Things That Make Me Excited.

So it's true.
I've got some exciting things coming my way.
For starters, we all know football season is quickly approaching.
Football season is my favorite season of all.
I think solely for the fact that it's the only sport that is considered it's own "season".
There is Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Football.
Way to prove all of those "there are only four seasons" fools wrong football.
Okay so I like football season for more than this reason.
I mean hello...the food.
Again, no other sport gives you an excuse to eat five pounds of chip dip, three crock pots worth of chili, and thirty team inspired cupcakes. In one sitting.
And then there are the tailgate activities.
One of which happens to my favorite.
Two words: Flippy Cup.
Aka the greatest game ever invented.
I am not sure if it is the flippy or the cup part but it's pretty much genius if you ask me.
Heck, I don't care if you fill those cups with water (which is what you do all of you minors reading..)
but bust out your best Solo cups and start flipping. You will soon be fascinated too.
Oh yeah, and there is the game of football.
That's okay too I guess.
This year I am going to make a valiant effort at actually watching the game and not my iPad.
This of course will be determined on how cute the players on the screen are...no pressure players.
I mean you can't all be Brady Quinn.
Second thing that has given me a little more pep in my step is the fact that in a few weeks I will be spending my days in this house with the coolest people on the planet. Those people being my family.

I have some big plans with that sun room right there.
Hint: It involves making a dent in that whole book writing process.
Whether or not the beach gets the best of me and causes my brain to forget that I was going to write a book, well... that is neither here nor there.
And last but certainly not least---I am excited to share some kick ace bloggers/shop owners with you. I don't know if you love discovering new blogs as much as I do, but you should give it a shot.
Or perhaps take a few shots, and then read these blogs.
Told you it was exciting.
Raven is the first girl I am raving about (I am so clever).
I don't think she requires much of an introduction.
If you aren't already following her, you obviously don't enjoy humor, a good dose of reality, or a quality boob job. Just follow Raven's blog and then thank me later after you read every single post of hers (I honestly did that when I discovered her blog). May I suggest you start with this post? And then this one. And then yeah, like I said--read the whole dang blog. Little (un)known fact: My husband even reads her blog and he doesn't read blogs. That's how funny it is.
Next up is the oh so fabulous Sarah from Coming Unstitched.
I mean seriously, could the girl get any prettier? Sarah is one of those talented people who knows how to dress themselves. I always get excited about those types. I get especially excited when they teach me a thing or two about how to dress myself appropriately as well. As I sit here in neon yellow shorts and sports bra...Back to Sarah. She is about to get hitched to the love of her life (you must read their engagement story) and I couldn't be more excited for this brunette bombshell.
Sarah, I love ya girl.
Third we have Jessica from Jessica Who? 
Ummm...hello gorgeous. I'm not gonna lie--I always thought I had a pretty good "About" page, but then I read hers and it put mine to shame. You know what else puts me to shame? Her underwater photography session. Think a regular photo session (dressed in cute clothes and all) but under the freaking water. Apparently living in Hawaii has it's perks. Who knew? Anyhow--learn to love her.
Or hate her. Psssh. As if that's even possible...
Last but not least, the home of my favorite earrings, Christine Marie Studio.
Remember these bad boys?
Christine made em'. I could go on forever about my love for Christine personally and her jewelry.
If you like high quality, beautiful, vintage looking jewels--look no further. Or look here.
I can promise you one thing--you will not be disappointed in what you order. Promise.
And there you have it. Now if my memory serves me correctly you have three blogs and one shop to go check out. Meaning, get outta here.




  1. I never even put two and two together that you may be a notre dame fan! Awesome! I am really really looking forward to football too, ooh and the yummy food and beer drinking that comes with it :D

  2. So pumped about football season. All football makes me happy but Go Hogs!

  3. yessssssssss! football!! foooooood! :D

  4. HOLLA for football! Obviously I love it, it's in my blog title!!! LOL, do you follow NFL at all?! If sooooo you should join in my blogger fantasy football group I have going. Easiest thing ever plussss it's fun :) Just saying!

    I always forget you are right next door in Indiana! Cool that you are ND fan!!! Buckeye here!

  5. That looks like such a gorgeous place to get inspired and really WORK! Lots of natural sunlight and room - lucky you :)

    Best of luck!!

  6. I am sooo excited for some football!! (Go Gators!!) and your eye makeup is so pretty!!

  7. cant wait to check out these ladies!
    said in the best non stalker way ever.

    If you lived in Louisiana there are more seasons. Its hurricane, hunting, fishing, and flooding here ;-) So glad I'm moving lol

    And I joined the bowling team in HS so I could eat the food...no shame my friend!

    P.s. your house is gorgeous!

  8. Oh no, girl. What's with all this Notre Dame stuff!? Haha I'm a diehard USC fan, not sure how I feel about this! ;)

  9. New follower here! So happy to have stumbled upon your blog!

    Roll Tide Roll!

  10. Thanks for sharing! I love reading new blogs!

  11. oh heyyyyyyyyyyyy :)
    thanks for sharing!
    and for the record- I am pretty good at flip cup!

    p.s. your eyes in the last pic are amazing!!

  12. So someone recently told me I have to start making my blog unique to myself because my blog she sees in so many other blogs, wasn't sure if I should be offended or take her advise! Now I am just completely confused about this whole blogging thing! HELP! I want my blog to be as cool as yours! hehe!

  13. Did I see that Ipad/TV picture right? Was that Mr. Laser Rocket Arm? Awww :( So weird seeing him in a Broncos jersey!

    I'm a horrible Hoosier..I like football significantly more than I like basketball...and my favorite college basketball team isn't even in this state!

  14. Wohoo- go Irish! Love that we are all getting ready for football season already. I just posted a recipe for football whoopie pies..check it out:http://www.theblondekitchen.com/2012/08/whoopie-pie-recipe.html

  15. I also love football season, cupcakes and your earrings! :)

  16. cheer cheer for old notre dame! Oh I could go on and on with that fight song but I won't. I'm comin for ya south bend. My beer bong and I are ready.

  17. love football and love flip cup. Also, Brady went to my high school - I always think its so funny when ppl comment about him ... Happy Friday my love!!!

    xo, Ash


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