A to Z

A- Anne. The name that I get called daily at my job. I answer phones for living so it goes a little something like this "Hi this is Erin how can I help you?" "Yes, Anne...I have a question".
{me. on the job. answerin' phones like a boss}
Apparently they didn't get the memo that I actually like to go by Mariah. Or Jasmine. You know, from Aladdin. True story--I used to not respond to people unless they called Mariah. That was pre-Nick Cannon days and more in the days when my dad referred to her as Diarrhea.

B- Bacon Cheeseburger Roll-up. Also known as the last thing I ate. Also known as the manliest thing a woman can put in her stomach. Consider it put.

C- Cow. Which is exactly what I plan on dressing up as on Friday for Cow Appreciation Day.
I will do anything for a free meal at Chick-fil-A. Anything.

D- Deodorant. Which happens to be on every single item of clothing I own. Seriously people, I am a mess 24/7. Please come live with me for a day to realize this. Please?

E- Erin and Eggs. I hate eggs. I don't hate my name. I mean it's no Mariah or Jasmine though.

F- Fishing Boat. My new favorite place to hang.

G- Grace. Something that has been shown to me time and time again.
{print in my office from Naptime Diaries}

H- Hyper. What I get, quite frequently which usually results in weird dancing and lots of loud shouting. My husband LOVES when I get hyper.

I- Ipod. The one item that will make me go deaf by the time I am 29. I am almost positive of this.

J- Jitters. Something I experience quite frequently. Usually after drinking more than one cup of coffee or right before I need to eat more Jolly Ranchers.

K- Kip Moore. The only CD I listen to right now. I can't say the word love enough when talking about him. Or his music. #lovelovelove. Told you, not enough.

L- Lips. Which produce the most foolish kissy faces. And even more foolish pictures.

M-Manicure. Something I plan on doing Wednesday night with my Martini Night. Watch out nails, you are about to be lookin' flllllly.

N- Nuts. I love them all. Especially cashews and salted peanuts. And those other kind of nuts. Yeah, those.

O- Ostracized. Which is exactly what I am about to be by my husband if I don't get my butt out in the yard to mow.

P-Pressure. Something I have been putting on myself recently when it comes to blogging. It's almost as if it just dawned on me that people actually read this thing. And that they may just expect something when they show up. I hate expectations. 

Q- Quiet. I crave quiet times. Moments alone just to lose myself in my thoughts. I need more of these times. A lot more now that I think about it.

R-Regrets. I have plenty. Most of which will never be blogged about.

S- Shawn. Sexy. They go hand in hand. Especially when he pretends to read out of magazines about travel and wine. Yumm.

T- Travel. The one thing that I will save money for even if I am as broke as a joke.

U- Ugly. Which is the exact opposite of you, you, and you. Buhleedat. {translation: "believe that" for you less ghetto readers}.

V-Virgin. For life. Not. Thank you Jesus.

W- Wino. For life. And this is not a joke.

X- Xylophones?!?!

Y- Yellow. I live in it, duh. Especially my legs. They love living in yellow.

Z-Zeeee End.



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE me some macadamia nuts. I want some right now. And I'm missin me some wine right about now....as soon as le bebe is born, I will be drinkin some wine. Oh....can you please tell me where you designed that freakin adorable onesie you made for G?? Loves it!!!! Happy Monday!

  2. YES!!! Cow appreciation day!! I love that you listed that! I still have my cow hat from last year!

  3. I LOVED this post!!
    those shoes in the last pic are KILLER!!! how tall are you that you wear them?!
    I wonder if it is cow appreciation day here...I LOVE me some chick-fil-a!!!

  4. This was pretty clever :) Love your "G"!

  5. Love this post! Such a super cute idea!

  6. This is super cute! Sorta like what I did for my about me page. Also - an inside sock rubbed against deodorant stains will take it off in seconds!


  7. Let's go with a numbered list (easier that way):
    1. I expect to see some adorable Cow Appreciation Day pictures - moooooo!
    2. LOVE the art about grace!
    3. I wish I could wear yellow...but I look sickly in it. Sad day.

    Such a cute post!

  8. I smiled and laughed all the way from A-Z, SERIOUSLY!

    Love IT

    C- I work at Chick-Fil-A girl I'll hook you up *no cow costume needed :)

    and Q - that is me x10

  9. I answer the phone for a living as well, so I totally feel ya. It's Jenny folks, not Jerry, not Jamie and above all, not Ginny. I have the probably the most common girl's name ever and nope, they still can't get it right. Holla to us phone girls!

  10. hahaha!! "A" totally cracked me up because people always call me anything but Tara on the phone- Sarah, Kara, Karen.. i've gotten to the point that i don't even correct them!

  11. A- for aAdorable!
    B- for Beautiful
    C- for can't get enough of living in yellow!

  12. Also, I vote you do a makeup tutorial on your eye makeup from "L" for lips picture! It's gorgeous!!


  13. Ahh I get Anne ALL the damn time too! That or Karen.

    Nuts. I love me some nuts.

    Thank the heavens above for not being a virgin too! Love that you don't hold back in these areas.

  14. My name is 'Chrissy'...
    People constantly hear 'Tracy'...
    Makes me wanna scream.

    Thanks for the funny post! Just brightened up my Monday!

  15. Loved reading all of these and learning more about you.

  16. You're beautiful. And hilarious. Basically you're the coolest person I {wish} I really knew! Let me see...I hate eggs {like, really hate them}, love yellow, love that grace print {& that verse!}. So basically...we're BFF's. :)

    P.S: If you're donning a cow costume on Friday, we need pictures! Many of them. :)

  17. A- You are adorable B- Begging you to do a tutorial for your smoky eye C) cheesy smiling from A-Z!

    Loved it!

  18. A - Almost time for you to come to C - Chicago so we can get B - Bombed on S - Sunday morning. Sooo soon. Can't wait to see you in a few days!

    I hope you have not already gone deaf from your iPod by then. Otherwise I best learn sign language this week.

  19. oh my gosh - my name is Erin too and people have always thought I was saying Anne! When I tell people that they look at me like I am crazy....glad it isn't just me! :)

  20. my mom is obsessed with Kip Moore, but she calls him 'the red sun dress guy', i got her hooked on our road trip!

  21. Love this post! And I agree eye makeup tutorial! I thought the same thing when I saw L, "ohh pretty eye makeup"

  22. I adore this post. Seriously you are hilarious, which I'm sure you hear daily. Also part of the time at work I answer phones too and I have to use a fake name, which is Lana Rose (yes you read that right, Lana Rose) and I constantly get, Lina? Elaina, or what is your name again. It's great. Anywho, super fun post! :)

  23. This was cute :D Love the fishing boat pictures. I'm am muy jealous.

  24. I love this post! And Chick-fil-A...yum!!!

  25. Love this A-Z, Erin! May just do one on my blog (with a link back of course, that's just good manners! lol)

  26. love this post! have to say there are probably many posts I wouldn't make it a through z but i liked your letters. : )

  27. I can totally relate to your first one. I used to answer phones for a living as well, and I'd say, "Hi my name is Shannon, how may I help you?" and I'd get the response, "Hi Janet". I guess Shannon sounds like Janet as much as Erin sounds like Anne. LOL. :)

  28. J. Jealous of you, and your little life, oh, and your bod.


  29. Love this post! You crack me up, Mariah! ;)


  30. love this post. p.s. i am totally copying you :).

  31. We need to be bffs, for real. I think we'd get into some trouble if we hung out though...it would be a heck of a good time! There are a bazillion things I want to say, but here are the high points:

    --I need some of that beef roll up like RIGHT now.
    --I need some time on a boat.
    --I want that print out, I am in love with it!
    --You look hotttt in those yellow pants

    Well, there were a bunch more, but I lost my train of thought. Shocker.

    Happy Tuessssday!

  32. Love everything about this post. You're hysterical & oh so random (much like myself). You should go link up for 'Truth or Dare' on my blog today. :) :) DO IT! I have a feeling you'd be one of the best face dancers, EVER! You'll understand what I mean if you go check out the link up....

  33. WOW I love this!
    I think every blogger should have a A-Z Post.
    Would be interesting to see what people come up with!


    Please go look at my blog or I might just start begging! :)


  34. you're adorable!!!

    i love the yellow pants outfit.

    the only thing i expect out of your blog is randomness and i think you got that handled.

    and a good laugh.

    and i think you also got that handle.

    so i mean, not too hard yeah?

    just be you. we like it :)

  35. btw...that bacon cheeseburger roll up thing?

    holy jesus.

    i need that.

    i went on a brunch cruise and after an hour of gorging myself i went back down to the food area to get dessert...

    ...and i got a plate of bacon...for dessert.

    i hope i'm not spelling that desert.

    you know with the sand.

    well now that i've made this comment really weird i'm gonna wash my face and go to bed.

    ha! night!!

  36. Ahhh, love this post. In fact I think I may have to do a little A to Z post of my own as you have inspired me!!! X

  37. Awesome post Anne! Uhmmmm I mean of course Jasmine ;)
    P.s. how is it you are always so funny? Is there a pil I can take?

  38. Great post! Where are the red earrings from in your kissy face picture?! I LOVE them!

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. So glad I'm not the only one who hears "Anne" in return when I say my name!!!

  41. Wine for life! Yes! The best thing said on this blog. (That makes me sound like a wine-o-holic right?...oh well...)

    Oh and your eyes are gorgeous!

    XO Lourdes

  42. Erin, love this post. One of my favorites ever! "A" is hilarious. Love the "S" and how much you adore your husband... so sweet. "L"--I think you have some of the sexiest kissy face lips. Cute post!

  43. Why you did NOT use Katie for K is beyond me?!? I mean clearly I'm the best K around. I'VE MISSED you doll face! Text sesh soon. and someoneeeeeeee has a birthday coming up! eek!

  44. Id like you to know that I love you. A LOT. Mainly because of Instagram!

    PEACE B!

  45. Haha, very cute! Buhleedat! Love it.

  46. I too hate eggs and my name! Oh and I CRAVE quiet time. A nice jacuzzi bath with the jets going, iPod headphones in, and a book to read is fabulous!! Apparently we have a lot in common cause 3 things is all it takes ;)

  47. Seriously, I laugh and smile everytime I read your blog!Buhleedat. (funny I understood the first time I read that!)
    I crave quiet time (I'm a mom, I beg for it) and I blast my ipod when working out, cutting grass, in the car...yeah I'm gonna be deaf before I'm 30! haha

  48. oh my goodness erin.

    N- Nuts. I love them all. Especially cashews and salted peanuts. And those other kind of nuts. Yeah, those.

    oh... my... goodness.

    totally glad i just said "f you work" as if i were singing the 'thunder buddies' song and opened google reader. that just made my day.

    ps... i give you a small shout out in my blog today. enjoy it.

  49. Ummm bacon cheezeburger roll-up, hello?! That may just lead to D-iarrhea teehee.

    And after watching my mom take down 2 glasses of red wine a night (Not 4oz, more like 8oz a piece) because it's "good for your heart" I've become quite the wino myself :)

    xo Shane

  50. G wasn't even for Guiliana? She is going to be SO disappointed...

  51. OMG I get Anne ALL.THE.TIME!!!! It drives me crazy! So glad I can commiserate with you!

  52. Seriously if I dont get that cheeseburger roll up in my stomach i am going to have a huge fit. Also who looks that cute in yellow pants? No one except you of course.

  53. You have got to be the funniest blogger I have run across! Is it too soon to say "I love you" LOL! & yellow happens to be my favorite color too! I can tell you are going to make my work days 100 times better!! :) THANK YOU!! ~Ashlee

  54. Hey girl! Love love love your blog!!! :) Just made me smile while I browsed around <3
    I have THE SAME problem as you at work, my name is Erin and I get called Anne all the time. I swear I thought it was the way I said my name, funny I am not the only one!
    Happy Wednesday!

  55. Hi! I found your blog from your post on Danielle's blog today. I loved your tips especially the word verification one. Now that math is involved I tend to shy away if there is WV. Anyways I will def be back to read more. Have a fab day.

  56. I work on the phones too.....I go from 'Hello, you're through to Samantha' to 'Ah, yes Sandra'.

    Riiiiiiiight..... well you got the first two and last one letter right :D

  57. "Those kinds of nuts. Yeah those." My dirty mind went there. Haha. Don't judge, I am sexually deprived for your freedom!

  58. Just found your blog. I love it/you- you have a new reader! :)

  59. you are the BOMB DIGGITY <--- that's me gettin' ghetto. Ya heard???

  60. What a creative post, love it. If I tried to do this it would take me forever to come up with something for every letter of the alphabet, so great job! OH, and I found your cute little blog from your guest post on Framed Frosting. Loved the post and had some great thoughts and ideas for us new bloggers:)

  61. Hold up why are you mowing the lawn?!?! Thats a boy job haha :)


  62. I hate eggs too! I feel like us egg haters have to stick together!

    My boyfriend asked me to mow the lawn once. I will never fall for that trick again!

  63. This totally cracked me up! I definitely "borrowed" your idea...but with much less wit and humor!


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