A Stream Of Thoughts.

I'm gonna do something a little different today.
It may have to do with the fact that I didn't have a post planned and am feeling rather lazy.
That's a lie. I just took some supplement all natural pill thing and I'm feeling rather energetic.
Lazy just sounded like a valid excuse.
Anyhow--back to this post. I am just going to write down every thought that pops into my head.
This could be scary. It could be funny. Regardless, it will be random.
Let's do this thing.

-I just said lets do this thing. What I meant was thang. I wonder why I didn't use the word thang?
Oh right, I am trying to not sound so ghetto in my posts. Danggit.

-Is that how you spell danggit? Or is it dang it?

-I wish our freezer wasn't out of ice cubes. And that we weren't out of toilet paper. It's going to suck if I wake up in the middle of the night and have to pee. It will especially suck if I get a sudden urge to suck on an ice cube immediately following.

-It's true. I used to wake up in the middle of the night and suck on ice cubes when I was little.

-I bet my mom and dad who are reading are now thinking "what? she did that?" Yes I did. This was a couple of years after I stopped sleeping in a sleeping bag next to your bed.

-If my child ever sleeps in a sleeping bag next to my bed on a regular basis I will throw it in the yard.

-I just said I would throw my child in the yard. Hence why I don't have children.

-Gosh Kip Moore is hot.

-Speaking of hot, I wonder how my face got so greasy today.

-Pictures. I haven't included pictures in this post yet. Gross. Fix that now. Just use some from yesterday. Everybody else and their mom will post pictures from the weekend, I may as well too.

-I mean, why does my niece get to look so cute when she laughs from the side? I look like a freakin' hyena. Totally not fair.

-Wait a minute. Is she pulling my shirt down in that picture? No wonder she is laughing her head off.
What a little....

-Don't call your 2 year old niece a pervert. Or a hoochie mama. She is 2.

-I can't believe that neighbor of mine called me a pervert when I was little for ringing his doorbell and running away. What part of that is perverted?

-It's better than the time I fed my best friend bread with deodorant pieces smashed into it.

-Who was I?

-I love that my husband is singing Bon Jovi loudly in the living room.

-I kinda want to go play guitar hero now. And drink water with lemons. Crap. I still have no ice cubes.

-What could I instagram right now?

-This post is looking like its getting long. Just like every other post I pump out. Is it weird to say I pumped out a post?

-Dance party. That's what I want right now. Or a nice pair of rollerblades. Yeah, definitely rollerblades. It has been way too long.

-I can't believe I told Shawn that I wanted thermal socks and a heating pad for my birthday this year. Think next time Erin, think.

-More pictures maybe?

-Yeah, time to end this post. And go make a frozen pizza. And practice using my zoom lens on the same plant I always do.

-Sometimes ending posts bums me out because I have to wait another whole 24 hours til another one can be published.

-Somebody needs a life. That somebody being me.

-Oh my gosh, I am finding out the sex of Giuliana & Bill's baby tonight. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. This day just got so much better.

-Say good bye now. Just say good bye. BYE.




  1. Ha! This was a funny post. Hope you got some toilet paper and ice cubes! ;D

  2. Loving everything about this post! I, too, am stoked to find out the sex of Guiliana & Bill's baby! :) my TV pretty much stays on E! 90% of the time!

  3. I loved this post! You are always so funny and cute!

  4. Oh Erin, you're random thoughts are pretty amusing! Hope you had a great weekend!

  5. Sucking on ice cubes is better than butter. No wonder I was such a fat child.


  6. Love a good ram dimness filled post.

    And so excite for G & B!!! I had to read it online since its not on for a few more hours here in Alaska!


  7. Haha as random as that post was. Is it scary many of us could follow your thoughts?? Thanks for the entertainment!

  8. I think this is my favorite post ever. And I already know what G&B are having, thank you eastern time zone. ;)

  9. Haha, what a fun way to do a post! Also, when I see "danggit," I read it as "daaaaaanggggggit." But when I read "dang it," it's with less emphasis...just plain old "dang it." If that makes any sense at all, I hope that helps to answer your question :)

  10. Your posts always make me smile/laugh (so thank you for that) - one of my favorites? The comment on looking like a hyena while laughing. As. Do. I. :)

  11. Love this post! I look like a hyena (or a donkey) when I laugh too...no judgement.

  12. haha love the picture of you with your niece. little girls look cute laughing in pictures. my six chins and i avoid profile pictures at all costs. and i try to keep my mouth shut for the best results.

    i can't wait to hear what G & B are having... it has to be a girl... right?!

  13. Bye! Night! I'd you ver tll us what you *want them to have!?!?

  14. Hysterical! And, I'm cracking up that you slept on the side of your parents bed because I did too! I slept on the side of the bed till I was 6, then moved to the couch that faced my parents bedroom (had to have the door open) then finally at 11 moved to my bedroom upstairs.. Maybe now I know why I don't have any siblings right behind me. Haha!

  15. confession: i read this while skyping with my bff and had to stifle my laughter many times. you is funny.

  16. Haha! You crack me up. Love how each thought rolled right into the next one's theme. =)

  17. I seriously just love you and your blog so much.
    That's what comes to my mind right now.

  18. Just laughed out loud! and now I have to go explain to my family as to why I just "wasted" time reading your hilarious blog instead of going to the store to buy TP, we are out too :( Oh well, it was worth it, we have paper towels ;)

  19. I totally thought of you when I read the article on G and B's baby! :)

  20. Really funny! It always amazes me how many thought one person can have, sometime I get actually tired of my own thoughts! Need some meditation classes to shut my mind up :(

  21. I love it, too funny and gave me a good giggle. And is it strange that whenever G&B are mentinoed I think of your post about talking to her on the phone? Well, even if it is, I still do it!

    xo, M

  22. LOL! Thanks for making me giggle over and over again this lovely Monday morning.. (still smiling as I type this) please do more posts like this.. this was fun!

  23. Love these stream of thought posts. Also, you should totally go see Rock of Ages. Your husband will love it because Tom Cruise sings that Bon Jovi song. You'll love it for the hilarious writing. Seriously, go see it. :)

  24. You just won every blogging point I will ever give to anyone. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

    I don't know what blogging points are for sure, but it works. It works.

  25. erin, i love this. the best part is the deodorant bread. babahahahaha. bye.

  26. Soooo, I really loved this post, like everyone else, and decided to copy you.

    BUT! I did give you mucho cred and linked you up, so I don't really feel so bad about copying.

    Hope you're doing well my friend!

    I am making chocolate chip muffins tomorrow, and when I bought the stuff to make it (aka ingredients. Why didn't I just write that first?), it reminded me of that time I got cookies in the mail.


  27. Erin, you seriously crack me up. I love the part about feeding your friend bread with deoderant pieces in it!!! Bah ha ha!!! I once had a Dairy Queen play-doh set, where you could make little doh-hamburgers and and doh-ice cream cones and I made the neighbor girl pay me 5 cents to eat them. I was a rebel. Now that I think about it...I was kindof a bully!!!

  28. It's funny because this is now the 2nd comment I've left you about deodorant. I wanted to know - did your friend actually EAT the deodorant bread?! ick! ha! Your dog is really cute....sweet face :)

  29. I just laughed so hard reading this! At work. In front of co-workers. You crack me up! So glad I found your blog :)


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