Life According To My Phone.

That's the number of photos currently housed on my phone people.
This is 916 more than I ever thought I would have on my phone.
I used to be one of those naive idiots who would think
"I would never use my phone for a camera. That's what a camera is for.."
I also thought I would never find it necessary to Instagram every meal but that's another story for another day. Wait. Speaking of that, I discovered why America is obese last night as I was perusing Instagram. You see, one of you had to go post a picture of waffles filled to the brim with syrup.
What did I immediately want to go stick in my mouth?
Waffles with syrup. Or really anything I could get my hands on. Thankfully the only thing I had next to me was a glass of water..BUT...If waffles would've been in my house you better believe I would've been shoving those down my throat faster than my dog can turn in circles when I pull the cheese bag out of the refrigerator.
So that's the secret weight loss trick you have all been searcing for.
You wanna stay skinny? Stay the heck away from Instagram.
Twenty pounds lighter just like that.

You're welcome.

Anyhow--I thought we would just take a nice little journey through my photos as of late.
If that doesn't tickle your fancy, well then you must not be very ticklish.

1. My latest and greatest obsession--Cheerfully Charmed. Their necklaces are just so..charming ;)

2. Naps. I dig em.

3. Just a pile of spaghetti noodles that decided to jump out at me one fine Friday morning and yell "Suuuurrrrppriisseee!" I just have the sweetest noodles living in my house.

4. 52 degree mornings. I dig those as well.

5. My most commonly assumed position. Wine in hand. Check. Phone in front of face. Check. Laptop on lap. Check.

6. I felt like I struck gold when I saw this display. I am in love with paper towels. No but really--they are my one true love. My shirt says so.

7. You want some good mac and cheese? Buy Kraft's Homestyle mac and cheese. It's as fattening and delicious as it looks.

8. You want a quick and easy way to start the love making process in your house?
Buy this and add some rum. Done and Done. You're welcome.

9. Baked Edamame. Aka the best thing you could put in your body. Just buy some Edamame beans--drizzle olive oil, Parmesan cheese, and salt & pepper over them, bake for 15 minutes at 350 and
waaa-la. You've got yourself a healthy little side dish folks.

10. Me. After a head scratch. I would be totally fine if this is how I always looked if it meant I was always getting a head scratch.

11. Showing off my jewels that little miss Brie made for me. Yes. She made that beautiful thing.
Now I don't know what's cuter. Her or the necklace?

12. Oh you know--just dominating 20 miles on a bike bath. NBD.

13. The view from our patio one morning. I was pretty confident they were having an emergency landing..turns out they were just getting started.

14. I should probably go necklace shopping.

15. My favorite position. On the back of a motorcycle baby.

16. Last but not least--If I'm going to get fat...you are too. Suckers.
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I am off to go see what other wildly exciting things I can capture on my phone now.
Pajamas, couches, blankets, oh the possibilities.



  1. That edamame looks amazing! I wish my necklace collection looked like yours!

  2. I used to think that about phones and cameras too, until I realized how taking pictures with my phone is way easier than lugging around a camera! I have almost 1300 pictures on my phone. Ridic.

  3. I'm going to need to know what you're using to organize those necklaces. Thanks!

  4. Girl, I'm dying! That waffle looks delic and now I'm totally craving them again. My thighs thank you mucho for that! NOT! Also, Mac and cheese and Bacardi=way to my heart. Are you sure we aren't long lost twins?!?! Cause that would be amaze balls and I'd make you waffles everyday. Not even kidding you. Waffles, Mac and cheese, bacardi and shopping everyday. We'll work off the calories with hard core shopping trips. Just sayin...

  5. Parmesan cheese might be the only thing that could possibly make edamame better - yum!

  6. Hahaha! Seriously love this post! You make me smile. #justsayin

  7. Uhh did you see my hot air balloon pic in today's post!?! Did they fly from me to you?!

    I am taking all of my toddler's edamame that she throws on the floor and making that dish for dinner tomorrow.

    And agreed- that mac & cheese is a whole meal here. No messing around with using that as a side with meatloaf or chicken like they show on the boxes. It IS a meal.

  8. On a completely unrelated note,
    I love that you post in the evenings.
    Gives me a blog to look forward to at the end of the day. :)

  9. Homestyle Kraft mac & cheese is the best!! I usually add extra bread crumbs on top before baking!

  10. I love that mac n cheese and that marg mix is gonna be in my freezer soon!:) YUMMY~

  11. just so you know... i've got some insider scoop on kraft homestyle mac n cheese.

    you see, my friend charlotte is in marketing, and kraft cheese happens to be one of her clients. she informed me last weekend that kraft will be rolling out MICROWAVE homestyle mac n cheese soon...


    your welcome.

  12. that last comment made me laugh out loud. I actually kinda want waffles now...

  13. I am jealous of your necklaces...total and complete jelaousy!!

  14. Kraft Homestyle mac & cheese is amazing! I used to make my own mac & cheese from scratch, then I found this and that's all I ever use. Kind of sad, but I don't care. I'm going to cry if they ever discontinue it.

  15. That margarita mix is the ONLY way I make margaritas anymore! So easy and so freaking delish! And I've been dying to try out that edamame recipe, so I'm glad to hear it's good! Off to dream about waffles now, thanks :)

  16. Oh my gosh, that waffle looks amazing! You are so cute in all of those pictures!

  17. mouth is watering seeing that edamame. yum! fun post, girl!

  18. i want to raid your necklaces!

  19. Love all the pics! Where did you get that necklace holder! It is awesome!

  20. Dear Erin...
    Your life rocks..just a little...heehee!

    Now they sell Margarita's in a pouch...single serve frozen! The best thing since coolers at the beach!

    xo Andie
    Andie's Traveling Pants

  21. Some really great pics! I love the one of the noodles and of all your necklaces!


  22. that baked edamame sounds amazing!

  23. I love your life! And I'm stealing that edamame recipe!!! And the margarita one :)


  24. I just...love you...

    Will asked me if I want to get my own motorcycle now that I have my license, and I told him no because I love riding WITH him!

  25. I just had edamame tonight for dinner and it certainly did not look like that. I mean it was of course delicious because can it ever not taste delicious? The answer is yes if there is no sea salt by the way. But this recipe you cooked up looks way more enticing than just your average salt of the sea. Must try. And must buy more necklaces.

  26. Some interesting things going on on that phone! Like it!
    A phone holds all the secrets to one's head!

  27. The motorcycle pic is my favorite! Nothing better than a ride in beautiful weather :) Also, can I borrow some of your necklaces? ;)

  28. Okay, so could you fly out to Boston and go shopping with me? We're limited to Target and Old Navy, but I bet you could really help me pull something together so I can stop looking like an old school-marm.

    That necklace. I need it now.

  29. I have 1,544 photos on my phone...I too was the "this is just a phone...not a camera" person...look at me now...I need an intervention ;)

  30. Holy Necklace Collection! Love all your necklaces!!!

  31. I've never had edamame... or even seen in. But now I must try it!

  32. you could totally start a store with your necklace collection. I envy it. Totally.

  33. head rubs- hell to the yes, sister!!

  34. great pictures! most of them made me LOL - the the bacardi in a can! WOAH ":) best idea ever lol
    found you via the giveaway at katies blog,check out mine

  35. Now I need waffles, and spaghetti, and mac-n-cheese, and necklaces.

    You've used your persuasive tools against me this morning. But I did enjoy it :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  36. hmmm - purchasing that coral necklace NOW. and Margaritas in a frozen can? where the hell have I been? Just add 1 handle of tequila.

  37. What effing ever YELLOW all you need is a phone from 1912, and you never take photos of yourself or instagram.

    basically i am going to be thin, right? promise? right? right.

  38. Love all your jewelry! Glad I've found your blog and followed.

  39. 1) LOVE your necklace collection. Divine.
    2). I am a nerd who still likes to carry both my iPhone (with its kick-butt 8MP camera) and my regular digital camera. Why do I do this???

  40. Sweetest noodles living in the house = LOLZ!


  41. HAHA! What a way to start the love making process! Too fun!

  42. love all your necklaces!! wish I was more of a jewelry person...oh well!!


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