These Are My People.

Hey friends.
First off, thanks for all of the vlog love yesterday.
Y'all are so sweet. I am now incorporating the word y'all into my vocabulary as much as possible.
Nashville does that to you. But seriously, thank you. I have now decided to stop writing altogether and stick to strictly vlogs.


But that would be easier...

Anyhow, I just got home from Martini Club.
{March's meeting..We forgot a picture from tonight}

Yes, I am in a club that is focused around drinking martinis. We mean serious business. To learn more click here or here. All you need to know really is that you need to start one asap. I like how I told my husband last week that I was "detoxing" this week from all alchohol and then show up to martini club and drink two nectarinis like nobodies business. When the club calls though, one must answer. We had many important items to discuss. Like weddings, my friends meeting "The Situation" at The Atlantis, and our plan  to go see Luke Bryan shake it again soon. Yes, that is happening. Yes, it is necessary. If you haven't seen Luke Bryan shake it, you haven't lived life. You think I am kidding. If you don't believe me, watch this.
I die.

I don't really know what that last paragraph was all about. I do know that I just spent the last 30 minutes of my life watching Luke Bryan shake it on Youtube. Love you husband.

Okay, seriously though, I do have some people I want to introduce you too. Sorry for them, but I am doing all of the talking. I've decided to hijack my sponsors. Meaning, I will be telling you about them. Not them. Sorry sponsors. I figured it was a good way for me to get to spill all the stuff about them that they normally wouldn't. Psych. Maybe.

First up we have the adorable Kay from Life After.
Her voice is as sweet as her face. I confirmed this after watching her vlog. Especially loved the part where she whipped out an accent and says "Lets get this show and tell started". Just watch it, you'll smile too. Anyhow, Kay's blog is all things that make her happy {ie: her husband, the color pink, her precious son, and tequila. Atta girl}. If her life is anything like her 22nd year alive, I would say she is doing pretty good. I can't wait to have a blog to embarrass my children on just like she does. The girl is sweet. You'll love her. Trust me.

The next beautiful lady we are talkin' about is Krista from Crescendo.
Clearly she is amazeballs because she uses a yellow mug like yours truly. Not only does she use a yellow mug, she organizes the shaz out of stuff. I mean seriously, check out her make-up organization skills. After you are done kicking yourself for not being as genius, check out her suitcase packing skills. Your life can greatly be enhanced by reading her blog and no, I am not being sarcastic. Krista, thank you for teaching me oh so much. Now stop making your eyes look so dang pretty. My jealousy can't handle it.

Third lady up for discussion is Brooke from Marvelous Love.
She holds a special in my place in my heart as we both have a passion for adoption. Brooke has done such a beautiful job of documenting the process of adoption on her blog. This post is so full of emotion as they are waiting for the call that will determine their families fate. It is amazing to go from reading all of the worry and anxiety in the above post to watching the beauty in this video where Brooke and her husband are able to share the joy of having their precious daughter in their arms. Make sure to follow along on the incredible journey God has put them on.

And last, we have Teresa from Delightfully Darling.

I have been an avid reader of Teresa's blog since I started blogging way back when. The girl has style. And I am all for trying to copy people who know what they are doing when it comes to dressing themselves. Not only does she have style, but she has a perfect mix of sass and sweet all rolled into one. Basically she is the closest thing to perfect you are going to find. If that's not reason enough to visit her, she has a sweet giveaway going on right now. Except too bad for you, I am going to win it. Oh and one last thing-visit her shop below to buy her gently used clothing. Seriously.

...And that's a wrap. What do you think of the new way I am featuring sponsors? Good or terrible?
If you think good, and you think you may want in on this whole sponsoring gig, click here.
Spots are still open for July and we all know I would love to show your cute butt face off on here.

Nashville recap happening tomorrow. I may or may not have wrote a song to go along with it.
Until then, go shake it for somebody. We all know I will be......




  1. How fun! I can't wait to check these ladies out!

  2. Nashville = AMAZING!! I'm super jealous that you went to the festival. I've already got my Kenny tickets for July. Contemplating getting Luke and Jason tickets for August...though I'm pretty sure seeing Luke 14ish times makes me a stalker. :)


  3. Love the way you did this post!! Can't wait to check them all out :)

  4. LOVE Luke Bryan!!! Saw him & Jason in March & going to see him again in August hopefully! And lovin your blog!

  5. Oh Erin! You are simply darling, that you for all of those super sweet things you write. Love you doll face!

    I will need to find or start a martini club here in Tampa... can I open it to all drinky drinks :)

    xo Teresa

  6. I do believe I need a martini club STAT. Although, ours would most likely be a margarita club.

  7. E, I was SOO jealous when I saw your "martini club" twitter updates while I was still at work ... BOO! Glad you had fun. And I like the way you're highlighting your new sponsors, creative! It's more personal, I guess. Like, "hey, meet my friend. She's rad."
    Anyway. Yeah.

  8. G, ... ok, now I completely forgot what I was going to say. I was so excited about Brittany up there saying "E" and then me being able to copy her with "G". Oh, I was going to say that I love the new sponsor shout outs. I wish I would have been a dang sponsor this month cause that would have been cool.

  9. seriously starting to think i need a martini club in ma!

    i am so jealous of your nashville trip and martinis. you sound like a lot of fun. i wish we could hang :)

    believing in laughter


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