Fall Into Fashion

Oh how I wish you all could have witnessed the makings of this post.
Track with me for a second {I think that means follow along? This preacher at my church says "are you trackin'" and I think it's kinda cool. And because I am not original, I am now using his word..}
So back to the makings of this post--I had this great idea right?
It involved clothes. More specifically clothes for fall.
And I thought it would be like so neat to pick out some fun fall outfits and share them with you all.
So that's what I set out to do.
And then I realized I was at home. Alone. With nobody to take pictures of me. Smack dab in the middle of the day. Insert this:
That my friends would be a tripod.
Not just any tripod though--one made of bar stools and a pile of books.
Perfectly positioned right out my neighbors back door {and yes, they were watching}
And that's where it went down hill....
There is something about being on display in the middle of the day, taking pictures of yourself in outfits that are made for 30 degrees less than the current temperature, and posing for a chair with a pile of books on it that is well,  awkward.
Ironic I know.
Back to my idea though.
My original plan was to get all of these glamorous amazing "natural" looking pictures of myself like all of the other fashion bloggers do and post them to this blog.
My next plan was to have you all pin the crap out of my pictures to Pinterest because they would be so incredible. 
See how great of a plan that was?
Well, here is my new plan.
I will still post my pictures.
They will not be glamorous, nobody will pin them, BUT you can at least laugh at my poor attempt to be a fashion blogger.

Speaking of being a fashion blogger....why isn't modeling pajamas considered a good idea?
I'd dominate that field. 
Snuggie <--Get your own Zebra print for less than $7//Slippers: Gap

So anyhow, here we go folks.
Today my "fall into fashion" outfits were green inspired.
I don't know if any of you have walked into a store recently but that is all I am seeing.
Green this, green that, green here, green there...you get it.
Without further ado, the most awkward fashion post of my life:
Cardigan: Bass//Jeans: Old Navy//Boots: Target

Sweater: Old Navy//Bracelet: Cents Of Style

Shirt, Jeans, Necklace: Banana Rebublic

I personally believe that gold looks the best with green.
And gold happens to be more a fall color.
Or at least I think. I really have no idea. You did see my tripod right?
Here are some of my faves in the gold department.
Earrings on left: Target//Bracelet & Earrings on Right: Kohls//Necklace: Bip and Bop

So there you have it kids.
My first "fall fashion" post.
How freaking exciting. 
pleated poppy




  1. you sure do look good in green!
    your tripod is amazing. i've been there girl!

    xo the egg out west.

  2. Oh man I envy your climate! Florida is just about to hit its optimal heat index... So sad, I really want some Fall and snow in my life.

  3. I am not going to be joining the hop, but I wanted to stop by and say hi! I love the colours in your outfits!!
    I won't be joining because my style is yoga pants, shorts, and plain old tank tops! LOL When I finish losing the weight I'm going SHOPPING!!

  4. are those boots from a few years ago!? i had some that were VERY similar (if not exactly the same) and i wore them EVERY DAY in the fall and winter. sometimes in the summer too. they were the best. then the heel fell off :( and i was super sad, and i haven't gotten good, dark camel-ish colored ones since :(

  5. I love all your outfits... and will be buying that green/polka dot sweater. I love green!!!!! Super excited for the fashion link up, and will be regularly participating! :)

  6. First, love your bar stool tripod (I myself have made use of a grill as a tripod). Also...this is still better than all two of my fashion posts!

  7. OMG they are sooooooo cute! I love ALL your outfits!!!!

  8. Haha If I had known...I would have planned for this! I love your link ups ;) Next week for sure!!

  9. lol oh my goodness!! your fashion pics are great and I wouldn't have known the difference if you didn't show your 'tripod'!!
    since I am between jobs and a photographer, [and I've expressed my 'creepiness' before] I wish we weren't in different countries!! I totally would have been up for a photoshoot with you!!

  10. Found you from Bonnie's blog and I LOVE your blog too! Thanks for the tips. I will no longer say I am your newest follower, because I am SUCH a culprit of that... oops! :) I just have to say I LOVE your polka dot sweater, I cannot believe you got that from Old Navy. Score!!

  11. Love this! I actually went out tonight in jeans, tall brown boots (I have that same pair from Target that you have on...) and a blazer. What the crap was I thinking? It was 97 degrees. I got lots of "are you crazy stares" and immediately regretted the decision... Point being, I'm ready for Fall.

  12. love it! Fun idea! and love all your green.

  13. love all the green and banana is one of my new favs since they offer a nice military discount!! must head there soon!

  14. I have a zebra print Snuggie :D I think I need to step up my game on slippers to catch up with you, though.

  15. My husband totally says "are you tracking?" all the time...he was in the Marines...maybe your preacher is a military dude, too?

    I've never done an OOTD post...pretty sure no one needs to see me in yoga pants and a wife beater. But I'm eager for fall fashion, so you may have inspired me to change up my "uniform"...and now I have a tripod, too! Who knew?!

    You rock my socks girl. Not in the sexy time way...you know what I mean.

  16. i am actually visiting you from life of bon. i just read all your tips- i had no clue i had the word verification on- aggghhhh! i always hate that and here i am sporting it! well, fixed that and read a little of your blog. so now i am freaked out about leaving a comment coz i definitely dont wanna talk about poop. :)

  17. I really love your fall outfits!! Super cute!!

  18. welp. the snuggie is sold out online.
    love your outfits lady ;) i will be linking up in the near future...

  19. Would love to participate in this "Fall Outfits" post, but 1) We are on our way to summer here in SA, and 2) I have no fashion sense at all!

    But love all your outfits!

  20. I'm glad to see that Australia isn't that far behind in fashion! We are near the end of winter and heading in to spring and there's BRIGHT COLOURS EVERYWHERE!

    I can't wait to buy some blue jeans (not denim blue, but BLUE BLUE jeans)!

    I love bright colours!

  21. Thank goodness for fall fashion!!! I'm in this awkward "is she pregnant or just chubby" phase (pregnant, for the record) and I'm dying in this heat as I try and cover up my muffin top. I can not wait for sweater weather.

  22. I just read your guest post on Bonnie's blog - and LOVED it. So hopped on over here like a bunny and I LOVE THIS IDEA. Also- you're pretty hilarious. And I personally feel that you have the best tripod ever.

  23. LOVE the "tripod" made me giggle like a school girl with a boy crush.

  24. What color isn't your color? Have yet to see one that does not work on you! And I agree, gold + green go best together!

  25. I love those outfits!! And I really like your pictures by the way :)

  26. I found your blog through Life of Bon! I love how you say you're not crafty, you don't live in pottery barn, and $20 is your limit on bras. I'm the same way. I don't make things (crafts, food, children, etc), I don't have $5000 a month to spend on decorating my house, and don't even get me started on the price of bras! Thanks for sharing your thoughts/life; I love a blogger who keeps it real!


  27. I found your blog through Life of Bon! I love how you say you're not crafty, you don't live in pottery barn, and $20 is your limit on bras. I'm the same way. I don't make things (crafts, food, children, etc), I don't have $5000 a month to spend on decorating my house, and don't even get me started on the price of bras! Thanks for sharing your thoughts/life; I love a blogger who keeps it real!


  28. Haha! Love your makeshift tripod! Brillant getting a picture of it. Wish I would have photographed some of my tripod creations.

    Love the outfit with the green pants and striped sweater! Excited for fall fashion!

  29. I think you looked great regardless of the awkward way of taking photos! Loving all the green too!

  30. I'm gonna need you to give me your clothes. K thanks :) haha. I'm definitely going to get that sweater from Old Navy!

  31. Super cute pics! Loving your blog and that polka dot sweater! Xo

  32. Such sweet outfits and I love the pretty green pants! xo Heather

  33. Please take me shopping and dress me up. Much appreciated thank you.

  34. I personally believe that you are more brave than I am for, 1) Posing for pictures in front of your neighbors, and 2) Posing in Fall clothes in the middle of the summer. Bravo to you!

    Thanks for the fun link-up! Have a lovely day :)

  35. hahaa you are hilarious! but this is such a great idea i love it, ill have to link up soon!

  36. Stiletto shoes in the photo you took using your mirror. Where are they from??? Gah, I LOVE green. and Yes, gold is definitely a fall color ;)

  37. I think that green polka dot sweater is like my favorite all time sweater (at least for now and what I can remember).

    Super cute outfits!

  38. love your polka dot sweater!



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