Five Things {What I'm Loving Edition}

Leonora is the owner of this shop and let me tell you one thing. It rocks. Or "rawks" as she would say. Prints, Pillows, Jewelry--you want it, she's got it. It is hard for me to not order every single freakin' item from her store. Especially items such as this and this. Okay and this too. It is no surprise that Yellow Heart Art was just featured in Rachel Ray magazine. I just can't get enough of this amazingness.
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You probably remember when I posted this picture a week or two ago of my a new favorite necklace of mine. Yes, this one right here:

Well, the talented Nicole makes more than cuter than crap {that means really cute} necklaces, she also has fab earrings. Such as these little suckers...

I mean hello--they had me at yellow. I am seriously lusting over so much right now over at her store.
Next on the purchase list? This, these, and yeah probably this too. I die.
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You may know Cassie from her blog Live Laugh L0ve. Well did you know Cassie also possesses talent in making all sorts of creations? Such as this pretty little button necklace...
Such a goochie goo cute thing to adorn my neck in if I don't say so myself. Especially in the summer. There is just somethin' about buttons that makes my heart go boom boom. Yes that was a little bit of Kip Moore and Luke Bryan mixed into one. Cassie has way reasonable prices on all of her items. Especially on this Subway Art. Love it.
**Use code ERINROCKS for 20% off**
When I saw this yellow//gray infinity scarf, I knew it belonged in my life. 

Can you blame me? I did mention the two words yellow and infinity didn't I? Perfection.
You know what is also perfection? This layered neon necklace. Can't forget this little mint beauty. 
Carina, you are a talented genius and your blog isn't half bad either ;) You can be sure that this store will be my new "go to" when scarf season strikes.
**Use code SUMMERLOVE for 15% off**
5. A Girl and Her Food
I recently met Kat {the girl behind the this blog} at the Blogger Blitz on Sunday. It was love at first talk.
This may have something to do with the fact that she attended the opening night of RPM where she posed for pictures with miss Giuliana herself {me? jealous? no....} or it may be because she can take a fish hater such as myself and somehow make it look appealing. Regardless of what made me hooked on her/and her blog, I know one thing. I am going to her house soon for dinner. Say hey to Kat over here.

....And there you have it little bits. Five things I'm loving at the moment.

Whatchu got?




  1. That scarf!! *gasp* I LOVE IT!!!

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  3. Great finds! Thanks for all of the coupons!! Now I need to do some online shopping for sure :)

  4. Awww shoot. Now I gotta go spend money online on all these cute things. Thanks, thanks a lot. Please remember that I do not have a job next time you do a post with things that I am going to love and want to buy.

  5. Love that oh so cute button necklace! and thanks for all those %off...i can now justify my purchases to hubs right?

  6. Thanks so much girl. You completely rock that button necklace. Makes my heart smile! :)

  7. I hate yellow but I love that scarf! It's growing on me (the color, obviously if a scarf grew on me I'd be quite wealthy... And hot) I think!

  8. I really love the scarf! What a cute post on agirlandherfood! Xoxo

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  10. This was such a fun post! And I think that scarf needs to be in my life! xo

  11. yay! i am excited to see that scarf on you! way to rock it :) just got a shipment of some super cute fabric for new ones that'll be in the shop next week. sadly, no yellow, but still adorable.

    kinda like you! also, kinda swooning for those earrings.

  12. I told you Kat cooked a mean meal! Can't wait for my dinner date with her AND she's super duper nice. A great cook and sweet as the pie she cooks? I'll take it!

  13. I'm not sure if you were TRYING to completely destroy my bank account.... or if that was an accident. Either way, I bookmarked the crap outta all those stores and will likely be designating my future paychecks to them, lol

    Thanks for ruining my budget ;)

  14. great stuff! i really love those earrings, i bet they go with everything!

  15. Love it all, thanks for sharing!

  16. Oh my god, i just came across your blog. you are FLIPPIN hilarious! Love it!

  17. Gahh I wish yellow looked good with my pale skin! Looks like this girl needs to start making some yellow jewelry for her shop so the lovely erin can showcase them ;)

  18. Oh man. My sister is having a baby boy next week and the "life is short, jump on the bed" comes in her nursery colors. So perfect and now headed her way! Thanks!

  19. I'll take one of each! How did dropping GR's baby present go? I hope she tweets you thank you!!

  20. Hey, I saw this and totally thought of you! Thought it may be something else to fall in love with. :)


  21. yay for meeting new friends at blogger blitz...if only I had sent along cards in yellow... :) I'm off to enter the fabulous giveaway you are hosting.


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