A morning that consisted of going to the freezer to find my deodorant. Long story.

And slipping my feet into socks with holes galore...thinking that this is clearly socially acceptable.

An afternoon where I couldn't find my sunglasses because I left them on my bed after falling asleep during my lunch hour.

A trip to the mailbox that held a surprise card from my girl Katie.

Only to be combined with my other surprise cards from Katy and McCall.

An evening spent with the cutest little top knot head I've ever seen. On Facebook. At 2 years old. #babysitteroftheyear

And with wine accompanied by my chewed up gum.

Tuesday ended with my two favorite loves content to their hearts desire and mine, the fullest yet.
It was a dang good day.
Holey socks, frozen deodorant, spearmint flavored wine and all.

It doesn't end there though. Today I also get to share these peeps with you. All of which are amazeballs. Don't just take my word for it....or do.

Natalie is the epitome of what a blogger is. Or at least in my mind what a blogger seems to be.
She knows how to geniunely write from the heart, knows a thing or two about fashion, has the biggest heart, and will smoke a cigar every now and again. All things a must when it comes to blogging obviously. Check her out for a great read and an even better laugh.

Brittney is the next lovely lady I want you all to meet.
I adore Brittney and have ever since I began blogging. Her and her husband are not only gorgeous, but have such a great geniune marriage. Please read their love story. I die. Brittney is also a health nut so all you workout lovers, her blog is for you. I love this tutorial she put together on how to make the cutest bracelet ever. You'll love Brittney. The proof is in the vlog.

Danielle is the biggest sweetheart out there. I mean look at all this cuteness.
Her blog is growing faster than a wildfire. I am guessing it has something to do with her spunky personality, hard work, and genuine interest in her readers. That and the genius link-up parties she hosts like this one. Better yet--her "in real life" party planning skills are off the charts.
Follow Danielle. You won't be sorry.

Last but not least we have Jennifer.
A blog that her and her other half share all things incredible {ie; recipes, renovations, etc}
They know a thing or two about life and aren't afraid to share their knowledge with all of us folk.
You must check out their recent apartment renovations. Or if you want to be truly amazed, read about the time Jennifer helped in the final journey of an air shuttle. NBD right? This is a great blog and one you don't want to miss out on. You will feel smarter after one post. Promise.

Well, thats a wrap kids.
Lets end this in a fun way.
Favorite part of your day?




  1. Great photos!
    Now I've got some new blogs to check out.

  2. Yellow, it's only fitting that Red uses the same deodorant.

    I don't refer to myself in the third person ever, (or call myself Red) so don't be too disturbed, like i'll try to not be too disturbed that yours was in the freezer.

  3. Oh my goodness, I'm not the only one who has days like that! What a relief! You totally crack me up.

  4. Sounds like a crazy day! Kori xoxo

  5. I've seriously looked for stuff in the fridge or freezer that I haven't been able to find anywhere else and found it in there.. like my purse.

  6. mmm gum in the wine deeelicious haha.
    everyone definately has those days!

  7. I swear, you could talk about the ABCs on here and I'd think it was hilarious. You always crack me up! Love this post and love your pics. Those days happen quite often around here :)

  8. I would love an elaboration on how one goes about putting their deodorant in the freezer by mistake...hahah. Only you Erin, only you <3

  9. Ha! Looks like we had the same kind of day....yay for a drink at the end to make it all better:)

  10. I just started reading your blog and I am convinced we could be friends! Love everything you write! :)

  11. Found you via Rags to Stitches!

  12. Deodorant in the freezer?? Sounds refreshing! Gum in the wine... not so much lol!

    Thanks for sharing the blogs too... I always need more to read :)

  13. I lose my glasses right next to me in bed all the time...and then I can't find them because I can't see....or worse I fall asleep with my contacts in and wake up the next morning thinking WHY CAN I SEE?!?!?!

    So nope....deodorant in the freezer. Totes normal.

  14. you are so darn cute, and i love all the new bloggers this month! How did that gum laced wine taste? I would still drink it!

  15. That top bun is insane. Girl's got style. PS I love the new way you're featuring your sponsors!

  16. love this! thanks for sharing! your new follower....Danielle

  17. my boyfriend does the same thing with his gum.

  18. oh, erin. have i told you how much i love you? but is it okay that i might love your niece even more? it just doesn't get any cuter than her. also, i love your "somethin bout a trip" recap. i love your song even more than the original. speaking of the original, i just don't the whole "somethin bout a creek at 2am" part. i would be terrified to go into a creek after 2am. especially after drinking, that is just grounds for disaster. one last thing. i haven't forgotten your birthday- july 17- from the ruffles potato chip bag. can i get your address or po box or whatever you have so i can make sure to get a card in the mail? thanks and happy hump day! (sorry about the novel)

  19. I really love the colors in your bedroom!! Do you know what color/brand the paint color is in your bedroom?

    That is DEF the cutest topknot I have ever seen! :)

  20. I love how fun and personal your blog is. Found it on rags to stiches!

  21. Walking the dogs at work and having them get sooooo excited (I was later walking them than usual) that they ran their fluffy little bums all the way!!
    Checking out some of these ladies now!

  22. Ya know, there are some times in life when I think a frozen deodorant would be pretty amazing. You gave me the giggles there because I'm pretty sure I've found mine in the linen closet before (not AS out of place as the freezer, but still--how the hell did I leave it there?!) Same thing has happened to me with the socks...I have two dogs. One of them happens to like dirty socks. Sicko.


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