Six Things I'm Loving.

Hey friends.
It's me, Erin again.

Today I thought it was necessary I share with you six things I am currently loving.
All of which I experienced over the weekend.
I think that means it was a good weekend.

Lets begin.

1. Aqua+Pink. 
I don't care if this combo is ever not considered "trendy" I will still wear it. Its just so fresh and so clean clean. {holler Outkast fans}
Dress: Miss Chic//Earrings: Christine Marie Studio//Watch: La Mer//Sandals: Target

If you think you need the dress, I think it is currently sold out. However, this shirt is not and I am dying to own it.

I just tried this stuff for the first time this weekend and I am sold. See this bowl? Inside is a Bombinator. Yes, a bombinator. Which is a really ghetto term for something that smells amazing and provides the most relaxing steaming facial one can give themselves. You can imagine my husbands surprise as he caught me standing over the kitchen counter inhaling deeply into a bowl of blue water. Anyhow, these are also made for the bath as well. So buy a bombinator and bomb the heck out of yourself. You will be so glad you did. They are only $9 people. I tried the fragrance Peacenik.
If you want one email my girl Tiff at qttiffles07@gmail.com and tell her I sent ya. Oh, and pick up some Sugar Scrub while you're at it. Equally amazing.  
3. Mr. Shine's Food Blog: Homemade Salsa.
So you may know Mrs Shine {aka Ashley. aka The Shine Project} Well her "I'm amazeballs in the kitchen" husband Mike has his own food blog. And I'm sold. This weekend I made his fresh salsa and yeah, I'm in love. Nothing but fresh produce packed in that stuff. Now if only I can figure out a way to not inhale three bags of chips along with it.
first picture: mine//second picture: his.
He has skill. As for me, I am still working on that.

Best part about the whole thing {other than eating it}: It took like 15 minutes total to make.
Moral of the story: Follow Mike's blog for a ton more amazing recipes. Like for instance, nutella filled croissants. Cheers to gaining 20+ pounds.

4. Shellac French Manicure
Shellac on it's own lasts a solid two weeks. A shellac french manicure lasts at least a month.
Get one and love it. End of story.

5. wonderfulwriting.
My blogging love, Natalie, recently opened an Etsy store with the cutest cards. Ever.
I am absolutely in love with the simplicity of her work. You must order some now.
This one is my favorite. Congrats Natalie on your new endeavor. You are oh so talented girlfriend.

6. Velata Fondue
I am beyond hooked on this stuff. So you all know Scentsy right? Well, they just came out with a new line, Velata. And just like Scentsy, these fondue warmers are flameless. Meaning they are easy to use, delicious, and the best invention ever for children. Not that I have children, but I am assuming they are great for children? My husband and I helped ourselves to {way too much} fruit and chocolate last night. Oh my die. So good.
I used the Key Lime Curve Warmer and the Milk Chocolate. Uh-may-zing.
To get your own go here. My girl Amanda will hook you up. And make you fat.

There you have it. My six current obsessions. What are you loving?

PS. If your name is Laurel Lee you just won this sweet giveaway, and if your name is Amanda you just won this giveaway full of prizes. Congratulations you lucky dogs. I will be emailing you shortly.



  1. Shut up! Seriously??? You just totally made my day!!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I need that dress. and your tan.

  4. Dress is the perfect color combo! LOVE. And I want to get fat with some fondue. Yum!!!!

  5. I am LOVING the Velata fondue warmer. Will be ordering one stat!

  6. Getting a Shellac french manicure is genius! I'm due for a Shellac, and I think I'll be doing that!

  7. Uhhhh I need that fondue warmer. STAT!!!! Is it easy to clean?!

  8. You are so tan, which makes that coral and aqua look almost neon! PS - I have those sandals from Target too and I absolutely love them. I wear them all the time!

  9. I have a link party for 5 Thing's I'm Loving Right Now that is the first of every month- you should link up! :) Love that Scentsy fondue! :)

  10. Loving the coral and aqua, two of my favorite colors. And... that salsa looks seriously delicious. I am a salsa fanatic. I'm weird in that I sometimes eat it with a spoon :-o

  11. so here is the situation. i thought i had a fabulous weekend but it seems as if you may have topped mine with all of these goodies. i am hoping and praying that your dress goes back into stock because i am in LOVE. also, i am so gonna buy me a bombinator and velata. and i think now i'll go eat some chips and salsa. oh, and i just love you!

    xx brie

  12. Oooh - lovin' the pink and aqua too! Also -- I DID NOT know that Scentsy has the fondu warmer now! Whaaaat! That's awesome! Love their candles, can't wait to try this! Thanks for sharing! Sounds like a great weekend! :)

    xo, Reasnnah

  13. Just loved reading this post today. So much sass; So many goodies! Perfection!!

  14. I'm pretty sure I just am going to dip my fruit in my candle warmer and see what happens..

    Funeral, I'm thinking funeral.

    "If it's a friend you need, let it be me." I am 96% convinced that I need to buy that. I am I am. The 4% will find its way when I grab my wallet out of my car, because I am irresponsible and keep it there.

  15. omg, I wish I would not have read this bc now I NEED that veleta fondue thing!! I LOVE LOVE scentsy, totally obsessed!!

  16. Aqua and pink looks good on you. And of course, who doesn't love a frenchie?

  17. That dress looks fantastic on you Erin :) And might I add that the salsa and Velata sound awesome too. I will be checking them both out now!

  18. Go 'bomb the heck out of yourself'. OMG, I can't stop laughing. I love the pink and turquoise, it's so summery, just gorgeous!
    And now I'm craving salsa and chocolate fondue.
    Not together but you know.

  19. Those notecards are ADORABLE!

    Want them, so badly!


  20. That's it, I'm packing up all my stuff (and husband and dog) and coming to live with you. Dont worry, I'll bring a bottle of Skinny Girl with me :)

  21. i love aqua and pink! such a fab combination!

    and i want fondue now, and it's 9 in the morning. so thanks for that. my thighs don't thank you though.

    salsa and french manicures are some of my favorite things too!

    have a great week!

  22. I am IN LOVE with that dress. It's good that it's sold out though because I don't need it :D
    Shellac has french? I think I need to go to the salon. That I DO need.

  23. Oooh! Thanks for the shellac frenchie tip. Will be PERFECT for wedding/honeymoon :)

  24. I love aqua and pink together, too! very pretty!


  25. One month! Really? I'm sold on the manicure tip!

  26. that outfit looks so cute and comfy! and the handwritten cards-adorable!


  27. Love that dress! The colors make your tan look awesome! Are your nails real or tips? You're too cute btw! :)

  28. Um who said those 2 colors together wasn't trendy? I actually really like the 2 colors together! Very cute! Love those notecards! I love sending my friends cute cards in the mail just to say hello.

    Xo Kelly

  29. Hi Erin! I'm a pretty new follower of your blog and you make me die laughing all the time! I love your humor and your writing style. Not to mention your fashion sense. Your closet is jealous worthy :)

  30. I am super duper jelly that you snagged that dress. It's sold out now. You lucky duck!

  31. It should be a CRIME how SMOKIN' you look in that dress. And NO...I'M NOT trying to come on to you!!! I'm off to go peruse the Velata Fondue!!

  32. You are beyond hot Erin, you are rocking that dress!! Hope your bad mood ended quickly:)


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