I'm Writing A Book.

It's official.
I've thought about it long enough (a few weeks) and I am ready to move these thoughts into action.
Now hear me out before we get much further--I do not think that I am genius writer (hello typos). 
Or that I know everything about this, that, or the other.
Especially in the whole "writing a book" department. I'm clueless folks. 
I am going to assume it involves sitting behind a computer and typing but other than that, I know nothing.
Here is what I do know though--
I have ideas. Some funny. Some serious. Some insightful. And a lot (we're talking a lot) of meaningless items floating around in that head of mine. Ever since I started this blog I thought it would be fun to take it one step further. And because this blog doesn't take much initiative herself, I have to kind of direct her where I want her to go. In other words, I wear the pants around here. Sorry blog. You're cute but you're not that cute. 
So blog--guess what? You are about to become a book. A real life book! Can you believe it blog?
Me either. 
Nor will I til' it's done.
Speaking of getting it done, that's a small concern of mine. I am under the impression that writing a book may also take time. I'm thinking if I start praying for 50 hour days it might happen. Or if I drink enough wine, I will convince myself that 8 pm really only means 8 am. So yes, I will be drinking a lot during this process. 
The basis of the book?
Blogging. And how to do this shaz.
But that's not all.
You better believe it will have a smattering of funny stories mixed in.
And really insightful information.
Like how not to fall down a flight of stairs and land at the foot of a donkey and mariachi band
It's not going to be your typical "how to blog" book. But it will be awesome. I promise you this.
However, in order to make it awesome I need YOU.
Yes, I just said you. Don't turn around. I meant you. 
I need to know what you want covered in this blogging (slash humorous, slash random, slash anything else my brain wants to talk about) book. What questions do you want answered?
Topics I should discuss?
You name it, I need to know it. 
So really--I should have titled this post "Surprise! You are writing a book for me!"
All I ask is that you email me your questions, topic ideas, etc to livinginyellow@gmail.com.
Or tweet me. Facebook me. Comment down below. Just do something to tell me. 
You wanna know how to make a button? Or when you should start paying to advertise? What about how to respond to negativity in blog word? Most importantly--how many glasses of wine one should consume while writing a post?
I can assure you I do not have all of the answers. But I do have suggestions.
Most of which are probably not to be taken seriously...
Anyhow-- help a sister out and let's do this thang. 
I am excited.
And nervous. 
And a little overwhelmed.
But it's going to be good. 
..Now if you will please excuse me I am off to lock myself up in a secluded room for the next six months.
If your grocery store is out of mac and cheese and wine come next week...my sincerest apologies. 
Just know it went for a good cause.
Thank you in advance for your help. 
Past, present, and future--you all rock.
Love you kitten britches.
Cheers to an exciting new beginning....
hair pulling, sleepless nights, carpel tunnel, and all.



  1. So Awesome! Can't wait to read the book! :)

  2. This is probably the most exciting thing I've read all day! I wish I had some sort of fabulous idea to share with you...Can't wait to see where all this goes!

  3. best of luck with the book- you're living MY dream, that's for sure :) so happy for you.

  4. Congrats Erin! That sounds awesome. I can't wait to buy your book! :)
    ...side note.. i cannot even think about wine right now. It's 4:00 and I"m still wine-hung-over. Oops.

  5. That's awesome! Can't wait to read it!

  6. This is so exciting!! I will definitely be reading it :)

  7. Congratulations! How much fun! Good luck, I look forward to reading it!

  8. This idea for a book is a fabulous one!! Good luck and can't wait to read it!! :)

  9. O.Em.GEE. Sooo exciting! Can't wait to read it! Let me know if you ever need any design tips to include!

  10. I would love to read about how to expand your readers, how to reach different types of folks. I guess that falls into "when should I start paying to advertise?" While I have attracted the attention of The Skin Cancer Foundation, Headline News, and Dr. Drew with my blog about melanoma, I know that I need to reach out to the Everyday Girl. Looking forward to reading this book--your hilarious comments and all! :-)

  11. Yay! This is awesome! You go girl!

  12. Yay that's so exciting, congrats!!! Can't wait to read it!

    I am now craving mac & cheese lol

  13. Absolutely LOVE that you are doing this. !! :)

  14. I want to know about the exact ratio of chick-fil-a to wine that a blogger should consume in order to allow her full awesomeness to shine to the world.

    I think you are going to make an extraordinary book author. I'll even pre-order it on Amazon when the time comes.


  16. Good luck!! I'm sure it'll be awesome!!

  17. Yay for you!!!!
    And us.
    Yay for us!!
    We're writing a book!
    I always knew we would. ;)
    I can't wait to read it. :)

    I would LOVE to read about the "why" people blog.
    I say this because it seems like everyone and their best friend has a blog and because of this, I sometimes allow myself and my blog to feel overwhelmed. small. insignificant.
    We are both sort of sensitive that way.
    Anyway, I think the "why" of blogging is important.
    Encouragement for the blogger?

  18. High Five my friend...I've always wanted to write a book! Awesome idea!!

    So answer me this...

    How do you make money on a blog that doesnt sell anything or have shop? Like someone is just paying you for ad space right? Explain my friend :)

  19. Woo hoo! EXCITED. Maybe these topics?
    -About writing posts of whatever you want...

    GOOD LUCK! Can't wait to read it!

  20. Yay! So happy for you! I cannot wait to see it in the end - everyone's brought up my questions (including your questions that might have been asked by us) so I've got nothing but good lucks for you!! :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  21. what an awesome idea! and a crazy adventure it will be :)

  22. This is SO exciting!!! That is definitely a book I'd buy! Even if it were $30! haha. Hmm what would I like to learn? The biggest thing for me is how to get lots of blog followers since this brings other good things like sponsorships, partnerships, etc. It would also be great if you talked about giveaways and sponsorships :)

  23. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerk!

    you should write about how to manage time with family, health, work, and being domestic all the while keeping up with blogging...and how to share your blog with people close to you.

  24. How cool! Good luck. I'd defiantly read it!

  25. That is super exciting! Congrats on getting your endeavor started. I look forward to checking it out!

  26. SO exciting! I know I'm excited to read it!:)

  27. Can't wait to reaaadddd ittt!!! <3

  28. You go Glen Coco. Reach for the stars!

  29. So exciting!!! I want a signed copy please :)

  30. Congrats on the decision! I can't wait to see how to process goes, and you're going to do great at it!

    I would love to know what the best way to tell/explain to people outside of the blogging world that you have a blog without them looking like you used eyeliner for lipstick or something.

    Just a suggestion, but I am so excited for you!


  31. I consumed 2 glasses of wine writing tonight, but I don't want to put a number on it! lol this is awesome! I'm pumped for you. And as you know, I need all the answers to all the blogish questions. I don't even know how to make my picture bigger! I'm really not the technically handicapped but with this blogging I am!

  32. Girl, that is phenomenally exciting! And kind of funny because I mentioned writing a book in my Me, Myself, and I post today! You will do an amazing job, your writing style on the blog is so compelling, I can only imagine a book will be equally as fantastic. I'll send you boxes of wine or something ;)

  33. Good for you! Power of confession, baby! The universe is about to smack you in the face with goodness! I'll have to think of a question to send to you…

  34. WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! Exciting! Cannot wait to read it!


  35. Yay! I think it's totally time you should. You could write about how to get awesome celebs like Giuliana to notice you (and then get tons of new followers who saw G tweet you, like me!) You can do itttttt (and wine ALWAYS helps everything)

  36. Great news! I look forward to reading it when it comes out. If you want the name of a great editor feel free to contact me. I am currently in proccess of writing a book myself and she's helping me with it. I'm six months in a still have a ways to go!

  37. I would love to know all the stuff about blogging no one talks about, like how much money people make and how they make it! case studies from other bloggers? how to get freeeebies!

  38. I'm been harboring a nasty secret...

    I have no idea how to make a button... or a header for my blog...is that even what its called? See I need so much help

    So please... tell me everything you know.



  39. there is so much I dont know about blogging ... sooo excited for you my dear! when does it go on sale? Im really to buy the book already!!

  40. OMG Erin I am SO excited for you! I couldn't think of anyone better to write a blogging book than you :) After all, the entire reason I started reading blogs and writing my own is because I found a link to yours on G's twitter :) I think it was about the baby post you did?

    Anyway, way to go!!


  41. Go get it Erin! I am so excited for you! I would love to read about how to gain more readers and when you should start to pay for sponsor ship.

  42. I have been thinking of doing something like this for probably 6 months or so now haha I wasn't brave enough to post about it though... because that means your committed haha, yo goooo girl!

  43. oh I can't wait! sounds awesome :)

  44. OMG, Girl…this news is HUGE!!! =) And you KNOW…I'll be one of your biggest fans! Truth…already am. =) But really…if I can't stop reading this…I will most def…not be able to put it down! I'll have to think of ideas/additions to add, but for now…A HUGE Congratulations to you, Sweetheart! A dream come true…fo sho! =) XO
    Calling All Dolls!

  45. Good for you! I hope it goes great. :)

  46. That sounds awesome! Good luck to you! So I like your question about how to make a button, please do tell! :)

  47. You go girl! This is awesome and I can not wait to watch the process and see the final product! You probably should do a book tour!

    Can you write about ads/sponsoring and when to start accepting them on a blog? Rates, details, etc? K, thanks :)

  48. you are amazing. THIS IS SO EXCITING! I would totally 1045% read your book, you are hilarious and so fun which will translate beautifully into a book. Can't wait!!!

  49. One of my creative writing professors once told me, "just remember revising and editing is as important as writing. Be specific and be sure to highlight important details."

    And don't worry all the good writers, drink.

  50. I think that if anyone needs to write a book about blogging that would be funny/informative- it NEEDS to be you! Other than all the normal topics, I would like to see something about creating genuine relationships, and growing at your own pace, instead of feeling pressured to get too big too quick! Oh, and to not be negative Nancy's or judgmental of others! We are here to support each other!

  51. Super pumped about reading your book! No pressure now. Let's us know where we need to send the wine so this book get completed. I'd love to hear all of your great blogging stories and just all that knowledge in your head. Now get back to work! :)

  52. Hi!! I'm new to the blogging world, and I love yours!! Keep up the great work :)

    As for what I would like to see in your book...how did it go from being "just a hobby" to something you bring in an income from? Did you set goals - like making sure you wrote 4 posts per week or something? How long did it take to get a significant number of followers? And what did you do to get those followers?

    I probably have more questions, too...but this is a good start! I know I would LOVE to have a great blog that people read, but it seems like only my best friends read it, haha.

  53. That's great! I would love to read it. P.S. love the ring


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