Turns Out I'm A Little Crazy.

Who knew, right?

So you all know that I love my homegirl G quite a bit right?
Well if you don't, click here, here, here, and then here.
Turns out the only thing I write about on this blog is my love history with Giuliana Rancic.
Totally normal, I know.
But hey--when you are best friends you do those things ;)
Well my lovely book club convinced me that it would be a good idea to get that little baby of theirs a gift and deliver it to their restaurant RPM Italian this coming Saturday night when the husband and I eat there {wooop wooooooop}. This may be after we consumed a couple of glasses of sangria, at which point anything would have sounded like a good idea. Anyhow...

Long story short, I found myself designing a onesie for baby R last week and it turned out a little somethin' like this:
Being the instagram freak that I am {@livinginyellow} I took a picture of that sucker and tweeted it out giving my little twit heads one guess as to who it was being purchased for.
Guess who had to get all up in my business and respond?
G saw it friends. Without me mentioning her in the freakin' tweet. At which point I peed my pants.

Moral of the story: Don't tweet out pictures of gifts if you wanted something to be kept a surprise.
Who knew?

Second moral of the story: I am now that creepy nut job who buys baby gifts for celebrities whom I've never met. Just wait to see what I have up my sleeve for Snookie....
Hint: 50% Guidette 50% Alcoholic.
How cute right?

Second exciting item up for bid is a new segment we are starting on this little ole blog called
"Mondays With Miss Chic"
It's something fun that me and my lady Amy {owner of Miss Chic} are running every Monday in July. What this means is that every Monday a different deal will be presented to you lucky pants readers. And well today, we are starting off with one of my favorite staple pieces of clothing ever.
Nikibikis. Don't believe that they are my favorite? Click here. They are the greatest.
Today through Wednesday, July 11th enter the code NIKI25 for 25% off any/all Nikibikis.
I would recommend getting on this one. Your life is about to get so much better.
Pssst--while you are buying your Nikibikis...pick up yourself this dress as well. We will be twins ;)

K, one last thing.
Happy birthday to my most favorite little friend of all time.
26 has never looked better.
Love you Aubs.
Now get your butt back home and let's celebrate.

Third and fourth--
the winner of my "dear ____" comment contest is a three way tie between Melissa, Kristene, and Erin.

Thank you to all of you who participated. We will do it again ;)
The winner of the surprise gift bag and $20 Target gift card from J&M's Eye Candy is Chelsea.
Congrats lady. I will email you shortly :)

Cheers to a new week friends.
Let's make it a good one.



  1. Um is it super geeky that I just got SO excited b/c I'm pretty sure you and G are going to become IRL friends? :)

  2. Love the onesie. Love that G responded. Now I cannot wait to see her baby, in US Weekly, wearing your design....

  3. i saw that tweet and almost peed myself! Great idea

  4. I would do something so wild if a real-life celeb tweeted me!

  5. Omg that's so awesome! I woulda freaked, I can't believe she guessed!

  6. Annnnnnnnnnnnd you are hilarious! I hope you REALLY are giving G that onesie... if not I will. Okay, I probably wont because I don't see myself in Chi-town anytime soon. But seriously, you better ;)

    SO EXCITED THAT I WON!!! Thank you SO much for hosting the giveaway from J&M's Eye Candy!

  7. How funny that G tweeted you! Also, those nikibiki's are amazing and I totally just placed an order. (#43)Thanks for the great discount!

  8. I thought it was so awesome & funny that she responded without you even mentioning. I was telling my mom all about it as if it were ME she tweeted. Think I can get Vanessa Minillo to follow suit?? She's MY favorite preggo star! but only because she's married to Nick Lachey :)

  9. Hahahahah! My obsession with you grows daily. Creepy? Maybe, but it's not stopping.

  10. Gahhh please don't tempt me with all this fabulous clothes! I was seriously just thinking how I needed more tank tops today, and BAM. You post this. It's fate. Dangerous, wallet-emptying fate.

  11. You crack me up! Surely you are the cutest and wittiest of all of G's 'stalkers'. Hehe! xo

  12. So glad Brie "advertised" you on her blog! Have so much fun reading your blog!!!

    Please visit mine!



  13. Oh and the person who is not a G freak is just crazy! You cannot help to just love her!

  14. Haha! Can't wait to hear the story of you actually delivering the gift!

  15. I mentioned you in my blog, please go read it or not! :)
    Joking go read it!



  16. LOVE it! I would've fallen off my chair if I saw that tweet. So flippin' cool.

  17. You and Guiliana are actually going to become IRL friends!! I just know it!!
    In which case, I will then have to become your bff to become her bff by association so that I can get sweet tips on how to be half as good of a presenter as her one day!!!

  18. Love that Guiliana tweeted you. Have to agree with everyone else about you guys becoming real life friends. By the way your blog is seriously addicting. Keep up the great writing because it's so much fun to read!

  19. Love that G tweeted you! Awesome onesie design. :)

  20. That. is awesome.

    Brandi from storage wars tweeted me once and read my blog. So did Tracy Gold from Growing Pains but hers wasn't the best received.

    I still think my Obama dumbass comment should have won ;)

  21. I died when I saw her tweet! That's awesome! Now you'll have to go shopping for all those fun dinner dates you guys will def be going on! #youareamazeballs

    And LOL! Good thing you reposted my comment... I checked myself once again.

    P.S. Because you're SO cool I'm totally going to let it slide that you spelled my name with that damn E again :P I should just change it. Ha! XOXOXO

  22. I'm in LOVE with that dress...what size did you get I typically wear an 8 or 10 pants size...what size do you recommend me getting? I would like to order today along with a cami ;-)

  23. ok, so I know I told you not to get knocked up. I lied.
    Get knocked up. I so want to do this. I've got ideas. Oh do I have some ideas.
    Go. Have sex with your husband. Do it.


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