just celebrating. don't worry about it.
Just stopping in for a minute for a few sweet surprises.
First one--if your name is Amanda and you blog over at Tales From A Far, well guess what--
you are going to be hanging out on my sidebar this month compliments of your husband.
Yes, you heard right. He went right behind that back of yours and contacted me about how he could get your blog on my blog (such a sweetheart). So yaaaaaaaaaaaaay for surprises.
Go hug him right now. Anything happens beyond a hug is your call ;)
Second--if your name is Allison, you won yourself $50 bucks to Swimspot. You are going to look hot in whatever it is you choose, I just know it.
And thiiiiird-if your name is Chelsea, you my friend just won the HUGE August group giveaway.
I think that just means you won twenty-seven freakin' things. Uhh. Happy Saturday to you too.
I will be emailing you two lucky animals later on.
Now...I am off to go catch some sleep so I can wake up EARLIER than what I do for work to tailgate tomorrow. Yes. "Kegs and Eggs" at 7 am sharp. The season is upon us kids. Go Irish.
It should be noted that both pictures featured in todays post are circa 2010.
It's weird.
I look like two years younger or something.
One final surprise.
Remember that onesie that I purchased for sir Edward Duke Rancic?
Turn's out that onesie made it's first E News! appearance this week.
Watch this to see what I am talking about.
Or just look at this screen shot.

Now if only I could meet my little nephew, the world would be complete.
Duke, I love you already and I promise to be the best Aunt possible.
Don't listen to what my other nieces and nephews say...I really am cool.

Well, there you have it---happy three day weekend loves.
Go do something fun....
Like wake up at 6 am for a football game or something.



How To Be A Funny Blogger

Oh sweet Friday.
It's heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere.
Well technically it will be here tomorrow but that's what I call a minor detail.

This week has been an exciting one. But also rather {mentally} exhausting. And while I wish I could share with you all of this excitement, my Nazi husband is saying "No. You aren't sharing this on the blog...Yet"
Well I added the "yet" part but I am sure eventually you will hear about what's going on in my little world.
And no, it does not involve babies, thank you for asking.

However, with that being said--my mind has been anywhere but here the past couple of days.
So what does a blogger do when a blogger doesn't have time to blog?
She uses a blog post that was written awhile ago but never actually published on her own blog!

I apologize if you have read this when I've guest posted on other blogs, but if you haven't..well enjoy.
I think it's mildly entertaining but than again, I also think I am the funniest person I know.
Unfortunately, I haven't found anybody else who agrees with me.
But you know what we say about that right?
The heck with them.


Now I don’t know about you, but I love myself a good dose of humor.
My life motto is if I can laugh enough, I don’t have to actually do any physical exercise.
Wanna burn off the three donuts you just ate for breakfast? Watch The Ellen Show.
Way more beneficial than stepping foot into a gym.

So some of you may be thinking “well crap. I am not very funny…Nor do I know how to be funny on my blog.” To which I would reply “Sucks to be you”. Just kidding. Kind of.

In an effort to put those thoughts to rest though, I thought I would share a couple of ways on
“How to be a funny blogger”

Let’s begin shall we?

1.   Make fun of yourself. Pretty regularly. Let’s face it—we all have flaws {unless you are Luke Bryan, Channing Tatum, and Jennifer Aniston} and there is no reason we need to hide those suckers. I look at it this way—if I don’t make fun of them, somebody else probably will. Call yourself out on the fact that you wear socks with holes, that you pee your pants in the grocery store, or that you fall down stairs when wearing heels. Moral of the story: save yourself having to punch somebody in the face for making fun of you by making fun of yourself first. Your knuckles will thank you.

2.   Write as if you are speaking face to face with somebody.
My favorite blogs are the ones where I feel like I am actually conversing with them. The blogs that use slang and aren’t afraid to type like they talk. Now I don’t know about you, but I am not one to sit and have a conversation that goes a little somethin’ like “Last evening my adorable husband and I sat outside and watched in awe as the fireflies lit up the sky”. No. I would never say that. However, I would say “so the other night my husband and I watched fireflies light up the sky like a mother and it was pretty darn amazeballs” Yup. Much more my speed.

3.   Say what is on your mind at all times. So what if you are writing a post about how much you love your cat and smack dab in the middle of writing you get a craving for mac & cheese with hot sauce on top? Throw that in there. People want to know that you aren’t only obsessed with your cat but that also love mac and cheese {like any normal human being should}. Random is good people. Remember that.

4.   Refer to items as things with feelings. This is just something I’ve always done (then again I am not the most “normal” you may say..). Let’s use your blog as an example. See how boring it was just referring to your blog as “a blog”. I like to think of mine as a girl (because she is cute. Obviously if something is cute it’s a girl). And I believe my blog likes to indulge in a drink every now and again. Let’s compare the two sentences and see which is more enjoyable to read “I am going out tonight to celebrate that my blog just turned a year old” or “My cute little blog requested that I take her out for a celebratory drink tonight for her first birthday. She may be young but she sure knows how to throw down every now and again…” You tell me which was more enjoyable.

5.   Don’t be afraid to show sarcasm.
It’s the best thing since Michael Jordan left his wife for me.

6.   Use some “shock and awe” in your titles and/or posts.
I don’t like boring blog titles and I don’t think blog readers do either. Instead of titling a post “We Built A Firepit” why not call it “Getting Dirty with My Husband”. Take a guess at which one will bring you more page views. Lesson to be learned: People are perverts. Use it to your advantage.

….and there you have it kitten britches {lesson number 7—refer to your readers as kitten britches}, seven simple things to remember to make your blog posts hill rat hilarious.

Said in my most ghetto voice--peace out.



Blogging Vs Bathing

Do you ever have those times where you take your hands and you start doing that whole scale thing?
Like you lift one arm/hand up and say "blog" and then you raise your other arm/hand up and say "bath"? And then you quickly realize that you just raised the hand that said "bath" MUCH higher than the one that said blog? Well yeah, that just happened.

So guess what?

Bath it is.

See you suckers.
say "hi bubbles, i love you".
Hi bubbles I love you.

But hey--real quick before you go, don't go.
I'm not sure if that made any sense at all but you know what, I don't care.
I am about to take a bath.

Here is the deal--I have a special somebody who is talking with you today.
She happens to be one of THE most natural beauties there is.
I hate natural people.
Okay so I don't actually hate her but I hate her face.
And you know what, I don't even hate her face.

I should really stop blogging.

Joe-Lynn, take it away sweet pea.


Hey All!

My name is Joe-Lynn but I write it out without the hyphen Joelynn which some people are curious if it's still really me or someone else but its still me! And I don't even know why I started writing it without the hyphen but I continue to. However, no one and I mean no one really other than strangers, or appointments call me by my actual name. Ever since Elementary or even before I have been called joe that's been my signature nickname and it still sticks with me til this day now that I am twenty-four. Either it's joe-joe, jojo, joe, kjo and it's not just from my family who we have short nicknames for all our names but even at work I get called by a nick name. So that's me a little bit or my name really, the background story. So this is me below. =)

The blog, which was started because of a direction I had wanted to go but of course it hasn't happened that way because I like to wonder into different things. I like to try new things, which you can probably tell I have a mix of things on my blog. And yeah, maybe I could pick a direction but I am almost 99.9% sure I am may not stay on that and I like variety and I bet you guys do too right?! So down below is a couple of variety posts I have written. Oh and by the way I think the one titled this kind of love. / our kind of love is my all time favorite post I have written on my blog, well at least I know when I wrote that I was told there was tears in someones eyes. It must be good, right? Well you guys can be the lovely judge of that!

# 06.11.2012 this kind of love. / our kind of love. (favorite, favorite, favorite personal post I have done on here recently! letter to future husband)
# 06.25.2012 you stole my attention from the sky (favorite outfit post look)
# 07.25.2012 Strawberry Twist (a few Carnival photos)
# 08.01.2012 Q&A / more about me. (if you want to know about me click here!)

I am not a blogger with a husband, boyfriend, or engaged to anyone, which a lot of blogs I read are and/or have the most adorable kids eveeer! I thought I would just get that out because I know a lot of people are probably curious about that aspect of the blogger. Okay or perhaps maybe it's just me because I am a sucker for a love story on how someone meet, got engaged, married.. just the whole round complete love story, sh-bang. That is one part of me I have always been intensely interested in when I know there is something like that. Hopefully, eventually, someday soon that will be me but as for now I can enjoy it through the regular blogs I view who do have that and their wonderful stories and photos.

Thanks for catching this connecting flight to reach over to my blog, it means a lot!

- - So come on baaby let the good times rooooll!
Have a lovely day!

p.s. - Thanks Erin for this opportunity! This girl rocks doesn't she?!!! :D

Signed, Joe

I am going to play some Kci and JoJo now during my bath I think.
Just to honor her cuteness.
And to drown my sorrows over the fact that "All My Life" used to be me and my punkier than punk boyfriends song in 8th grade. It's true guys. I lined my zip up hoodie with safety pins for that man.
Oh the things we do for love....
Have fun over at Bright Lights. I'll be seein' you pretty thangs tomorrow.



Dear Diary,

Hi Diary. It’s me again, your owner Erin.
You may remember me as Mariah or Jasmine.

I figured it’s been a few weeks since I last spoke to you last and I was starting to miss you.
You know what I miss even more though?
Late nights under the covers scribbling all of my dirty little secrets in you.
You sure were a good secret holder.
Were being the main word in that sentence.
I’ll never forget the day that my guy friends found you in 8th grade and nearly died from laughing so hard at all of my love banter.
Boys will never understand how serious 2nd grade love is diary, don’t take it personal.
Looking back, I should just be thankful I had friends who were boys.
Do we need to remind ourselves of how I looked back then?
Diary, I just posted that picture for the whole world to see.
Sometimes my brain doesn't think logically.
You would think a small part of it would say "No. There is NO way you are putting that online."
But nope, it says "the more ridiculous the better".
I miss my old haircut.
I also miss my face being the same shade as kitchen cabinets.

Back to my friends finding you though diary.
I am pretty sure they found you around the same time I got grounded for the first time ever.
It was something about my mom walking up to our computer screen and seeing the screen saver scroll over and over with the words “Erin Haarer sucks hard nuts” What she didn’t know diary was that my friends wrote that AND it was in reference to me eating CASHEWS at a Chinese restaurant. Why she thought it meant anything but is beyond me!
I was only in 8th grade diary!!! 
You saw what I looked like. There is no was possible my mom thought that THAT kind of activity was happening with those bangs, I mean lets be real.

Come to think of it, I still don’t know any other meanings to the words “sucks hard nuts” besides eating cashews at a local Chinese restaurant.
Some people have such dirty minds diary.
We call those people immature.
And you know what we say to those people when they ask us where the nearest Chinese restaurant is? Bend over and I’ll show ya. Well, at least that’s what us mature people say to such questions.

Moving forward diary…I’m mad at Eve right now.
Because of her I am sitting here using a heating pad on my lap.
I mean really, how hard is it to not eat a freaking apple?! An apple I tell you!
Of course if macaroni and cheese was growing in that garden, sure I would understand why she caved to the temptation.
But an apple? No excuses.
Speaking of macaroni and cheese diary, I should’ve told you last time—I blog for free gifts.
I know some people say “Oh it’s just the self satisfaction knowing I am doing something that I truly enjoy..blah blah blah” but me? It’s all because of the freebies. Say for instance this kick ace shirt I just got in the mail from a beloved reader.
That diary is what makes blogging ALL worth it.

I can’t remember if there is anything else I needed to talk you about today.
I think I pinched a nerve or something in my neck writing this.
Icy hot, I am coming for you.
Why can’t we stay twelve forever diary?

Til next time….




I'm A Sucker For Festivals and Champagne

Oh hi friends.
It feel's good to be back...giveaways are exciting and all for readers but pssssssssh....I hate not being able to say much on blog posts. Which is why I am going to write a 801,000 word novel starting now.

That was a joke.
I don't even know 801,000 words.
I also don't know why a friend of ours is in our kitchen eating a ghost pepper {legit the hottest pepper in the world up until 2007. Google that shaz} right now but that is neither here nor there. I just keep hearing 
"Do you guys have any tums?!" followed up with spits in our sink. 

You would think I am kidding but no. Here is he in all of his "GIVE ME WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DRINK OR DIE!!!!" glory. Awwww everybody say "Hi Brett"
We like to kill our friends when they come over apparently. My husband works with Indians.
Hence having a ghost pepper in our house. Not that you needed to know that but now you do. 
You also don't need to know that one day a month I wish I would've gotten knocked up so I wouldn't have to experience cramps but you do now. That day being today. 
Don't worry, those thoughts have now passed and I am rejoicing in the "no baby in my stomach" Gods.

I should really get back to the point of this post. 
Ironically enough I wasn't planning on writing a whole post about us killing our friends and how I secretly wish I would've been knocked up for a few hours out of the day.
We (I) try to keep those things a secret.

Okay back on topic.
Festivals. I'm obsessed. In fact I like to say that I live for them.
Give me a pretty garden, live music, a glass of wine, artists, and food and well....
You get this. 
This picture reminds me, have I ever told you I have a dent in my leg?
I have a dent in my leg. Look on my upper thigh. You'll see it. Fricken childbirth. 
I must have been like a sling shot coming out and happened to hit a tree limb or something along the way. 
I don't know what else possibly could have caused a giant dent in my leg? 
I am off topic again.
Although honestly, I need to address something quickly. This is important. 

I keep reading all of these blog posts (okay two) in the last couple of weeks that go into detail about every step of their birthing experience. Each time I have to read about an epidural and how their body is suddenly washed with a numbness. People, don't you understand that hypochondriacs read this stuff?! 
After two blog posts now my body has gone completely numb which makes it real awkward when I have to get up from the computer and walk somewhere. Danggit, I am numb again. Fricken epidurals. 

Anyhow, like I was going to say before I went numb, my husband kept telling me to stop dancing at said festival. Something about the hundreds of people around (none of which were dancing) I don't know.
My life motto is if you aren't embarrassing yourself you aren't having fun. 
Write that one down and use it kids. 

Here are some "I am not dancing but my husband is eating a bear" pictures from the festival this weekend. 
And he thinks that is normal..
Shirt: Aerie//Shorts: Kohls

I wish I could live at one big giant festival 24/7. 

You know what else I wish I could do 24/7?
Pop champagne bottles.
No but seriously, I think it is the most empowering thing one can do.
Who needs to climb to the top of Mount Everest when you can pop bottles?
That's another life motto. Write that one down too.

Needless to say, I made sure that our weekend included poppin' bottles.
Thankfully our friends gave us a reason to celebrate so celebrate we did.
Let's look at the faces of Erin during the course of the bottle popping festivities shall we?
I start off normal. Excited, but normal. From there I suddenly think this is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. Like ever. So then I start to scrunch my nose and scream thinking it looks cute until I see the pictures and realize I look more like I am saying "I AM GOING TO EAT YOUR FACE"
Shirt: Miss Chic//Jeans: Gap//Wedges: Target

I then resume to a semi-normal state. But then, well, I get tired. So I take a big yawn and think "get this show on the road!" so my friend listens and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek that's when I get scared. My neck turns into a dinosaur and POP. The cork comes off. Probably around the same time that I hatch out of my egg.
The end.

And that my friends is my weekend in a nutshell.
Or a 801,000 word novel.

ps. Our friend is now positioned on our kitchen floor saying "I don't think I can move my tongue..."
If you see any photos on Instagram from a funeral over the next couple of days, now you know why.
I hope the pepper was worth it. I also hope he lived by my life mottos. Just sayin.




Twenty Seven

That my friends is the number of items ONE of you will win today.
Just knowing that a single person can win 27 freaking things in one giveaway is a little bit ridiculous.
Ridiculously awesome that is.

Oh and hey--if you want to be included in Septembers group giveaway day email me at livinginyellow@gmail.com and we will talk biznass. Or if you are professional, we'll talk business.
But I hope it's biznass.

Let's begin...

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