How To Be A Funny Blogger.

Oh you guys.
I was totally going to write a post today, I swear.
But then I remembered sitting on the couch with my heating pad sounded way better.
It's like my new favorite hobby all of a sudden.
But have no fear, I wrote a post over here.
And no, you have never read it before....
It's all about "How to be a funny blogger"

Something a few of you could learn a thing or two about....

That was a joke. Get it? That was humor.
Lesson number one...use jokes that slam your readers.
It will get you real far.

And if you can't be funny with words....you may as well be with pictures. Preferably of yourself.
And if it's going to be of yourself--it may as well be in goggles. While making a duck face.
Because that's hot.

It feels like I am totally writing a blog post.
Gotta get back to my heating pad.


Forgive me...I keep randomly catching myself chanting that out loud.
Olympic symptoms.
They get the best of you every time.... 

See you over here bean stalks.

Speaking of bean stalks. I posed for pictures IN corn stalks the other day.
Because that's normal.
Told you.
More on that "lets drive around the countryside and take pictures with every Amish related thing we can find" later though.

I'm outta this joint.
Or at least to smoke one......


See. I am full of humor.



  1. Did you pull a muscle watching them too? #olympic symptoms ;) a funny right back at cha

  2. Not only funny, but random. Have to be random. Posing in corn stalks? Ya, that tips the random scale in an awesome way :)

  3. Can we be best friends? Move here. Right now. I just love you.

  4. I have Olympic Symptoms too... ALL THE TIME! Fun post. It's my first time to you blog. :-D

  5. I just found your blog this afternoon but you're quickly becoming my favorite :) xo

  6. You are the queen of funny blogging. :)


  7. I stumbled across your blog on my late night-kids are in bed-mommy time internet search and I LOVE it! You are super funny and I love your blog title, I cannot wait to read more :)

    Pretty Living

  8. Loooook who I found hiding in the corner, acting all shy on her first day!


    Look! I CAN copy and paste!! Yayy! Email me your thoughts, since we're BFF's like that and all :)

    P.S. Your post about how to be a funny blogger,was.. hilarious. But no shocker there.

  9. Erin we miss you! Stop having so much fun and come blog!! I think that might be my jealousy talking...

  10. My friends and I take pictures in Amish corn all the time. It's the cool thing to do. Or at least it was, until the WalMart went in. Yeah, small town America.

  11. I do come back everyday to read what musings you have come up with... and I do feel you are "talking" to me and not typing thru the computer :)

    When people get excited to see their fav blogs have a new post up- your blog is that for me!!!

  12. Hi! I just found you thru Girl on a Mission and I LOVED what you had to say. And dont worry- I took off the word verification from my blog. LOL You have a great sense of humor that comes across swimingly thru your entries. Very refreshing! Thanks and I cant wait to read more!

  13. GO CANADA! haha.

    I loved your guest post! LOVED. It was great. I mean shat. Damn. I need to practice sarcasm.

  14. I'd love to have you bring your humor over to the Amusing August Blog Hop next Tuesday! Hope to see you there!:)

    Shelby xoxo

  15. Your cute blog, humor and sense of style is what brings me back every day. No matter what kind of mood I am in, while reading your cute blog, I laugh.
    I agree, some are REALLY boring!

  16. I'll be jumping over to your guest post in a moment...but gotta say...I love your humor. You help lighten up my day.

  17. I love reading your blog you crack me up!!


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