Twenty Six In Twenty Six

I’ve got some things I need to accomplish in the next 365 days I’ve decided.
If this goes anything like my new year’s resolutions, I will have forgotten about all items in about 32 days. Crossing my fingers that does not happen.
Some of these items you may have seen on my life list—it only seems fitting to tackle a few of those things this year. No time like the present so they say. Unless I decide to procrastinate on those items just like I do everything else. Good thing I am going to stop procrastinating…tomorrow.
Let's see what I will be up to this 26th year of life of mine shall we?

1. Take a picture with Luke Bryan "shakin it" together. {side note: I dreamt last week that this really happened. And it was so vivid that when somebody said Luke Bryan's name and I responded immediately with "I just took a picture with him!!!" And then remembered it was a dream. Lame.}
2. Learn how to paddle board

3. Serve lunch/dinner at a homeless shelter either for Thanksgiving or Christmas

4. Decide on whether or not this is the year we will start the baby making/purchasing process. Decision made. Not happening.

5. Spend a weekend with Katie, Billy, and Rocky.

6. Travel somewhere brand spankin new with my husband.

7. Host a “pinterest inspired” dinner party for friends.

8. Either have an inground pool installed or move into a house that has one.
Total necessity obviously.

9. Start a virtual martini club with you pretty {lush} bloggers you

10. Go to the Ellen Show

11. Run in one race. Preferably a 5k. None of this half marathon crap.

12. Get to 4,000 followers. Whoa. That makes my stomach churn. #missionpossible #maybe?

13. Smash plates on the cement, Greek wedding style.

14. Eat "clean" for a week straight. No processed foods what so ever. That could be interesting...
15. Make a sweet music video with whoever is willing to join me. Preferably to something ghetto.

16. Make buffalo chicken mac and cheese

17. Have a slumber party with my nieces and nephew
18. Crash a wedding or a graduation open house

19. Meet Giulaina Rancic. In the living flesh—none of this Twitter shaz.

20. Take a photography class

21. Take a girls only vacation

22. Clean out my closets and host a third annual clothes drive

23. Make breakfast in bed for me and my lover. That would be Shawn. Unless Luke decides to show up one night....kidding kids. Kidding.

24. Read a book a month. Fitting since I am in a book club now...

25. Make out in a movie theatre. Just like in the good ole days.

26. Expand this blog either into book or shop form

What would you do?
Link up below--use this little ole picture on your blog and then submit your link.
Take your age and then list what you want to do in that year of life {ie: 82 in 82, 12 in 12, 32 in 32}
Make sense?
Get writing.

Can't wait to see what things will be filling up your time yo.




  1. This list is AMAZING! I think I may have to steal a few of those myself. Starting with: making out in a movie theater. I want to make some teenagers blush.

  2. About to make a list and link up. And btw, I will totally make a music video with you.

  3. Let's get lush together! I'm all for it! Thanks for doing this post...I love setting goals for the year. It's like New Years all over minus the "I'm loosing weight" goal ;)

    Amy @ herecomesthebelle.blogspot.com

  4. I adore these lists! I'm all in for a virtual lush blogger party, and your Pinterest inspired party will be gorgeous!

  5. Can I come to your Pinterest dinner party?????


  6. You should change #10 to "Be ON the Ellen Show"! And be sure to let me know so I can fulfill my life long dream of going to a show! Also, count me in for the lush club and the music video. Ok... maybe not the music video?

    Love your list Erin! You are super cute, as usual!

  7. This is Fabulous will be doing this and linking back!

  8. I just linked up my 30 before 30 list that I wrote a few months ago on my 29 1/2 birthday. I need to get my tush in gear...I don't have much time left. Eek!

  9. I just linked up my forty-something list. Gees, easier than I though! Thanks, Erin!

  10. I'm running 26 miles for 26! As in a marathon. November 10. I decided the other day. Hopefully I live to see year 27.

  11. i love this! i might have to make my own and as for a virtual martini hour...keep me posted. i'm in!

  12. Love the idea about the pool! I would love to have an inground pool too! Love you comment about baby making and it not happening yet. I am on the same page, I am on the 4 year rule.

  13. Love the idea about the pool! I would love to have an inground pool too! Love you comment about baby making and it not happening yet. I am on the same page, I am on the 4 year rule.

  14. #10!!!! I should have put that one!! I love Ellen!!!

  15. An inground pool is a total necessity! (Especially if you've gone 4 months without an inch of rain like I have)

    & I love your list. <3

  16. So. I was reading the list and thinking, "Gosh. There's no way I can accomplish 32 things. That's so many things." Well, it's a good thing I'm not 32. I'm still in my 20s. Where the eff did 32 come from?

  17. These are awesome and fun goals! Oh and when you go shake it with Luke Bryan can you invite me too?? that's a life goal of mine!

  18. Cool idea. I've never linked up before but I'm going to do this for my blog post tomorrow. Thanks for giving me ideas!

  19. I'm so glad you did the linkup (total twitter follower here). Can't wait to see what I can come up with to link up, yours are all so great!

  20. Umm if you have a pinterest inspired dinner, I'd better be invited! And a virtual martini club actually sounds fabulous. I wonder if there's a way we could make that happen. Also, I totally think you should expand your blog into a book or shop. You'd rock at either of them Erin!!

  21. Dang'it! I didn't know this was going up today, but I threw it together! Thanks for the inspiration love!

  22. I would totally join a virtual martini club. Mmm! And as a twitter follower, I'm so glad you decided to do this linkup after all!

  23. PS. Now that I had time to really read through it...I'm doing the eat clean this week! It's not bad at ALL. I mean, I am cheating a bit, but where I'm cheating is still healthy. Like I use La tortilla wraps (50 cal and low on everything else), I still eat whole wheat, and I might use a sauce here and there. Great results, but still feel great without the nasty side effects!

  24. Brilliant - I am stilling your idea & your picture for my birthday. But that'll have to wait until August. You rock.

  25. geezuz 82 in 82? THAT would be a list to read ha!!

  26. Virtual martini club has my name all over it!

  27. What a great idea! It was so much fun making my list and an awesome introduction to other bloggers out there as a blogger newbee! I created my page!

    Now I'm even more excited about moving home and ticking things off of my list!!!


  28. Awesome!!! I sooo love nr. 14/15/17/19 and 26! Maybe I should add those to my list.

  29. Great idea- good luck with your goals! I love the idea of #9!


  30. This is fantastic! I especially love the online martini night idea. Going to post my list on my blog right away!

  31. OH YEAH! Also! What are you reading w/ your book club? I'm in one and we're reading Cutting for Stone. If you need a suggestion for a good book club read our fav was Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum.

  32. I would love to copy the eating clean for a week and making a music video! :)

  33. Love your list!!

    Luke and Jason are in Indy in September..just saying! Would now be a good time to tell you I've met Luke a few times? And I've met his wife? And I'm on a first name basis with his band? Yeah, I'm a stalker. :)

  34. I'm in for the martini club! Google hangout + booze + bloggers...sounds like a perfect evening to me!

    And OMG if you go to Ellen I may need to go in your suitcase...that has been on my life list forevaaa

  35. I made one myself too! :) and you should probably come visit Katie in OHIO because I am here too, so I can meet you too!! :)

  36. Oh man! This list is so creative. I may have to go back and review my goals for the year and spice it up!!! PS. I completely botched the linky process. Sorry that I have two entries, and I am sorry that one of them shows up as a mint green blob. You win some, you lose some you know?

  37. Super Cute Idea!! I think I will work on the post tonight! Loving Idea's 7, 9, 15, 21....
    7: My PP Party is already in progres of being planned (Pinterest Potluck ;))
    9: Totally think this is a genius idea! BWAHAHAH
    15: Something I'd be great at.. Obv Ghetto is my middle name.
    21: Lush's united!
    <3 You!

  38. Puh-LEASE let me be in your music video if/when that happens. If you need audition tapes, let me know-- my husband and I have some seriously good lip-syncing videos on youtube. Maybe I can get those up on the blog?! :)

    Also- I must know, baby purchasing?! Adoption?! LOL

  39. Dude, I don't even really know what a blogger lush party would entail, but it sounds ah-mazing. I posted my own list and totally neglected my actual real job this morning because I was so focused on creating it. Love the idea, thanks for hosting!

    Bethanee @thebblife.blogspot.com

  40. Well you're now one less follower away from reaching your goal of 4,000! :) Cute post/blog-- love it!



  41. UM I wanna know more about this Martini club!

  42. love it! post about it if you do the paddle boarding...i've always wanted to try!

  43. Love this! I'm going to link up, too!!
    New follower! :) Hope you have time to check my blog out too!

  44. Off to type my "23 in 23"!

    Where did you find a book club to join? I so want to do that!

  45. LOVE this idea! I've been thinking of doing something like this lately so I'm glad you did! I'll be linking up soon :)

    Virtual martini club?! Count me in! :)

  46. I just found your blog today, and I'm loving every second of it. I just spent time reading the "dear erin" portion of your blog to my hubby, and we were both rolling with laughter!

    Thanks for doing this, Erin! This was fun even if I am the oldest so far! You ROCK!

  47. I am ALL FOR the lush club! Let's do it!

  48. Just read like a zillion posts and totally fell in love with your blog! totally giggled at you already checking off #4 about the babies on your list. I am completely with you on that one. And yay I completed one on your list...made buffalo chicken mac and cheese here: http://reddyorknot.blogspot.com/2012/07/buffalo-chicken-mac-and-cheese.html

  49. Two reasons I hesitate to do this link up: 1. I am not entirely certain how old I am. I think 33. 2. If I am 33 then I have to do a 34 before 34 list and I will be 34 in something like 9 months. That's a lot to do! I have hives just thinking about it! Maybe I will just write about how daunting this link up is and be done with it!

  50. What a great list!! SO many of those things I'd like to do in the next year as well. Such a good idea to write them down.. makes you more accountable to do them. I ate clean for a week last month and it was tough but very rewarding at the end of the week! Good luck with your list :)


  51. Love this! I REALLY want to learn how to paddle board and I would DEFINITELY be down for a virtual martini club!

    Allena Mistral

  52. Your list was way more exciting than the one I wrote after I turned 26! Hmm maybe I need to copy a few of your ideas. I'm going to eat clean for a month!! I'm terrified but obviously I'm waiting until after I eat my way through vacation.

  53. LOVE this. So...do I get some sort of award for being the oldest bitty to do it? ;) And being the latest? I actually wrote it last week, but had to wait to post it. I think I'll just blame it on my old age.

  54. Thanks for the inspiration! New follower!

  55. awesome goals and very inspiring! thanks for sharing :)


  56. you are so adorable, girl! loving this idea! and i hate when dreams are so vivid that you think they really happened. ha, if only.
    and i'm just loving your list. traveling somewhere new with the hubby, and learning how to paddle board are definitely on my list. too perfect ;)
    xo TJ

  57. I'd love to have a follow up on this post and see how many things you accomplished! I always love looking at these :)


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