Flying Tampons And Peach Champagne

First things first---Maggie would like to thank all of you for all of your sweet comments about her first ever guest post yesterday. She was so nervous of what you would all think, but you blew her out of the water. She was so excited she woke me up THREE times during the night to beg for treats, so thanks for that friends. I should probably stop giving her treats during the night but then my husband would think I am responsible enough to have children, so I probably won't.
Plus I just LOVE waking up during the middle of the night.
Read that as sarcastically as possible please.

You know what else I don't love?
Pulling my wallet out of my purse at Target while checking out and accidentally flinging a tampon out instead. Nothing like bending over in front of the others behind me and saying
"Oops--sorry about that. Yup, it's mine.."
I guess it's better than the time I pulled a thong out to pay instead of my cash.
I should probably just stop trying to pay for anything at stores. Except I think thats called stealing and last I checked, people get in trouble for that shaz. I'll stick to my tampons and thongs thank you.

The next item up for discussion--peach champagne.
That seems to be a good landing point after talking about dog treats and awkward moments.
I found some good (and cheap) stuff you should go buy.
It's pretty decent.
Says the girl who just finished her third glass.....

Crap. I have to go pack. Remember that porch I'm going to be hanging out in?
No but literally. I don't plan on getting out of that hanging swing for three days straight.
Well, it turns out it's about that time.

With that being said, I am leaving you with somebody special today.
Her name is Natasha and she has a blog that I adore.
It's a legit blog. You know what I mean? There are blogs that are blogs. And then there are blogs that are blooooooooooogs. She has a bloooooooooog. Meaning it's amazeballs.
All you have to do is look at her pictures below and you will know what I mean.
Take it away lovely.


Hey there, Living in Yellow readers! I'm so, so excited that Erin's included me in her post today :) My name is Natasha and I blog over at Paper Crowns.

I've only been blogging for about eight months, but I absolutely love it so far. It's introduced me to the most creative, inspiring, awesome people and motivated me to stop wondering "what am I going to do with my life??" and actually get out there and do something about it! Since launching my blog, I've realized that I really, really love graphic design, and that it's pretty much what I want to do forever. In the past few months, I've started up a little blog design business, and although I have tons and tons to learn still, I could not be more excited that I've actually taken the plunge. Sometimes you have to just take a leap of faith, you know?

Anyway, I guess I should share a little more about myself! I'm a Canadian, who's married to an American, who I met while living in South Korea. I moved to Korea right after I graduated college in 2007 to teach English, and meeting my future husband there was pretty much the last thing I bargained for, being 21 years old and 7,000 miles away from home. We met, fell in love, and ended up staying for 2 1/2 years in total.

That's what it looks like every spring. Stunning, right? Korea was awesome. We lived a five-minute walk from the beach and taught English to some of the most adorable little kids on the planet. They made me laugh every single day and I miss them constantly. It's the kind of experience that I totally didn't appreciate fully until it was over. I'd honestly go back in a heartbeat. It gave me this wanderlust that causes me to get antsy after I've been in one place for too long.

And speaking of staying in one spot, we now call Charlottesville, Virginia home :) We live in a really tiny apartment right downtown and love, love, love where we are. It's a city (with some of the best restaurants you'll ever find!), but it's surrounded by mountains and countryside. Best of both worlds :) Although I'd love to live in a big city again someday, I'm happy where I am for now. But I'm already getting the itch to bounce around again. The travel bug never seems to go away, once you catch it :)

I would love if you'd stop over at my blog and say hello! Getting to meet fellow bloggers and new friends from all over the world is, hands down, the very best part of blogging.
You can also catch me on Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.

Thanks SO much to the lovely Erin for having me over today and for letting me share a little bit of my life with all of you wonderful readers :)

Okay that's all I got.
My husband just informed me it's time to sink into the sectional downstairs and watch football.
It's a hard job but somebodies gotta do it.
You know what you gotta do?
Get your butt over here. Like yesterday.




  1. She sounds absolutely adorable. Definitely checking out her blog.

    LOL on the tampon. If only I can pay with tampons.

  2. Mmm, gotta love good ol' Verdi. I think I will be trying this soon.

  3. On Saturday we went to watch football with our friends. My husband took his the Tervis tumbler that he brought over out of my purse...and it had a tampon in it. So awesome :) Haha oops! I think he was more embarassed than I was!

  4. You had me at champagne. Peach, pink, brut, dry...it's all the same to me!

    Would love to guest on your blog anytime! I'm just ramping up my blog, so would love to team up! :) XO Rachel

  5. The raspberry is really delish as well. Do the words raspberry and delish make you feel like you have a lisp? No, just me?...

    My husband gets really embarrassed when I talk about tampons and my period. It's about the only thing that'll turn his cheeks pink.

  6. Awkward moments are the ones we cherish forever! :)

    Love your guest blogger, following her.....NOW!


  7. Sounds like a great place to hang out for three days! Have fun! Life's most embarasing moments have a way of sneaking up on us don't they.

  8. I'm obsessed with Verdi! Have you tried the plain kind? I love to pour it over frozen berries. It's amazing!!

  9. yay! i love paper crown! isn't she just the cutest? and all of these photos are just fabulous!!
    xo TJ

  10. Hahaha this post made me laugh because I ALWAYS do that too! I don't know how they always get stuck in your wallet but it is ridiculous.

  11. Bahaha.. oh you have to love being a woman some days! I would have died if I flung out a tampon.. But of laughter! :)

    I'm coming at you from Casey Wiegand's giveaway. New follower!!! Come check out my blog if you get the chance. I'd love to become bloggy friends! :)


  12. I just thought that was so hilarious that you pulled a thong out to pay for something ahahahhaha. I have actually done that. My train ticket, went to pull out my wallet and there was underwear in my bag, what the?

  13. Too funny! Once, my hubby went to hockey and pulled a pink thong out of his bag instead of a sock... the guys loved it haha!

  14. That happened to me in Panera Bread once! EXCEPT the tampon fell out while I was filling up my beverage and I totally just acted like it wasn't me....bahaha

    Enjoy your little vacay, that porch looks like pure bliss!


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