Things That Make Me Cuss.

Oh hi guys.
That's just me right now...screaming at my computer screen for deleting 3/4 of the post that I just wrote.
I LOVE writing posts that get deleted
I mean who wants to write a blog post that actually gets put to good use?!?
Not I.
How boring.
Anyhow..I am going to stop saying every cuss word inside my brain right now and focus all of this energy on remembering everything genius that I had already typed.
Have we talked about how bad my memory is before?
Well it's bad.
Like being in the drive-through on the phone asking my husband if he wants fries with his order and then not remembering if he said yes or no one whole second later when I have to relay the order to the drive-through  person bad.
Not that I go through drive-throughs...
more than six times a week.
I promise I stop at six. 
That's my limit.
Everything in moderation so they say...
Speaking of deleted posts and moderation, I could really use a glass of wine right now.
Okay, much better.
I think I was at the part of my now deleted post where I was telling you all thank you for all of your comments on Friday. It turns out that every single one of us is stupidly obsessed and stressed when it comes to blogging. Which is why I am done blogging. For good. Good-bye blog.
Did you nut jobs think I would actually go and do something stupid like that?
No blogging means I would have to go and get like a real life or something ridiculous like that...
I'm not really into those "real lives".

I did however take your advice and took one whole day off of blogging this weekend.
Baby steps people. Baby steps.
Instead of increasing my probability of getting carpel tunnel, I.....
laid out//faked jumping off of diving boards...
Swimsuit: Swimspot
hosted a cookout with friends...
attended a friends bridal shower..
and just sat and stared at the stars for at least a solid hour.
I haven't stared at the stars since.....
It was the closest thing to perfection.
The only thing between staring at the stars and perfection is Luke Bryan. We all know that. 
Two things to wrap up this post which was supposed to be much cooler than what it turned out to be.
1. Fall Into Fashion. Today I am wearing....no underwear. Oh wait. You weren't supposed to know that. No but today's fall outfit inspiration is orange. Orange you glad you stopped by? Haha. I am so lame. And I am seriously laughing out loud right now. Which reminds me of a joke that I text my friend the other day.
Knock Knock
Who's There?
Cash Who?
No thanks, I like peanuts.
You're welcome for that. Use it today. At least twice. 
Anyhow---back to fashion. 
Orange is all the rage right now when it comes to Fall.
I would know, MSN is my home page and it told me so. 
Here I am in all of my orange glory (I am talking clothes people. Not face. However...)
 Shirt: The Loft//Jeans & Boots: Target//Necklace: Miss Chic
Dog: Mine. All Mine.
Weird Faces: Sexy. Obviously.

Link up your fall outfit at the end of this post and go to town.
And by go to town I mean include this picture on your blog and then allow me to select your blog to show off next week.
My favorite outfit from last week happened to be..well I had three. 
Shopfreak//The Powder Room//Awake at Five
Thank you to all who participated. If I didn't pick you this week..well then dress cuter.
That's a joke. You all looked slammin. Just keep participating. I am sure you will see your pretty face on here sooner than later.
2. The winner of the Cents of Style giveaway is Lora. While everybody else other than Lora lost, I still have good news for you. Cents of Style is having a HUGE (we're talking 9 pages worth) of clearance right now and I have a code to get you an ADDITIONAL 20% OFF. Just enter code "SUMMER0512". Shop on
3. Oh crap. Speaking of buying amazeballs items at amazeballs prices I am on another shopping freeze. Except this time it's for 90 days. And I am not kidding and that is not a typo. Apparently the buying 14 pieces of clothing last weekend combined with my Target trip today didn't please the ole' man too much. You know what they say-Oops.
And that's all I have for ya kids.
My wine says it loves you.
And my wrists say they hate you.
..Listen to the wine. It is much, much wiser.



  1. Love the fall outfit! And I don't really like orange. So yeah, you know it's good!

  2. GOSH YOU ARE SO STYLISH. I seriously want your closet - so jelly.

  3. Love the orange outfit! I could use it as a gameday outfit. And I actually used the cash joke on my husband. He just stared at me. He is lame. I thought it was hilarious.


  4. Love your dog!! and the outfit, might be a little too much color for me (I'm horrible with wearing anything colorful) but I love it on you! :)

  5. 3 things:
    You are so funny
    Those brownies look delish
    and CUTE fall outfit

  6. I have that necklace and always wear it with orange. I love your orange look for fall, it isn't normally a color I wear for fall but you totally made it work.

  7. Super cute outfit for fall. I look terrible in orange and stripes but they both look super cute on you! Also, glad you had an enjoyable weekend. I gave your link-up a try, here's hoping I didn't screw it up. So much of blogging is new to me. Have a great week!

  8. even though i really don't want summer to end i am getting excited for boot season! such a cute outfit!

  9. I don't really like orange at all but you make that outfit look so damn cute!

  10. I love the idea for fall into fashion...I'm too late today since I'm already in my pjs and they are definitely not fashion forward, but hopefully I can participate next week. P.S. You look adorable annnnd I laughed out loud several times while reading this post. :)

  11. It's time to teach 7 month old Jacob how to use my DSLR camera so I can play along because it's always just me and him during the day. By the time my hubby comes home from lawyering the day away, I'm in yoga pants, covered in milk, drinking wine, messy hair in a bun and hours-old mascara starting to create the highly-covered raccoon eyes look.

    That shiz ain't pretty. No one should be subjected to that. No one.

  12. Fall outfits make me happy! I love the orange striped sweater and the crazy faces lol :)

  13. You know, I pretty much absolutely adore you!
    Think it's because we share the same birthday.
    Or because you're freakin hilarious!
    It's because you love wine
    and forget drive thru orders
    and go to drive thrus period.
    And look amazing in orange.
    Orange ya happy I stopped by?
    I am.

  14. I LOVE the orange sweater, but when I clicked the link to the LOFT it wasn't on their online site! : (

  15. Your outfit posts are making me wish it was fall already! I'm not a big fan of orange but I love the orange stripes!


  16. What I want to know is where did you find that black and white striped dress that you wore to the shower. I have no fashion sense whatsoever and even I can tell that it's adorable.

  17. Your blogs just keep getting BETTER and BETTER! Please don't ever stop blogging! Ya hearing me ey?????

  18. Your orange striped shirt is fabulous! Clearly, I'm obsessed with stripes, I may just have to add that one to my collection. Thanks for loving my look and I can't wait to link up again. Autumn is my absolute favorite season to dress for!!


  19. I can't believe I actually won something! Hooray for free shopping!


  20. Ok how jealous am I?? Where do you live that you can lay out during the day and wear a light jacket at night??? I want to move THERE!! Came to you blog from Cupcakes and Candy Canes :D

  21. I remembered to link up! I couldn't get fancy pics like yours, but hopefully for next week!!

  22. First- I too forget things- like when I am in the shower and I cant remember if I already washed my hair- so I just wash it again just in case.
    Second- Your swimsuit is really cute and your look hot in it- which makes me kind of hate you.
    Third- underwear is definitely not a requirement in my book.
    And last.... THANK YOU for picking my fall into fashin outfit! Yay!

  23. LOVE the orange outfit! It's SO perfect and cute. But please don't tell my friends here that are tide fans I might be ex-communicated ;) It's a bit too VOL for their liking. Isn't it sad I shop that way... Heaven forbid I purchase an orange shirt and be thought of as an Auburn or Tennessee fan ;)

    Note: There is a super cute gingam shirt at Gap in the men's section (I love men's button ups, vs. girls).. anycray - it's orange. And it's adorable. but I haven't purchased it... I can't deal with the in laws hounding me ;)

    I am stoked to hear you say that orange and green are in for fall though. Green is my color. I always get compliments when I wear it :)

    Keep up the great work - I HATE losing darn blog info when I'm typing.. it's always a really good post too. Then I get fed up and move on.

  24. Yeeeee how fun! I am beyond excited for fall fashion. Uh-oh, I totally did not link up my fall outfit here though. But I want to do it soon! Forgiveeee me Erin!!! I liked reading your blogging balance post. I promise everyone here will still love you just as much if you take a day off every week, and I think you'll love yourself more too!

    perfectly priya

  25. Best knock knock joke ever. used it once and will use it again tomorrow.

    And Erin! Please, please do not say it's fall! It's August in Minnesota. Fall will be here soon but we don't get much summer so please, please do not rush it. Thank you.


  26. the one thing i don't get in the city are drive-thrus and i miss them!

    okay, love all your skinny stripes...the scarf, the dress. so cute. i must have that scarf as one of my staples for september.

    have you entered my giveaway yet?

  27. Ok, I know you hate when people say "I'm your newest follower" but I am :) I found you over at Life of Bon on your blogging tips and I am totally pinning them to pinterest! So I don't forget. I laughed out loud literally a few times reading this post and the other one. BTW...I love Luke Bryan too :) ANyway, I'm over at www.theredheadedprincess.com after reading some of your posts, I think we'd probably hit it off in real life..lol Love your writing and sense of humor! Jess

  28. So funny :) Love both your striped outfits..I"m a lover of stripes too and thanks for picking my pic! I'm so honored!


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