. How fun is THAT?!? Love it. Host a linky party? Soon? Yay. Thanks. You throw a mean party.

  23. looks like a lot of fun :) especially if the game of things was involved, ha! that always makes for good memories around here. great photos. love the one of that gorgeous sunset/rise?

  24. Oh i miss this place so much! St. Joe was my weekend spot when i was in college and also the place S asked me to be his girl. best place to watch a sunset let me tell you. It definitely has a special place in my heart.
    Gorgeous pictures babe!

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  26. Ah it looks like yall had so much fun!! Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing Erin!

  27. The Game of Things is my favorite game to play with my sister and her hubby, and her brother-in-law and sister-in-law. We laugh a LOT! Looks like you had a lovely vacation. xoxo

  28. oh my gosh. you look JUST like your mom!

  29. that last sunset photo is GORGEOUS! holy moly!

  30. Y'all were in Michigan?! I live here! It looks like y'all had a good vacation! Which beach is this at?

  31. you and your mama = twins. also, that baby is so so adorable..aw. AND also- what lens do you use on your camera?

  32. i could probably find this elsewhere on your blog, but what type of camera are you using?? great pics! also, i saw someone else asked but so curious- what brand purse? is that a michael kors?

  33. Ok, so I read this when you posted it ... but I came back to look at the cry baby and comment. I can not quit laughing at this picture. Which is really mean of me. But you're the one who posted it, so look who's mean now. It really is the best picture. Oh and the gorgeous, fake-looking sky is ok too. Wowza.

  34. I'm going to see Easton Corbin and Luke Bryan in concert tonight! Is it weird that my first thought is yummm Luke and my second thought is Erin and I could be concert besties. :)

  35. Personally I am just pist my legs dont look like yours. And that you and your mom have like twin dogs. That pretty much tickles my fancy!


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