Now That I'm Older...

I've come to the conclusion that birthdays rock.
I realize this is not the "norm" when it comes to birthdays and how they rank, but I swear--each year that passes I get a little bit more excited about the big day. Apparently I get over excited for birthdays because today I caught myself telling more than one person that I am 27 as of today. Not 26, but 27.
Lord help me. Anyhow--it was a great day. Thank you to my coworkers for decorating my cubicle with macaroni noodles, banners, birthday hats, and balloons. Thank to for my friends for the sweet cards and gifts....
stella and dot bracelet courtesy of Dana//neon H&M bracelet from Katie
H&M scarf from Katie

Thank you to my family for allowing me to just soak you all up tonight. Every last bit of ya.
 {Lauren Conrad shorts from Kohls}
 {yes. I asked for a heating pad for my birthday. thank you husband for delivering on that one}

And of course, thank you to you, you, you, and you who left comments all over the green earth.
{and causing my phone to die 3 different times during the day. holy notification city high}
Y'all really are the sweetest. I mean not as sweet as the cake, ice cream, and cupcake that I ate today, but almost.

Because it's still technically my birthday, I am going to leave you with some ladies who are not in
that "I shouldn't be blogging because its my birthday" mode.

First blog you need to get to--Katie from For Lauren & Lauren
Katie has a fabulous blog that is centered around all things. You were waiting for me to say "all things fashion--or all things recipes--or all things DIY". Well guess what, I really just meant all things. As in Katie will talk about it ALL. And she does so perfectly. Just recently Katie opened up about her struggles with fertility and packed such a good lesson into that blog post {as in, read it}.
Make sure to pay Katie a visit--I have a strong suspicion you won't want to leave her blog after you do. 

Second fine lady I've got for ya is Rachel from Simple Little Joys.
Rachel happens to be my hero. Yes, I said hero. I am sure you want to know why. Well, click here. Please just stare for a solid ten minutes at the before and after pictures. And then try telling yourself you don't want to go to the gym today. Rachel is a southern girl who knows how to have a good time. And boy do I love a good time....I think you will too. Check her out {owwww owwww}


Next up is one of my all-time favs, Michelle from The Momma Bird.
She just so happens to be pregnant with twin girls. That means TWO. Two baby girls at that. Add those to the TWO baby boys she already has and that equals FOUR children. Which also means "shoot me now." That's a joke people. Don't worry--she knows all about parenthood. But because Michelle is super woman, she has a fabulous blog AND design shop. Whatever you do on her blog--promise me this. You will watch her vlog. And then promise me to laugh along with Michelle and her wonderful journey because believe me, you will.


And last but certainly not least, my Sarasota hot shot--Amy from Blank Pages.
I discovered Amy after my trip to Sarasota this spring and oh baby am I glad I did. The girl has style.
And a super cute man who certainly doesn't hurt her blog. Just read their cute little love story. Awww. Amy is funny. And super sweet. And knows how to rock some platinum blonde hair.
You take those three things and you've got a blog to be reckoned with. Check it.


Okay. I am tired. And it's past 10 pm. The time that I SWORE I would be in bed by.
I knew I should've never started swearing.
Thank you once again for making me feel like I'm the only girl in the world....
I meant most special girl in the world. Rihanna always has a way of taking over my words...

Oh na-na....what's my name.

Okay yeah, bye.



  1. Happy Birthday!! Glad you had an amazing day!!!!

  2. I LOVE what you got from H&M. Super cute~! Glad you had a great birthday, soak up every last minute.

  3. I LOVE what you got from H&M. Super cute~! Glad you had a great birthday, soak up every last minute.

  4. Happy last few hours of your bday! And Im messaging Dana right now about that bracelet. Love it!!!!

  5. hope you had an amazing birthday!! i loveee that scarf. the color looks amazing on you! and that picture of you holding the baby... i die. so cute.

  6. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had an awesome day. Love all of your pictures (as always!).

  7. Happy B-day!! Love you and your awesome sponsors!

  8. Thanks so much for having me as a sponsor on your amazing blog. And happy birthday to one pretty special lady!


  9. I did not forget that it was your birthday, so don't think me saying it now is any indication on how much I heart you! I am totally blaming the baby and my crazy day for not saying it early. So, without further adu...

    What day is today?
    It's Erin's birthday
    What a great day for a birthday!!!!
    Let's all eat some cake!

    Happy birthday Erin!

  10. Happy birthday from one Erin to another!

  11. Happy Birthday!!! sounds like you had a great day and you deserve it!!!
    ps technically you are starting your 27th year. which sounds depressing but it's not so bad.

  12. Happy Birthday!!! sounds like you had a great day and you deserve it!!!
    ps technically you are starting your 27th year. which sounds depressing but it's not so bad.

  13. SO sweet! Love that you spent your day filled with family time! And love that heating pad, haha! I just got one too recently!

    Happy Birthday Erin !!!!!

  14. Happy Birthday Erin! I hope you had a fantabulous day filled with lots of smiles a d several glasses of wine!

  15. I made a funfetti cupcake in honor of your bday. :-) you can thank me later.
    Love the pics with you and the fam!

  16. Girl. I love seeing your celebrate your birthday in a BIG way because you deserve every bit of it!!! So glad you had such a great day...I can tell you are LOVED by everyone around you!!!!

    And p.s.--totes feel famous after being on your blog. You're pretty much the coolest. :)

  17. These pictures are stunning! You can tell you are overjoyed with being one year older! ;)

    I sent you a happy birthday on my blog!



  18. Love the pictures! Looks like you had the best time ever!!!

  19. Great photos Erin, looks like you've had an amazing time! Your family looks like so much fun, seeing these photos makes me wish I lived closer to mine.
    I'm curious, what are the lemons about?

  20. You're lookin' mighty fine with that baby on your hip, just saying :)

  21. Happy Birthday again! I can't wait to check out these sweeties, and the pictures are too cute!

  22. Happy Birthday! I love your shorts from Kohls,and your bracelets, and your scarf, and well, OK I guess I just love it all!!


  23. So glad you had a wonderful birthday. I catch myself telling people that I'm 26. But I'm not. And haven't been for several years. See, this is what happens when you're an old lady, Erin. Welcome to the club.

    Oh, and I must admit I ate an entire box of mac and cheese last night for dinner in your honor.

  24. i just love you. i am so inspired by your birthday optomism....i get the glooms & dooms when my bday is rolling around and i always wish i had more of a good attitude about it, like YOU!! i've got one month to turn this around and every time i get gloomy, i'm going to think of you!! glad your day was fabulous, doll! you deserved every bit of it! happy happy!

  25. I have never commented on your page before, but I wanted to tell you Happy Birthday and to let you know I love your blog.

  26. I'm glad you enjoy birthdays as much as I do! So many adults just quit celebrating after 21, but I LOVE to celebrate. My hubby's bday is 4 months away and I'm already brainstorming of what to do/get for him lol.

    Glad you had a special day :)

  27. Again, happy birthday Erin! Looks like you had a fabulous time :)

  28. It looks like your birthday was fabulous! I agree...life just gets better with age :)

    Enjoy your Wednesday!

  29. You + laughing baby picture = super adorable! So many great pics, but that was my fav!

    Happy (belated) Birthday Miss Sassy Lady!!!

  30. Looks awesome! I like your scarf!!

  31. Happy Belated Birthday! I can see it was great! That is so how I love to spend my days too, with family and wine!!!
    Love the Lauren Conrad shorts, I am obsessed with her clothing line at Kohls!


  32. Love all your gifts...especially those bracelets!! Super cute.

  33. just found your blog and i already love it! hilarious! and happy birthday! :)


  34. There's something about that 26-27 age... I've been thinking I'm 27 too and I'm not... Weird. haha

  35. LOl happy late bday! Sounds like you had an amazing time, you're so funny. I just always laugh when I'm reading your posts! I love the way you write and I always love to meet the bloggers you're introducing us too ;)

    P.S. Thanks for getting Rihanna stuck in my head :)

  36. I love the pictures of y'all on the grass and they are all so touching <3 I'm turning 27 in a few months, so don't make me feel old! Haha.


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