Idle Threats.

I wouldn't test her.
That's all I'm sayin'.
Current Stats:
2700+ followers on GFC
6,500 social media followers
85,000+ page views monthly
Dogs who will eat you.
Testi (monials):
"I will be back to sponsor Erin again and again. Her blog is an absolute favorite of mine and sponsoring her brought additional traffic and followers my way! You don't feel lost in the shuffle here, Erin takes the time to comment on your blog and is always quick to respond. If you want to sponsor a blog that gives you that "I'm-super-star-struck-because-my-button-is-on-THIS-blog-Aahh!" feeling, Living in Yellow is the blog for you!" --Amy from Not Your Average Baby Blog
"Living in Yellow has been my top referrer for the month that I've been sponsoring...Erin's amazing blog has brought me so much traffic, in fact, that I have already signed on to sponsor her for another 2 months (and many more to come!). I would definitely recommend sponsoring Living in Yellow as Erin is super friendly and helpful and writes one dang good blog."--Chelsea from Yours Truly
I've got a feeling October is going to be a pretty rad month.
It'd be even radder to have you be a part of it.
{spell check went with it so I'm going to too...}
Email me at livinginyellow@gmail.com to claim your spot.
Happy weekend friends.



  1. Dear Erin,

    Thanks for including the name of the people in your Testies. Sometimes, I think other bloggers make it.

    Keep doing the dang thang! Your face rocks and so does your blog!

    That girl

  2. I'm so excited to be sponsoring for October!!!


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