Five Wishes

1. I wish I was better at telling jokes. You know those people who say "Oh I have this great joke..." and then they begin and it goes something like "Uhhh..Crap. How did that start? Wait. I know this one. Oh wait..no I don't. But I swear it was funny when I heard it...." Well that's me. I suck at jokes. End of story.
My three year old nephew however is on top of his joke telling game. He taught me this one tonight when I politely asked him to give me some material for my blog post: 

Knock knock. Who's there? Banana. Banana who? 
Knock knock. Who's there? Banana. Banana who?   
Knock knock. Who's there? Banana. Banana who? 
Knock knock. Who's there? Orange. Orange who? 
Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

2. I wish I was better at sending cards to people. Thank you's, hellos, miss yous, etc...
I have never been good at this. But I am trying. Trying in the sense that I have now written "send thank yous" in my planner. And that's as far as it's gotten. That's a lie. I now have cards to actually send...which happen to be cuter than crap. 
Told you.
So now that I have no excuse I should probably get on it. Probably not though.
Oh hey wait, you want some of those for yourself now do you? Can't say I blame ya.
Enter code "livinginyellow" and get 20% off your order.
I will expect to see my thank you card in the mail for that one.

3. I wish I ate healthier. Guys--I took a full regular size bag of salt and vinegar chips to work for breakfast this morning. And then I ordered Chinese take out for lunch. Dinner consisted of pizza and breadsticks with a few cocktails. My husband keeps saying "Don't come to me laughing when you die of a heart attack" Lucky for him the last time I checked dead people can't laugh. Sucker.

4. I wish I didn't lose my virginity to three girls. Tonight. But, well...I did.
Excuse the hotness. 
They stole that "G-Chat" virginity right out from under me faster than I can say the words "give me mac & cheese or give me death" (see number 3).
But trust me ladies--it was worth it.

5. I wish I had more time to blog right now. But I don't. And this post might have been written in ten minutes or less. Half conscious at that. It's waaaaaaay past my bedtime. I mean seriously, it's 9:40 pm for crying out loud. Yes I just said crying out loud and "it's way past my bedtime" at 9:40 pm in the same paragraph.
I'm 26 going on 74. I get it.

Happy weekend loves.
I'm outta this mug.



  1. i freaking love those cards! and i think you, me, ellen, and taylor are do for a gchat soon :)

    xo brie

  2. Funny. I literally second'd that. Okay too much wine.

  3. Its tell me a secret Thursday, come on by and spill the beans!

  4. Oh! Must go order some of those cards! Happy Almost Weekend!

  5. i wish i could eat like that and have your skinny minny body!!! you are so luckY! :)

  6. I'm the same way with the jokes and for some reason I just keep trying. Love those cards!!

  7. I love all these wishes, and can relate to most of them - except the whole virginity thing haha I'm still holding onto my G-chat V-card for now! :)

    Delightfully Dunn

  8. I love those cards! I'm horrible at letter writing too. I always buy cute cards hoping it'll help, now I just have tons of blank cards lying around...

  9. Yep, you're pretty much A-freakin-dorable!!

  10. Love Yellow Umbrella designs! And love the fact your really 74 on the inside. Me? I'm 85 and my toddler stays up later than I do :)

  11. loved this post! inspired me to do one of my own :)


  12. I'm jealous of those cards and will order them pronto. I also ate a Papa John's bread stick for breakfast on my way to exercise class yesterday. You win some you lose some.

  13. I'm a fairly new follower but this is one of the reasons why I love your blog: you are so honest! I know exactly what you mean about wanting to eat healthier. I mean, I threw some yogurt in there this morning, but lunch was Taco Bell and dinner was Zaxbys. (If you haven't heard of that place, you need to look it up!)

  14. OMG I'm so that joke teller. (the bad one, not the good one). Same goes for trying to tell a funny story, I can't get past the laughing part and I just get the "you're such a dork" look from whoever I'm trying to tell the story to.

    And the cards-love!


  15. i love those cards!! yellow umbrella always has the best stuff!!!! hope you have a fab weekend!

  16. I'm probably the WORST joke-teller on the planet, so I feel ya on that one, for sure. I just ruin it as soon as I open my mouth.

    And loooooove those cards...I'm browsing away right now and spending money that I shouldn't be spending--but they're just too cute to pass up!

    Hope you're having a lovely week--and hoping your weekend is full of fun and relaxation!

  17. due**** how did i say "do" instead of "due?" i'm currently really annoyed with myself. especially because my comment is the first one and everyone probably thinks i don't know the difference between "do" and "due." these are the things that go through my head while blogging, lol.

  18. Thank you so much for the product review Erin! You're the best!

  19. Those cards are the cutest!

    And I eat the same way lately. Junk just sounds so much better! And my husband is trying to eat really healthy so I have to do it in secret ;) haha The worst!

  20. I love those cards. And I wish I could eat like that and look like you!

  21. you crack me up with your food! cute post :)

  22. Hahaha girl, you are hilar!!! I'm the same way with jokes though- it's pretty pathetic. I'm so ADD I get lost halfway through a joke and just stop, or I'm already laughing at the punchline and can't finish it. And I only WISH I could eat like you do and not be 583,0283 lbs. Jealous.

  23. I wish I could eat like you still and still be rockin them size 0's like you do!! Buttface ;)

    Kidding- mostly! But oh yeah, those note cards are cuuuuute. I always buy new ones with intentions of sending our like, one a week.... it usually is like 1 every 6 months =\

  24. I ABSOLUTELY am in love with your blog, I am not going to lie and this may be kinda creepy but I probably go on it EVERYDAY, thats how much I love it.....creepy right? ... don't judge me lol... No but honestly your blog is the reason I just started one! I am just starting to get the hang of it so who knows what will happen lol... But just thought I would work up the courage to tell you, I LOOVVEEE your blog.

  25. Looove gchat! And those cards are freaking fabulous!!

  26. I have to agree...those cards are AMAZING!

    New Follower...yay!

    Ramblings of a Southern Belle

  27. You're so cute! I LOVE those thank you's. :-) I'm a new follower and am just LOVING your blog altogether! Can't wait to follow along with you now. :-)

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!!




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