How To Be A Millionaire

Once upon a time there was a husband and wife who lived in a home.
That husband and wife were minding their own business one evening when out of nowhere the doorbell rang.
Low and behold stood two young girls with a wagon full of zip locked bags.
One of the girls had a sign around her neck which read “Small: $.50 Medium: $.75 Large: $1.00”
Naturally the wife got excited because anything large for only $1.00 is well…exciting.
The husband and wife inquired further by asking “What are you selling?” to which the little girls exclaimed “Bags of candy! We have gumballs, candy canes, and other stuff in the bags”
Being the sucker that the wife is, she had to purchase at least two large bags, trying to disregard that it is the middle of summer and she is about to pay for candy canes.
And let’s be honest, the “other stuff” was quite intriguing.
Sour Patch Kids…Nerd Ropes…Cocaine…Oh the possibilities
After handing the girls the money they thanked the husband and wife and then informed the two that
“this was leftover candy from a wedding we went to!!”
And that my friends, is a story on how to become a millionaire.
Crash weddings. Raid the candy table. Whip out your old wagon. And go door knocking.
It will get you $2 richer while somebody else is left with a bag full of candy canes and unwrapped gumballs that hundreds of wedding guests had their hands on.
Speaking of genius..I have a few others to tell you about.
These aren’t the kind though that steal candy and knock on doors.
Although now after they heard that story they may….
These are girls who write legit blogs and ones that I honestly believe you need to know about.
So if you would please allow me to keep talking, I am going to.
And if you won’t allow me to, well..you actually don’t have a choice. I am going to.
First up we have the blogger who took my "blogger turned real life friend" virginity.
A dirty one she is.
You should all know by now my feelings towards Taylor. I think she is brilliant. Seriously, brilliant. And I tell her all of the time that every freaking person on the face of the planet should follow her blog because its just that good. If you want to laugh hysterically just read this post.
Everybody say hi to Taylor's boyfriend Chris while you are at it.
Hi Chris. Anyhow, I could go on forever but I will let you make your way over to The Daily Tay and then allow you to kick yourself in the shins for not reading her blog sooner. You're welcome.

Next in line is the oh so fabulous Kristen over at A Day In The Life Of Me.
Kristen's claim to fame you ask? She knows how to remove shellac nail polish--without going to a salon. Oh Kristen how I love you. Not only is she a nail polish remover guru, Kristen is a teacher by day and a lover of her man 24/7. Kristen is such a breath of fresh air and sometimes you need just that. Especially if you live near fields that get fertilized with manure. Go learn something from Kristen today. You will be thankful you did.
This pretty little lady is Rachel and she blogs over at lala Lists.
I would recommend you click on her blog just to see what a fabulous blog design looks like for starters. Rachel is a lot like me in the sense that our brains would rather think of genius ideas than actually sleep at night. Which is how she created her shop that happens to be stocked full of some of the cutest posters ever. Rachel also puts together the cutest outfits I've ever seen. No but seriously, go see what I mean. I would die for her outfit inspirationed brain. That or just have her come live inside my closet. I'm off to go ask my husband about that....

And last but certainly not least is Tess aka The Framed Lady.
She is so cute I wish I could hang her up on my wall. The minute I knew I loved Tess was the minute I saw her in yellow shorts. Or maybe it was after I read through her little "about" section that went a little like "I am so in love with my husband, its gross". Oh honest people how I love thee. If you are a new blogger make sure to check out Tess's tips for you all. The girl knows her stuff. Don't take my word for it though....
And there you have it.
Four blogs much cooler than my own.
Interested in me bragging about you and your blog?
Click here--read through the "large" option and then email me at livinginyellow@gmail.com.
I have a few spots left for September. And by a few I mean two.
Well friends..I am off to go suck on some germ infested candy.
Mmmmmm....can't wait.



  1. Followed them ALL :) Thanks for introducing them!

  2. I love it! Thanks so much for the feature! Everyone go sponsor Erin right now. Go.


  3. um, this is perfect timing paired with my post today.
    i know just what to do with that shitload of candy i unloaded from around my house.
    millions, here i come!

  4. That is awesome!!! Little entrepreneurs they are! ;)

  5. Hahaha! Cant wait til my daughter gets older...she going to make me, I mean, herself, so much money!

  6. BAHAHA. That candy thing is amazing.

    And I followed all of those blogs :)

  7. I ALREADY love me some Tay and Kristen. aaaaaaaand Love your face erin! emailing you back right now!

  8. Yay, thanks for the feature!! I hope everyone sponsors Erin and follows the fabulous women =) myself included!!!
    Love it!!

  9. Yay, thanks for the feature!! I hope everyone sponsors Erin and follows the fabulous women =) myself included!!!
    Love it!!

  10. I wonder how much money those little kids made selling all that stuff?! So funny!

  11. Thanks for the evening laughs and awesome blog links! You are hilarious my dear!

  12. The candy thing is amazing! How cute.

  13. I'm off to check out their blogs, but first I wanted to let you know that you never fail to make me laugh OUT LOUD every single time I read one of your post. :)

  14. I'm afraid I might get arrested if I tried to sell candy door to door! I better not risk it! haha

  15. Wow... So I knew something was up after I got like 30 more followers in one day. (which typically takes about 30 days) So yeah, Erin's words are gold. Sponsor her. Like now. Or don't, I would hate for her to run out of spots for me.

  16. The candy story was hilarious. How funny. I found your blog from Bonnie's spotlight, and it was really helpful to read. I'm new at blogging, so I really appreciated the tips. Thank you Erin!

  17. love that story haha! totally made my day :)

  18. Hilarious. I will be stealing all my kids Halloween candy for this from now on!

  19. You caught my interest from Bonnie's blog and so happy you did!! You were funny on the blog 101 post you did for Bon and you are funny on your own!! New follower....is it ok to say that? lol!!

  20. You caught my interest from Bonnie's blog and so happy you did!! You were funny on the blog 101 post you did for Bon and you are funny on your own!! New follower....is it ok to say that? lol!!

  21. Thanks for sharing these great blogs along with your great blog!

  22. Thank you for introducing me to these new blogs! I just love reading every day. I may not always comment, but I DO read! Maybe I'll sponser soon: )

  23. awesome blogs! we totally have kids with little wagons come around with candy bars ... and I am always the sucker who buys 24 of them. but not without a little haggling. those kids don't even know what hit them. ;)

  24. Are you kidding me??? I just read your about page and I am pretty dang sure it's the best I have ever read. It's funny really... you told me you are not really overly amazing at anything but I want to read every post on your blog now! Love that you love life... love your blog! Super inspiring. Love that!!

  25. Selling wedding candy? Brilliant! I'm stick cracking up over here!

  26. Definitely checking out Taylor's blog! :)

  27. I think if I were to crash weddings I'd just be saving on paying for dinner's out. I don't think I could be one of those people that took bags and bags of candy. I was at a Bridal Shower and there were a few young girls and a lot of young ladies (20s) but it was insane how grown women were demolishing the candy table...to the point that one of the bridesmaids had to act as security. Best of luck making millions :)

  28. That story is priceless, and those girls really are genius! I always love the blogs you share, so woohoo! So happy that I already secured my spot for October! I have been designing and redesinging the button, bc I want it to be perfect!!


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