I'll Take A Boat With Those Fries Please.

Before I begin with my typical "this is a bunch of nonsense you are about to read" post,
let me say whoa. and thank you. and gosh I love you.
All of your comments from yesterday kinda blew me {and my email} outta the water.

Hold on. My husband just told me that we are going to Chick-fil-A tonight.
Be back in an hour or two. I'm not kidding. This is like earth shattering I just peed my pants type of news.

Umm hi I am back. Three hours later. Boy do I have a story for you...but first, this was Maggs as we were exiting the house.
Yes, I stopped to take a picture and no I did not rub her belly like she was wanting me to.
Reason number 293229238 why I don't have children right now.
I would never pet them when they roll over and wag their tail at me.
Right. Kids don't have tails.

Anyhow--now that I am all hopped up on Dr Pepper, let me tell you what just happened.
So we went to Chick-fil-A obviously.
Can we just let it be known that the sun always shines on Chick-fil-A.
God's gift I tell you.

I devoured these little nuggies. 12 count. Obviously.

And then things got exciting. All of a sudden we found ourselves in the driveway of a man we found on Craigslist who was selling a fishing boat. Now I don't know about you guys but we don't fish.
We do however drink beer. And we like to relax. Preferably in the sun. Hence why we found ourselves in this mans driveway. Before you knew it, we threw that baby up on our trailer and were on our way home with a fishing boat in tow. Take a look. Goochie goochie goo isn't she so cute?

I knew we made the right decision when the first song that came on the radio after our purchase was this.
Pontoon. Fishing boat. It's all the same really. I mean, they both go on water.

Needless to say I was excited. And thought that I needed a picture to let it be known.
Turns out my excited face looks very similar to a freakish dinosaur who is just hatching out of an egg. I'm gonna feel like a real idiot now if dino's don't hatch out of eggs.
Immediately following my glamorous portrait my husband says "stop with the self portraits".
So then this happened. Just because I like to obey rules so well.
Basically all this just to let you know that you can now find me on the water fishing my brains out.
Or taking very creepy pictures from the side of the boat. Whichever.
So that's that.
I can't wait to see what we come back with after our next trip to Chick-fil-A.

Okay so now that I rambled long enough, I have something else to talk about.
And that something else happens to be a woman that I think is pretty amazeballs.
You must check out her shop. Like must. I say that only because my birthday is coming up
{cough July 17th cough} and I am kinda dying to have this ring.
Do you not love? Oh the things I would do to own that sucker.
Oh, stop. Like you wouldn't do the same.
Say hello to Anna and see what she has to say, k?

Let me get right to the point so that you can get back to LIY and all of Erin's hysterically hysterical posts. that's right. i think she is so funny that she can be called hysterical twice in one sentence.....so here we go: I am Anna. I am a momma and a business owner over at Wish Design Shop.

I also am a blogger but it doesn't really have a ton to do with my biz even though you will see that my blog exists on the same site. I've always loved to write and take photo's of anything and everything so it's a free for all over there people. I mean, seriously. My business is a curated (by yours truly) online shop of handmade jewelry. Only the sweetest, most well-made pieces we can find make in on the site. I do make some of the jewelry myself. in fact, that is how I started off-----> with just my pieces.

An example of what's on the site: the feather bangle bracelet. sweet and simple.

Swing on over and take a look dudes! What are you waiting for?
Check out the jewelry and then peek at the blog to see just who it is that is behind Wish Design Shop.

PS. Anna and her husband Roman celebrated their anniversary yesterday.
Go wish them a big ole congratulations. Aren't they precious?
Gosh I love her store.
Thank goodness for me, my shopping freeze is OVER as of Thursday.
It's been a long time coming friends. A long freakin' time. More on this later though.

PS. Noelle and Kelsi if you are reading, mad props to you both for painting your dad's office yellow so that he can live in yellow 24/7. I adore you and your little yellow loving brains. Meet soon, yes?



  1. So I am sitting here on my iPad laughing like crazy and have to explain to my husband what I'm doing! Funny stuff there Erin!

    Tara H - cuz I don't know how to set up my google account on this....lol

  2. Holy shit, I am the second comment. For real. Prize. By the time I hit publish.. i will not be. I have a theory.

    So you guys bought a boat. You bought a boat but you don't fish. Basically what that means to me is this.. Ya'll are cooler then most people. You do things because you can. Ta dah.

  3. You just CRACK ME UP! I love reading your blog- it always provides some before bedtime laughter :)

  4. You are a girl after my own heart! I love your sense of humorous and the fact that you and your hubs spontaneously bought a boat! Amazing! Happy fishinng/ drinking beer and basking in the sun!

  5. SOOOO jealous...no Chik-fil-a here...tears.

  6. can't wait got your karaoke version of I'm on a boat!!
    [warning it's the 'explicit version' the other one just doesn't sound right to me haha] http://youtu.be/avaSdC0QOUM
    it's a must for at least your first outing! haha
    congrats on the new member of your family, she is beautiful!

  7. Your birthday is July 17th and I'm gonna see you on July 15th? Ok, celebratory drinks will be in order at the blogger blitz. Eeeek, can't wait!

  8. You bought a boat and you don't fish. I see nothing wrong with that because I picture a summer of fun in the sun.
    In a boat. Of course.
    Thanks for making me laugh!

  9. Soooo what are you guys going to name the boat?! You have to name it!

  10. This was the best post ever! :) you are too funny! Thank you for the laughs! Have fun drinking beer on your boat ;)

  11. I want chic fil a in portland,oregon... there should be a petition.
    & i love all your funny adorable faces! :)

  12. New follower from Rags to Stitches. I am really afraid to go to Chik-Fil-A now, because we sure do not need a boat. ha. I do however, need a new sofa. Let us know if a trip to Chik -Fil-A ever results in that, because I will be at the door in a flash.

  13. Again, I must say, you make me laugh so much!

    Christen :>

  14. Ahhhhh a boat. I spend countless hours on my boat every summer. I was on the boat all day yesterday and my behind will find its way back to the boat on Saturday. Love it!

  15. Speaking of fishing:


    Did I mention great minds think alike?

    Have fun with your new toy, I have a husband that would fish 24/7 if he could. I mainly just go along for a tan :)

  16. Hi Erin! You sooo must do a tutorial on how to make the best self portraits! You always look so cute, and when I try to make a picture of myself I look weird/ridiculous...

  17. Hi :)i loved that photo of your dog!! when i go out one of my wee cats lies right infront of me and i almost step onto her chubby belly! She is becoming quite fat but it is extremely cute, while her sister stays remarkably thin! Flo must have got the bad genes! bless hehe that is whta your photo reminded me of and it made me laugh :D

    You look super pretty in all your self portraits and even the ones with the silly faces! How do you do that?! hehe

    Jen xxx

  18. You are adorable. Your hoop earrings make my heart flutter.

  19. You are freaking adorable! I wish I could take creepster boat pictures with you.

  20. oooo I love the feather bangle!!

  21. Can you please come teach me how to do eye makeup as SMOKIN as yours?! Flawless, ma'am!!!

    And there truly is nothing better than CFA (yeah, I abbreviate it, we're that tight!)

  22. Genius!!! U should pitch to the fishing boat companies and then get a profit after all their boats r sold!!

  23. you're hilarious. that is all.


  24. you know what they say, "the only day better than the day you buy your first boat ... is the day you sell it".
    ahh, I'm just kidding. you will love it and you better be a good mamma and take Maggs with you. just get a miniature life jacket first. do you know where they sell those? at fishing stores. you'll have to go in one of those sometime, now that you own a fishing boat and all.

  25. I love boats! I'm so excited for you. Happy fishing/drinking! That's what summers all about

  26. congrats on the boat!
    and dinos definitely hatch from eggs. i mean that's what Jurassic Park said

  27. Dude... Who needs to fish when you have a boat and a cooler full of ice (and other...stuff). Looks like a blast to me!

  28. goochie goochie goo. isn't she cute.

    that made me laugh SO HARD at my desk at work. thank you for being so weird, erin.

    also, the self-portrait sesh? i died. this is so awesome.

    just stop it already.

  29. Yeah, so that would be the only reason we ever bought a boat too... Not to fish. Just to drink beer and relax... haha

  30. so i just read your blogging advice over on touch of class' page and i just had to come over to your page and see it. you are too freaking hilarious! i love your bluntness. i'm just now getting to a point of blogging where i would like to develop a following, so thanks a million for the advice. and this post about a boat had me cracking up. thanks again!

  31. ...I want a boat. Maybe if I go to Chik-fil-a I'll come home with one too!

  32. Rachel @lifeasMrs.June 23, 2012 at 2:00 AM

    We have the same boat! Throw some lawn chairs in there and it's perfect!

  33. Ummmm what if one's birthday is not until October 8? What suggestions do you have for us sad folk who can't request beautiful gold/turquoise (maybe my fav combination) rings for 4 more months?? I just got excited because October sounded so far away before I counted out the months....

    Anyway, I hope all your birthday wishes come true, AND...this post cracked me up. Surprise!

  34. you are so random and hilarious and i love you. the end.

  35. I just randomly found your blog last night and pretty much read through the entire thing in one sitting. You are HILARIOUS and will definitely be on my daily blog reading list now. Thanks for the funnies!

  36. Love your blog! So glad I've stumbled across it!

  37. I'm going to start praying that we get a Chik-Fil-A where I live, just so we can pick up a boat after we eat. Amazing things must happen after eating there.

  38. So when you said you were hopped up on dr. pepper it literally made me have a movie flashback laugh thinking of talladega nights and Ricky Bobbys kids being "all jacked up on Mountain Dew! Thanks for the giggle : )


  39. My favorite line in this post is, "We do however drink beer." Amazing Craigslist find!!

  40. Those waffle fries look so good! And so does that sun! There was a freaking monsoon here on Saturday! Live it up!


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