A Bunch Of Crap.

Well hello there.
We meet again.

I come with no subject to talk about, just what's on my mind. Just like every other freakin' day when I show up and have no subject to talk about. Okay wait, something just came to me.

Warm Lemon Water. <--that is a hyperlink. Which means there is a link hidden underneath it that is really excited for you to click on it. Hence the word hyper.
Do y'all drink it?
I hadn't given much thought to all of this until today when THREE, yes three, different people brought it up to me. In fact, one of them said that they found my blog from googling "warm lemon water".

So basically what you are telling me is that somebody found my blog from the time I talked about how to poop? I think so.
So then that got me to thinking, I could write a whole post dedicated to just that.
How to become a better pooper.
So here we go.

I wish I knew kids, I wish I knew.
But I don't. So instead I will just keep sitting around eating cheese and wonder when the day will come that I don't have to wonder "Will I ever get to go more than twice a week?"
I am so feminine And polite. Always.

Can you believe I just wrote all of that crap?
Pun intended.

Yeah, I should stop now.
My poor sponsors.
This is the introduction that they are getting today.
Talk about a real S****** intro.
Hahaha. I need to stop.

Keep reading please.
I have something to say about each and every one of them.
I promise I won't talk about their bowel movements.
Unless all thoughts escape me, in which case I just might.

First up we have Erika. And her puppy. Awwwwww.
Erika is my home girl. My "I can wear butterflies and look fly" girl. Yes, that was a pun once again. I am so punny today. Erika is also my bff in Seattle. I confirmed this after I saw her husband tweet out a picture of her eating brownies and drinking beer for dinner. Not only does she write a fantastic blog, she has a shop with some of the cutest color block bags I've ever seen. Pay her a visit and stay a long while. She is addicting I tell you. Addicting.


Next up is my best friend in San Diego, Magan. The girl is hot. And her husband isn't so bad either.
She is a school teacher by day and a "I know how to dress way better than any of those other fashion bloggers" by night. Well at least that's what I think. Magan is one of the sweetest bloggers out there. Because of this {and my plan to steal her entire closet} I fully intend on meeting her next time I am in San Diego. For a drink. Or five. Come get to know her and maybe you can join us.


Third we have Nicole who is the owner of the incredible Bip and Bop.
A store that I am becoming fastly obsessed with. I recently received the cutest necklace {cough::ever} from her and it hasn't wanted to leave my neck since.
She does great monogrammed work. I take that back. She does great everything work.
Not only that, but Nicole's prices are beyond reasonable. I'm kinda dying over this and this.
Check out her store and use the code FRIENDS to receive 20% off. Woop Woop.

And last but not least, we have Caitlin. This gorgeous bombshell.
I'm kinda lusting over her hair, eye color, and eye make up at the moment. In the non creepiest way possible of course. She recently gave birth the most precious 8 lb ball of love ever, Jackson. I knew Caitlin and I could hang after realizing her obsession for trashy TV. Atta' girl. You have to give Caitlin some serious props for managing her way from becoming a wife to a mom in just ten short months. God bless you lady.

And there we have it.
I am off to go do really fun things.
Like eat cheese and stuff.

Happy middle of the week kids.
We made it.




  1. Haha I love your blog so much, I can totally relate! Off to check out your sponsors now :)

  2. I literally just commented on my friend's blog (Dusty, if you read this, hello) that Dan bought me the book "everybody poops" because for 8 years now I have been telling my husband that I don't poop.
    You and I ... we are the same (drinking). Yet so different (pooping). Dang poop screws it all up. But oh how I loved this post.
    hellloooo sponsors.

  3. LOL, you crack me up.
    Checking sponsors now!!! :)

  4. hahahahha i love this post SO much!

  5. I met the beautiful Caitlin at the Ohio blogger meet-up this weekend and she's even more wonderful in person :)


  6. Ooooh I can't wait to check them all out!

  7. Yay! Sponsoring you was the best decision ever!! oh, right behind drinking warm lemon water that is! Just started this week. Yea, I'm behind (ha, get it? Didn't even plan that one) Anywho, thanks for the kind words my dear. Can't wait to meet you in SD! XO

  8. I ate mozzarella sticks today and found your topic absolutely riveting. No joke.

  9. Love that you started this post out starting about a little poo

    also, thank you for the kind words .. you, my dear, are a doll!

  10. Just became a follower because I saw your post on Framed Frosting. Love your blog!

  11. You make me want to cheese all day! Get it??? No didn't think so....Like "Say Cheese"??? In other words you make me want to smile/laugh haha!

    have a super duper wacky wine wednesday!!!!



  12. hahahahha I love this :) I can always come to your blog for a smile!

  13. Hahaha :) It was a good decision to read your blog this morning! Thanks for sharing over on Danielle's blog today. In the last month I decided to take my blog seriously, and there's so much to learn!

  14. Haha, you are very entertaining. I just found your blog through framed frosting & I'm excited to read more. I recently read a post on another blog about the warm lemon water thing, that must be really popular right now!


  15. Just read this post, and then the hyper linked one... never heard of this, but I am going to do it! I am in the category of those unfortunate irregular people. I have tried everything to umm mmm regulate...How warm are we talking? Like warm for my hot tea? Happy Hump Day!

  16. I just love your blog!! I feel like I also write about nonsense sometimes. It just happens! Love love!


  17. Ugh. Why don't cheese and pooping go together? I am screwed in life.

  18. ummm....in love with your blog! just hopped over from framed frosting and loved all the tips about how to become a "better" blogger. i'm at the point of wanting to grow my blog from the friends/family zone into something more. Can't wait to keep following along!!!


  19. Slap stick humor...your pretty funny chica! I came over from your guest post at Framed Frosting. Thanks for the excellent tips on getting my blog out there more. I need to swap more buttons, gonna get on that pronto. It's frustrating I am trying to do a good thing with my blog but sometimes I just wish I could see what others see wrong with it or maybe people just don't find it interesting...where do you go for those analytics?! Anyway great post! Happy bowels to you ;)

  20. You are SO funny!! To be honest Im glad you posted that, I too am like you... only in the bathroom 1 or 2 times a week. Im so going to try that warm lemon water!!! Maybe even get my son to drink some, cause he takes after me! :( Poor kid. LOL

    Ok enough about that, Im off to check out some of your fab sponsors!! ;)


  21. Here's some help on the poo front. Eat 2 prunes a day. Seriously. It works.

  22. Hi Erin, just became your newest follower. I found you over at Framed Frosting...loving your blog...cant wait to look around!

  23. You crack me up! You'd get along great with my boyfriend and me; we have conversations about pooping that can be kinda funny and random.

  24. Please tell my why are you the funniest person on earth? Your posts always make my day just a little better!


  25. LMAO! After an introduction like that I may just have to sponsor you ;D

  26. Haha! Ok I'm a brand new reader and this is the first post I have read from you....I am dying right now! hahaha! At least the google world wasn't 'poop'... :)

  27. Haha! Ok I'm a brand new reader and this is the first post I have read from you....I am dying right now! hahaha! At least the google world wasn't 'poop'... :)

  28. I drink a BIG cup of coffee every morning, sit indian style while blogging, and then the poop comes! I hate not going every day, and this is the ONLY thing that works for me ;) Cute sponsors, though!!

  29. i swear by hot or warm water with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. It is the best day to start your day. So many health benefits and detox. Also, if you are hungover : )

  30. I was really excited to read a post about how to poop better...Is that weird? Your blog cracks me up :)


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