Shutting Up.

There are a few things I have learned in my old age friends.
Say for instance stop signs, you should always stop at those suckers
{Even in your own neighborhood. Thank you $121 ticket for reminding me of this...}
Another good one is--Don't walk into Target if you don't want to spend any money.
Can't forget about this one--always hold the door open for old folks.
And last but not least, don't speak if you don't have anything to say.

Today, I am going to follow lesson number four and shut up for a minute.
Sometimes moments are too good to even write about.

This weekend was certainly one of those--I could try to ramble on about how great it was, and how there were moments this weekend where I wished I could freeze time forever, but ya know what--
I'm not going to. There are no words that could really justify how I felt this weekend.
So instead, I am turning it over to my pictures for the day.
Hopefully they will do a decent job of getting my point across.
And if they don't...well then it looks like we're all screwed.

God bless you weekends.

Now before I let all you pip squeaks go for the day I have two things to announce.

The first one being "Mondays with Miss Chic".
Today we have this fancy schmancy black solid sleeveless dress for all you pretty things.
All you have to do is enter code YELLOW5 for $5 off this baby.
That means it's $30 bucks...for a dress that you can wear both day and night.
So really that makes it about $15 if you think about it that way.
Women's shopping logic--learn it.
Get your shop on now.
Also--make sure you are following Miss Chic on Twitter and Facebook for new merchandise and promos. Your closet will thank you.

K one last thing--the winner of the gigantic July giveaway was number 309 (out of 1,744..phew) Christina at My Life, Laughs, and Love. Congrats lady..you just won a ton of stuff.
I will be emailing you in the next couple of days :)

Shoot gotta go--the USA gymnastics team is making their way to my TV right now.
If only I had time to write a ridiculous blog post about how creepily obsessed I was with them back in 1996.....oh the possibilities.

PS. I realize that my husband is missing from a lot of photos on my blog posts. He has this condition called "I don't like my picture being taken". I am trying to find medication to heal this, but so far I've had no luck. Anybody out there that can help with this major medical issue? I'm begging--Help a sister out.

Now go surprise yourselves and do something wild--like have a great Monday or something equally ironic.



  1. The "don't go to target if you don't want to spend money" is hilarious. And oh so true.


  2. Unfortunately, my husband suffers from the same illness! If you find any meds, pass it my way!

  3. Great post, lovely outfits, and many true facts. Ugh...Target gets me every time too. Bad addiction.


  4. Love your photos!! Looks like a great weekend!

  5. I love that wreath!! Looks like your weekend was a lot of fun!! I spend WAY too much time/money at Target but I just can't stay away!! I'm your newest follower!

  6. Looks like you had an awesome weekend, aside from you ticket!!!

    Love your bikini!!

  7. Dear Erin,

    First, let me say that I read your blog daily and am about as addicted to it as I am coffee, fb, and mindless tv - you're fabulous (but you already know that, right?) Needless to say (as always) when I got on fb and saw you had posted, I headed right on over to see what you had to say this time...

    Now, let me just say your pictures are amazing + it looks like you had the best time with your girlfriend which is awesome :) Sometimes all you need are the pictures & in this case they totally spoke for themselves! Looked like a perfect nautical paradise !

    Lastly, the reason for this ridiculous comment is that I never win anything. Ever. Like in my lifetime the only time my name was ever chosen was in high school when I was asked to answer a question (that I obviously didn't know the answer to). When I tell you that I almost peed my pants to not only see MY name//blog on YOUR blog, but to then see that I had won that kick-ass giveaway (sorry, language couldn't be avoided) I am not lying. I had to re-read it again (before I made a fool of myself and submitted this life-long comment) and am thrilled.

    I've always been excited to read on, but this was an extra special visit :) Thanks to you + all the other ladies (who I'll be sure to leave less-lengthy but equally as grateful commentary) for putting this on!!

    Ok, now that I've made a fool of myself, I'll let ya go ;) thanks again!!

  8. What a great weekend! I was the same way about the gymnastics team in the 90s too...

  9. My husband tends to finally agree to have the photo taken but then you can forget getting a smile.

    By the way I love the dress!


  10. Okay, this Mondays with Miss Chic is probably the best/worst thing that has ever happened to me. Every time you post something, I have a VERY strong urge to buy it. I've withheld long enough, but I'm not sure I can do it any longer. When I'm broke living in a cardboard box, I *might* know who to blame...jk. But not really ;)

  11. Looks like you had a great weekend, and I love your bathing suit-so cute!


  12. Take pictures when he's not looking...LOL might get some great commentary out of them in the least ;) Have a fab week!!

  13. Oh goodness these pictures make me want a vacation. they look lovely!

  14. Lovely photos! I love your swim suit!

    You make a great point - don't enter Target if you don't want to spend any money. I try really hard, but sometimes my fiance wants to run in and pick up a thing or two. I literally cannot walk out of the store without buying something. It's like a disease. Seriously. I went this weekend and the only thing I walked out with was a cup. Useful, but random. I needed to spend exactly zero dollars and couldn't do it. There should be a 12 step program for this.


  15. The Target lesson is SO true. And I completely agree, sometimes pictures say 1000 words (completely cliche, i know!)

  16. I just love your blog! I swear, if I could trade places with you for a day, I would in a heartbeat!

    P.S. I just mentioned you in my "20 in 20" post the to other day and passed on the Versatile blogger award to you today! You are like my Giuliana Rancic...in a non-creepy way, of course :P

  17. your photos do speak the great time!
    i love the matching glasses

  18. Haha! My boyfriend has a that ailment as well; if you find the cure to it, please let me know. I'll be forever grateful.

    Oh and looks like you had a fun weekend! It's always great getting to spend time with the people you love.

  19. You always have the most interesting weekends.


  20. Great photos, it looks like such a fun and relaxing weekend. Love that dress!!

  21. There is always something to be bought at Target and Homegoods. Best for me to stay away unless I feel like automatically dropping some cash.

    LOVE that dress. Off to check out Miss Chic!

  22. your weekend looks like a little slice of heaven. and where are those adorable, must-have, striped mugs from?? I need them to be sitting in my cabinet right now, waiting for my coffee to brew!!

    love the dress.......love. it. xo

  23. oh I would love to go shopping at target. I hear and see all these wonderful things from that shop but there is none here in switzerland. I guess I have to say fortunately cause I would be spending tons of money there too!


  24. Looks like an awesome weekend! You take such great photos! I love the one with the striped mugs and waffles in the background– it just perfectly captures a relaxing morning on the weekend. Love it. And that adorable black dress too!

  25. Your pictures did a great job of showing your amazing weekend! I love your idea of justifying shopping! I am going to use that line on my husband!

  26. Loved all your pictures- looks like you had a great time, glad you got to hang w/ your bestie! You two are so cute!

    Target sucks money from me before I've even pulled out a shopping cart, 'tis amazing.

  27. I want to spend a weekend with you!!!! You seem to have the best time ever. I I ever cross the big pond I'll come your way for sure.
    Love the dress, wish she would ship internationally.

  28. haha oh target, how my wallet loves to hate you.
    and the dream team from '96! obsessed is an understatement. these girls got some big shoes to fill!

    M from http://scissorsbeatspaper.blogspot.com/

  29. Hahaha! Trying my best to have that ironic happy Monday :-). What a wonderful weekend you had! Looks like summer perfection to me! Wish I knew a cure for your hubby's condition, but...I don't. Mine suffers from it too, so if you find a cure, will you share it? K, thanks!

  30. I am so jealous of your weekend! It looks PERFECT!

    I also LOVE that dress! Going to check it out.

  31. I am so jealous of your weekend! It looks PERFECT!

    I also LOVE that dress! Going to check it out.

  32. Love your photos! Looks like you had a fabulous weekend and your outfit is so chic. Loving your blog and I am your newest follower. xo

  33. MY husband has that same condition regarding photos. Seriously. So annoying! :)

  34. So pretty! Great dress and great presentation!


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